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I don’t talk a lot about fashion on this blog, so I want to start doing that more often. I feel like these types of posts are so fun to read, because I love exploring different fashion styles and see what people like to wear. I love fashion, but my style is pretty simple. I always say that casual-chic is my aesthetic, I love simple clothing, basic colors, but love a good fancy/chic bag as an accessory. Today I’ll share with you my latest fashion trends/pieces that I have been obsessed with lately. Also I’ll include some lifestyle favorites, so I hope you’ll enjoy this post.

First I have to tell you how obsessed I’m with scarfs/bandanas. If you scroll through Instagram a lot you needed to see amazing hair styles that include scarf. That’s how I found out how amazing can simple pony tail look if you add interesting scarf around it. I bought so many different ones in past few weeks and I wear all of them with different outfits. Currently in my collection I have 6 of them, but I’m sure I’ll get more. As it is hot right now, I love to wear pony tail every day, so adding scarf around it makes it much more interesting. If you watch my Insta stories (here) they you would see few different looks I shared.


I never though I would love animal print, but I admit, I loved it lately. I don’t like a lot of animal print, you know full animal print dress or top. That’s still too much for me and honestly I don’t think it looks great. But if you add a little bit of animal print to outfit, it makes it so much better. How I do it? I love a little bit of animal print on scarf that I’ll wear around bun or pony tail. Few weeks ago I got myself killer heels from TOPSHOP in leopard print. They look soo good on. I usually pair them with all black outfit, so all the attention is on them. Animal print is definitely a great way to accessory any outfit without actually doing too much.

Few weeks ago I got myself clothing rack. I always loved idea of open wardrobe, unfortunately I don’t have space for that. So I decided to add clothing rack in my room, so I can showcase pieces that I love, but maybe don’t wear enough. If you have a lot of clothes, but small wardrobe, it’s really hard to see everything and actually get a use out of your closet. Last summer I wore pretty much the same outfit all the time. It was high waisted skinny jeans and grey top. That is simple, but let’s be honest it’s not outfit that makes me feel amazing. So this summer I promised myself that I’ll wear dresses and skirts all the time, because I want to feel amazing in them. I pretty much succeeded, I don’t remember last time I wore jeans. Also since getting clothing rack I wore some tops that I love, but I forgot I had them in my collection.


I’m all about getting the use out of things that I have in my life. If you read my last “UPDATE” blog post (here), then you’ll know that I got special basket where I’m going to keep makeup that I’ll use for the month. Every 1st of the month I switch some or even all products and that way I get the use of all makeup that I have in my collection. I also want to use my clothes, experiment and actually try different outfits and styles. Also I got two baskets that I keep my daily skin care and hair care products in. This way I see products, they are organized and I actually use them. Organizing your collection makes such a difference in your life, because you get the use of things you have, so you don’t have to shop all the time, so you save a lot of money.

I found a new joy in wearing dresses and skirts. Growing up I was a tomboy definitely. I used to hang out with guys most of time and I never really embraced my femininity. Even in high school I was casual girl that didn’t care that much about her look. I don’t remember the last time I had long hair in my life. Right now, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I feel like my hair makes me look so much better, it gets me so much attention and it’s definitely one of my best features. In past 2 years of my life I really found my true self, I embrace my femininity with anything I do. I’m fully confident in my looks, intelligence and behavior. I can honestly say I’m so proud of myself, how I build my confidence in past three years. I never felt better in my body and had more confidence. I came to the point where I almost sound cocky, that’s the ultimate confidence level in my opinion haha.


I’ve been literally obsessed with coconut ice cream. I mean I love coconut in every way, but there is this specific coconut ice cream that is so amazing. It’s one thing I can’t resist. I try to limit myself not to eat too much of it, because let’s be honest ice cream is full of calories. I try to keep my body in the best shape possible, so to compensate for all the ice cream I got pilates ball. I try to do some exercises on it daily, it’s really a fun way to work out. If I’m being super honest most of time I use that ball to jump around house like a mad kid, it’s fun, I can’t stop it haha.

Last few weeks I’ve been decorating and changing my room a little bit. As I said already I got clothing rack and few baskets, so I can decorate and also organize my stuff. I got pink chair that I decorated with 2 pink fluffy pillows. It gave that “Vogue” look to my room and I can’t be more in love. It’s really crazy how you can change the look of your room with few details and things. I got a lot of candles lately. I became obsessed with candles, I love burning them and making my room smell amazing. I never understood people that buy candles, but oh now I get it. It’s so satisfying and cosy writing a blog post for example with candle burning in room. It almost sets perfect atmosphere for creative writing. So now, I’ll definitely become one of those girls that always has candles burning in house. I gotta admit, I’m not even mad at it. I just wish I started it sooner, because I missed on a lot of cosy evenings hah.



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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Would you like to read more of these types of posts? Do you like to read fashion topics or you want me to focus on beauty? I’ll try to do both, having different content, because it’s good to switch it up every now and then.  Let me know what is your last food obsession? What about fashion, what is your current go to outfit? Are you enjoying summer and warm weather? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

15 thoughts on “Obsessions of the moment – fashion and lifestyle

  1. Beautiful outfit choices. Yes, these types are Post are fun to read to see different outfit choices. Right now I am obsessed with smoothies blended with frozen berries and banana. Enjoying this warm weather so much. Sad to see it go away soon. xx

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  2. Lovely pics and looks girl! Anything with coconut is delicious haha and same here! I’ve been like so motivated and inspired to suddenly revamp my bedroom and focus on organization that I totally feel more content now that I’m giving more attention to self care. I always love wearing dresses and skirts, esp for any type of season.
    Awesome post girl and hope you have a great weekend 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much. Coconut is so good, I can’t have enough of it haha. I’ve been decorating my room for past 2 months slowly and I’m loving it so much, it’s such a fun experience. I always see you wearing gorgeous colorful dresses and they look so nice on you. I hope you’ll have amazing week girl. xx

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