Products I’ve used up – Empties #17


It’s that time again when I’m going to talk about beauty products I’ve used up. This time I wanted to keep this post shorter, but I have so many products to talk about. I’m going to include mini reviews of the products and link full review if I already reviewed some of these products. Let’s start with this beauty chat!


Balea 7 stage Wellness Kur
This is a beauty treatment that you use in your night time skin care routine every night for 7 days in total. I really enjoyed this product, it made my skin so healthy and glowy looking. I felt like it gave a lot of energy and radiance to my skin so I already bought another pack. Next blog post is going to be review of this product, so stay tuned for that.

Balea Q10 Under eye patches – 2 packs
I like to use these in morning when my eyes are still puffy and sore from sleep. They help to refresh under eye area and give some hydration. Personally I don’t think this is essential in skin care routine, it’s nice to have and use, but it won’t give you massive difference. Also under eye patches are pretty expensive, so they are not worth the money in my opinion. Just get a good under eye cream and you are pretty much set for everything.

Afrodita Young & Pure 3in1 face wash, scrub and mask
I didn’t like this product. It’s just so gelly, you can’t use it for washing face because it doesn’t foam up at all and it leaves sticky finish. Also it doesn’t work as a scrub. As a mask it is nice and hydrating, but it doesn’t really give amazing results. I don’t recommend it.

Afrodita Young & Pure Remove Spots spot drying gel – REVIEW
I liked this gel, it was effective actually. It’s not going to remove spot super fast, but it does help with healing process in general. I’m not sure would I buy it again, I’m still looking for perfect spot drying gel. I did full review on this product, check it out here.

Balea Soft and Clear blemish drying patches
Again something for acne, I hate acne so I’m constantly trying to fight them. This didn’t really work. I feel like it doesn’t do anything actually it is just a waste of time. I don’t recommend this one!

Essence Pure Skin Purifying nose strips
Did you know that Essence has some skin care products? I mainly talk about their makeup, but recently I got this as a gift in drugstore when I bought some Essence products. This actually worked, it’s not amazing but I see difference when I use it. It’s not incredible difference but it does nicely clean pores.


Alverde Q10 Bio Gojibeere face serum
I loved this product so much. It is such a good natural serum, you have to try it. I will definitely repurchase this one, because I enjoyed it so much.

Cotonet makeup wet wipes
I got two packs of these wipes because they were on sale. I’m using the second pack right now and I can’t wait to use it up because I don’t like these. They are really harsh for eye area which is my main issue. I do however use them for removing face makeup as a first step in cleansing routine and they work for that. I won’t buy them again.

Septona Daily Clean Cotton pads
I really like these, they are thick enough so you can use them for toner, nail polish remover or anything you wish really. Quality is really nice and they are not expensive at all. Will keep buying them definitely.

Afrodita Young & Pure Make it matt daily moisturizer – REVIEW
I already have review on this incredible moisturizer, I’ll link it here. This is my second one used up and I’ll definitely keep on buying these as they are awesome.


Catrice SUN GLOW matt bronzing powder – Medium skin
This is one of my favorite bronzers ever. I love the formula, it is really pigmented, easy to blend and it looks beautiful on skin. I totally recommend this one, if you love bronzed skin this one is perfect.


Catrice ProvoCatrice eye palette – REVIEW
I did review on this limited edition by Catrice, check it out here. I also did makeup look with this palette, see how it looks here. I’m getting rid of this palette because it is not pigmented and I never reach for it. It is cool toned and I never really wear cool tones, so I’ll give it to my fried because she’ll use it more.

Avon Color trend lipstick – Melon Drama
This was my go to lipstick for such a long time. It’s beautiful rich coral shade which I absolutely adore. Unfortunately this was limited edition shade, so I can’t buy it again which sucks big time. I’ll have to find similar shade to this one, because it was so nice.

Chap Stick Classic – Strawberry
I really like Chap Stick lip balms, they do hydrate lips which is the most important for me. I would buy them again and I do recommend this formula of lip balm.

Essence Dip eye liner – black

This is the only liquid liner that I have in my makeup collection. I just never wear liners, I don’t know why but liner is just not for me. I don’t like how my eyes look with liner to be honest. This one is great one if you want affordable liquid liner. It lasts long time and it is really easy to apply.

Essence Get picture ready! Brightening concealer (Nude) – REVIEW
What a great concealer this was. I loved it so much, honestly I’m super mad that I can’t get it again because it is discontinued. It was so cheap and it always looked incredible on under eye area. Such a great formula this was. I did full review on this concealer, give it a read here.


Syoss Volume Collagen & Lift spray conditioner
I liked this one for quick and easy hydration. It is great especially when you don’t want to use conditioner in shower. This one is light in hair, it helps with brushing hair especially if you have tangly and thick hair. I’m not sure does it give volume, because I have naturally thick hair, but it is indeed really nice. I already bought another one.

Syoss Renew 7 Complete repair instant intensive mask
I love Syoss hair care, they have some really great products. I had this mask for really long time because it is super thick so you don’t have to use a lot of product. It is very moisturizing and it helps with split ends and over all softness of hair. I would buy it again.

Garnier Color Naturals hair mask with 3 nutritive oils – SAMPLE
I really like this mask. I don’t know why they don’t make this one in full size because I would definitely buy it. You get these samples in hair dye that my mom uses so I always take them so I can give some hydration to my hair.


Afrodita Cosmetics Foot care foot balm

I love this foot cream, it is so nice. It is formulated with menthol so it’s nicely cooling on feet and moisturizing. It is formulated with natural extracts and it gives nice cooling sensation on feet. I already bought another one, so you know that I really like it.


Nivea Original cream – SAMPLE
I used this one long time ago, like literally when I was a kid. I don’t find these creams good to be honest. They are really thick and hard to blend into skin. I don’t think I would use this cream right now to be honest, this tiny one was handy for in the go.

Avon Simply Delicate Active Feminine wash
I used up few of these Avon feminine washes and I really like them. It is really important to have gentle ph balanced feminine wash, because that area is super sensitive so you can’t use just a regular body wash. I would recommend these, they keep feminine area clean, protected and balanced.

DM Sun Dance tanning spray
I got this one to use on my face when I fake tan and it is alright, it works. But it doesn’t have a lot of pigment so it takes quite a few uses to get my face to match my fake tan body. I wish that this one has more pigment because it would last me longer. This way I used it up far too quickly. I would probably buy it again, because I didn’t find any good fake tan for face and this one is not bad.

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post. Let me know what is your latest empty? Did you use any of these products before maybe? Do you want to try any of these maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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  1. They are quite fun to use. I didn’t think they would work out, but they did. Definitely an interesting product to try. Hair masks are one of the products that I really enjoy testing out. xx

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