Skin care empties – Empties #19


This will definitely be a long post. I have so many skin care empties to share with you today. I’ve been collecting these for past 3 months, so there is a lot to talk about today. I’ll be sharing short description of products and rate. If I reviewed any of these I will link full review in case you want to give it a read. This is actually left over of my empties from summer time, I definitely used up a lot of products in summer time, so let’s start.

Balea face toner for sensitive skin
I really enjoyed this one. It is really soothing on skin, it feels hydrating and it is great if your skin feels sore. I would buy it again definitely.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisturizing toner for sensitive skin – REVIEW
This is probably one of my favorite toners I ever used. I really like how it feels on my skin. It is smoothing, soothing, moisturizing and calming. It is so good, I would recommend it to anyone. I already bought another one. I have full review on this toner, check it out here.
Rate – 5/5

Septona Daily Clean Cleansing milk and toner for dry and sensitive skin
I love this product so much. It works great any way you want to use it. I like to use it as a quick hydrating mask also. I already bought another one and I’m loving it. I’ll have review on some Septona products soon on blog including this product. Stay tuned for that blog post.
Rate – 5/5

Avon Naturals Coconut Face and body spray

This is my 3rd bottle of this and I already bought another one actually. I love to use this after I finish my makeup to add some hydration to my skin. It works great as a refreshing mist for face and body, smells nice and it is hydrating. Totally recommend!
Rate – 4/5

Balea Lotus face cleanser
I really like this cleanser for my skin type. It’s not drying, it cleanses skin nicely and it can also remove makeup. I already bought another one because I like it a lot.
Rate – 4/5

Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream – REVIEW
I did full review on this cream, check it out here. I love this cream so much, I need to get new one as soon as possible.
You can get this cream HERE
Rate – 5/5

Alverde Aqua 24h Hyaluron Cream Gel
I didn’t really like the scent of this cream. The texture was also really weird, something in between cream and gel. I like how it made my skin feel though, it is really hydrating. I won’t buy it again as the scent was not for me at all.
Rate – 3/5


Avon Nutra Effects Hydrating day cream SPF 15 – REVIEW
I did full review on this cream, check it out here. I like this one a lot, I would probably buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

Balea Q10 Under eye patches
I got this product just because I was curious. Eye patches are pretty expensive not gonna lie. Would probably not buy this again as I don’t see massive difference in the way my under eye area looks after I use these. I’ll do full review on these soon, so stay tuned.
Rate – 3/5

Balea Hydrating eye cream with lotus flower – REVIEW
I did full review on this eye cream, I’ll link it here in case you want to check it out. This is awesome super cheap eye cream that I love. I totally recommend it if you are looking to start using eye cream in your routine. I will definitely buy it again, but currently I’m trying to use up some eye creams that I already have.
Rate – 4/5

Alverde Vital eye cream
I really like this eye cream too. It is very nourishing under the eyes, it doesn’t sting or make eyes feel weird. I would recommend this one if you are looking for more plant based eye cream. Alverde is natural brand, so most of their ingridients are really good. I’ll have full review on this one soon.
Rate – 3.5/5

Septona Daily Clean cotton pads
These are not bad, but I prefer the other cotton pads that I use all the time. I probably won’t buy Septona ones again, because I prefer Cotton Soft ones, but Septona ones aren’t bad.
Rate – 3/5

Cotton Soft Cotton pads – 2 packs
These are my favorite cotton pads. They are super cheap, you get 100 pads and they last really long. Also even though they are thin, they never break when you use them, so they are amazing.
Rate – 5/5

Pozzy Makeup Remover wipes
These were really good actually. They removed makeup so well, didn’t sting my eyes and also removed mascara super easily. I will definitely buy them again. These wipes are paraben, alcohol & silicone free.
Rate – 4/5


Cotonet Makeup Removing wipes
These were not my favorite. They feel really harsh on skin and make eyes sting a little bit. I won’t buy them again even though they removed makeup nicely, but I don’t like how they feel on my skin.
Rate – 2/5

Pozzy Makeup Cleansing wipes – 2 packs
I like these a lot. I’ve been using them for more than a year now and they are definitely my favorite. They are cheap, comfortable on skin and they don’t sting my eyes. I already repurchased another pack.
Rate – 5/5

Essence Pure Skin Purifying nose strips – 2 packs
These were fine, but nothing amazing. I feel like they clean the nose, but they don’t give any noticeable results actually. I won’t buy them as I don’t really have black heads, so I don’t need this type of product.
Rate – 2.5/5

Ziaja Anti Stress Face mask with yellow clay
I really liked this mask. It smells great, it is easy to apply and remove. It makes skin really hydrated and soft when you take it off, so it’s great one to use after a long day of wearing makeup. I will buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

Ziaja Phyto Aktiv Relaxing face mask for delicate skin
I like the texture of this mask, it’s gelly. Because it is gel, it is easy to apply on skin. It makes skin super smooth actually. I feel like after using this mask my skin is deeply nourished and it looks more glowy. I will definitely repurchase this one.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita Young & Pore Calming pores minimizing face mask
I didn’t really feel like this mask did a lot for my skin pores wise. It didn’t really minimize the appereance of pores, so that’s not really why you can use it. It is indeed calming on skin, so if you need that feature from face mask then it is good one to try. I don’t think I’ll buy it again.
Rate – 2.5/5

Avène Hydrance Optimale light hydrating cream SPF 20 – sample
I liked this cream actually. It felt really good on my skin, it is very light but hydrating. I don’t think I would buy it however as Avène is really expensive here.
Rate – 3/5

Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating skin tone Perfector –  sample
This was so dark. Not only it is super dark, it is so orange. I legit looked orange even though I blended it with my regular daily moisturizer. I won’t buy this one definitely, I don’t think this shade would look good on anyone.
Rate – 1/5

Balea face mask – Dead sea
I didn’t like this mask actually. It didn’t do anything for my skin. Also, it was super messy because when it starts to dry it falls apart and ends up on clothes. It was really messy, so I wouldn’t buy it again.
Rate – 1/5

Balea Cleansing face mask
This was white thick cream that was easy to apply and remove, so I enjoyed it. It makes skin fee super refreshed and super clean. I like this one, so I would probably buy it again.
Rate – 3.5/5

Lush Mask of Magnaminty face mask – sample
I heard great things about this face mask, so I was super happy to finally try it. It didn’t impress me at all actually. I felt like it doesn’t do much in terms of break outs even though a lot of people use it for that. I don’t think I would buy a full size as it is quite expensive.
Rate – 2.5/5

Lush Cup o’Coffee face scrub – sample
I asked lady on Lush counter to recommend good face scrub as I really needed one. She said that this one is great. I like how it smells, but beads in this are so harsh. It kinda feels really uncomfortable when you apply it on skin and exfoliate. I feel like this would be better as a body scrub, but I specifically asked for face scrub. I won’t buy the full size as I didn’t really enjoy it.
Rate – 2/5

Alverde Face mask with sun flower
I didn’t like this mask. It made my skin feel super sticky and uncomfortable. They say that you don’t need to wash it off, but I needed to wash it off as it makes my skin really oily. I didn’t like it at all. I used it only to get my money worth.
Rate – 1/5


Balea Beauty Effect Power mask – REVIEW

I like this mask as it is super hydrating on skin. It is really thick so you need really thin layer of it so your skin feels amazing after. I would buy it again. I have full review on this mask, check it out here.
Rate – 4/5

I’m from Mugwort mask – REVIEW
I liked this mask also. It is gelly texture so it is super easy to apply and remove. It is great for spots and imperfections on skin as it makes them fade away quicker. I already have another one that I’m using. I have full review on this mask, check it out here.
You can get this product HERE.
Rate – 4/5

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post! Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? What are you latest empties? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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  1. Thanks for recommendation, hopefully I can get some more testers to be sure that I’ll enjoy it. Avene is pretty expensive here, so I’m always super careful when buying something from Avene. xx

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