Products that I’ve used up – EMPTIES #18


It’s time for new empties post. Today I’ll talk about a lot of used up products because I collected these empties over summer time, so there is definitely a lot of products. In this post I’ll share quite a few used up makeup products, which is definitely exciting, because makeup is really hard to use up. I’ll give short description of product and share links to reviews if I did them on certain product.


Revelique makeup gel base – REVIEW
I did full review on this product, check it out here. This is good pore filling primer, but I really don’t use these type of primers any more. I like hydrating primers, they feel better on skin.
Rate – 4/5

Catrice The little black one mascara – REVIEW
I really liked this mascara for daily use, it’s really good. I have few new mascaras to try, so I won’t repurchase this one. I did full review on this mascara, check it out here.
Rate – 3.5/5

Avon LUXE volume extravagance mascara
This one used to be my favorite mascara ever, but I think that they changed formula. It dried out so quickly, I don’t think I used it for over two weeks. It got so clumpy and flaky, I had to throw it even though there is a lot of product left.
Rate – 2/5

Essence long lasting lip liner (Girl next door) – REVIEW
I loved this lip liner, it’s so good. Unfortunately I can’t find these anywhere. I’ll have to find a dupe. I did full review on these lip liners, check it out here.
Rate – 5/5

Miss Sporty Perfect stay concealer
I love this concealer. It makes my under eyes look airbrushed and glowy. It’s hydrating, light and comfortable. I already bought back up. I totally recommend this one.
Rate – 5/5

Catrice Provo CATRICE shimmery powder – TESTER
I loved this powder, it’s so nice. I already have full size one and I’m using it right now. It’s such a pretty, glowy all over face powder. I love it so much.
Rate – 5/5

Essence You better work fixing spray – REVIEW
I did full review on new Essence You better work line, check it out here. I love this fixing spray, it’s really nice. I would buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

L.O.V about me smoothing lip balm
I loved this lip balm, it’s so good. Unfortunately it’s really hard for me to get L.O.V products, so I’m not sure can I buy it again.
Rate – 5/5

Essence my beauty LIP RITUAL nourishing balm – REVIEW
I really like these Essence lip balms. They are light on lips, but nourishing and comfortable. I would buy them again. I did full review on these lip balms, check it out here.
Rate – 4/5

Balea Pool Party water spray
I used this one as a refreshing mist during day or just simply to refresh makeup. I love these Balea water sprays, I literally have all of them. These work as a great makeup fixing spray or just refreshment throughout day.
Rate – 5/5


Tesori d’Oriente White musk fragrance
I use this frangrance as a room fragrance, I also use it to spray bed sheets and my wardrobe. It is such a clean, soft fragrance. My mum uses this one as her fragrance, but I like more woody, intense, spicy scents, so this one is perfect room scent for me. I already bought another one.
Rate – 4/5


Tesori d’Oriente Lotus flower fragrance
I love Tesori d’Oriente fragrances. They are affordable, but so long lasting on skin and clothes. This one I wore so much through summer time, especially during summer nights. Even though I love more intense scents this one seems so great for me, as it is floral, but cosy at the same time. I already bought another one.
Rate – 5/5

Balea Magic Fairytale body spray
This one was winter limited edition I think. I really liked soft magnolia scent in this one and it provided nice protection. I would buy it again, but unfortunately it’s limited edition.
Rate – 4/5

Avon Cherish fragrance
This used to be my favorite summer time scent, but I feel like I’m tired of it. I used it for the past three summers, repurchase this fragrance two times, but I won’t any more. I feel like I’m all for Tesori d’Oriente fragrances now.
Rate – 4/5


Balea Aqua water spray – REVIEW
I did full review on this spray, check it out here. I love to use this at the end of my skin care routine to spray my face as additional hydration and refreshment. Also used it through day and it is amazing refreshing product. I will buy it again.
Rate – 5/5

Avon Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with white tea cleanser
I used up three of these, it used to be my favorite cleanser. But I feel like my skin is over it so I’ll give it a break and won’t repurchase this one for longer time. I just felt like it dried out my skin, which is not good feeling.
Rate – 4/5

Balea soothing face mask with aloe vera and thermal water
I loved this mask, it reminded me to one of my all time favorite face masks which is Afrodita lavender mask. I would recommend this mask, I think it’s really good. I would buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita Clean Phase cleansing milk
I love this product for taking of makeup. It literally melts all the makeup and makes skin soft any hydrated. Also it doesn’t sting my eyes, it’s so good. I will definitely re purchase it again.
Rate – 5/5

Balea Cream gel for oily combination skin
I used this one before and after plucking eye brow hair because it contains aloe vera, it feels soothing and calming on skin. I might repurchase this one, but as I don’t use it all over the face I feel like there is no point in spending money for it.
Rate – 3/5

Afrodita Why mask SOS CALMING (2x)
This is my all time favorite face mask, I always have it in my stash. It’s just the best for soothing and hydration. I already bought two new packs.
Rate – 5/5

Pozzy makeup removing wipes
These are my favorite makeup removing wipes. I use them to take of first layer of makeup and then I use Afrodita cleansing milk. I already bought another pack.
Rate – 5/5

ISANA toner for normal and oily skin
I really liked this toner for summer time. It’s mattifying, but not drying. It does contain alcohol which is not ideal, but when my skin is extremely oily I don’t mind alcohol as ingredient. I would buy this one again when I go back to Germany.
Rate – 4/5

Bocassy Paris resilience & recharge light day cream – REVIEW
I really liked this face moisturizer, it’s hydrating but light on skin. I would buy it again, but it’s quite a pricey one, so I don’t know I’m a comfortable with spending a lot on daily moisturizer. I did full review on this face cream, check it out here.
Rate – 4/5

COTTON Soft cotton pads
Nothing new to see here, I used up another pack of my favorite cotton pads. I already bought another one.
Rate – 5/5


Balea Vitamin mask
I liked this mask, it’s nothing amazing though. It doesn’t give any visible results, it’s just alright. I won’t buy it again, but it’s nice to try.
Rate – 3/5

Bebe gel cream for combination skin
I loved this cream, I used it through summer time and it was so good. My friend actually gave me this one and I will definitely re purchase this one for summer time. It’s light, so refreshing and calming on skin.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita HYDRA PATCH eye cream – REVIEW
I did full review on this eye cream, check it out here. This is probably my favorite eye cream that I’ve tried so far, I’ll definitely buy another one soon. I just need to use up some eye creams that I have in my stash.
Rate – 5/5

Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet mask – REVIEW
I love this sheet mask. I’m usually not a fan of sheet masks, but this one is amazing. I did full review on this mask, check it out here.
You can buy this mask HERE.
Rate – 5/5


ISANA magnolia & lotus conditioner
This conditioner smells so good, I enjoyed using it. It made my hair really soft to touch and easy to brush out. I liked it enough to consider buying it again. I will have to wait to go to Germany, because this is Rossmann own brend.
Rate – 4/5

Garnier Color Naturals mask with 3 nutritive oils – SAMPLE
I really like this mask, it’s super hydrating. I wish they make full size, because you get these small samples with Garnier hair dyes. As my mom uses Garnier hair dye I have a lot of this samples, so I’m glad I can use them.
Rate – 4/5

Le Petit Marseiliais cream shampoo for dry and brittle hair
I like this shampoo, I used up three of them so far. I already bought another one, but I’m using different shampoo now, because I feel like my hair got used to this one. So I’ll give it a little break and use it again in future.
Rate – 4/5

Avon Planet Spa Treasures of the Desert restoring oil
This is 3in1 oil, but I mainly used it on my hair. I feel like it’s so good for deep hydration of hair and I really miss it now that I don’t have it. I need to buy it again soon, because it’s great oil for hair.
Rate – 4/5

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post. It took long time to write it as there were so many products. But hey, empties post are for long beauty chats, right? Let me know did you try some of these products maybe? What is the last beauty product that you used up? Do you like empties posts? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx



10 thoughts on “Products that I’ve used up – EMPTIES #18

  1. The Miss Sporty Perfect stay concealer and Possy removing wipes sound great. Definitely adding it to my wish list. I use Neutrogena wipes when I travel and Garnier Microcell water to remove makeup at home. I just used FX concealer, and I was not a fan because it creased under eyes. 🙄 Yes, I ♥️ these empties post. Keep them coming. xx

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  2. Oh yes, that’s why I like collecting products that I’ve used up so I know how many I used up and were they worth the money. Me too, love empties posts, they are so helpful for all beauty enthusiasts. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love seeing that you loved your beauty products and got good use out of them! Also I didn’t realize that shampoos from petit Marseilles were so good so now I’m tempted to try one!

    Liked by 1 person

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