UPDATE – catching up with blog, life and me


Three months ago I updated you on my life and it’s time for new update definitely. I promised myself that I’ll do these type of posts every three months or so, so it’s time for new one. There are few changes that happened so I’ll talk about them, but first let’s talk about new season.

I’m really sad that summer went by so quickly. Literally I don’t even remember half of things I did this summer. It was too short, I’m not ready for fall, but I’m trying to hype myself up a little bit. Since it’s pretty cold right now I’ve been feeling a little off, like I’m not sick, but I feel like my energy is not as usual. I’m constantly sniffling, my throat is not like usual, but I guess that’s what happens with every season change. I’m drinking a lot of tea, which is what fall time is here for, let’s be honest. Snuggling with nice hot cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate with fluffy blanket and your favorite TV show is fall season finest activity.


My summer holiday was literally perfection. I went to sea side in Croatia with my family and it was amazing. We stayed in villa so close to sea, so I didn’t need to spend time at beach. I spend most of time on big balcony reading books or just watching TV shows. I also did a lot of swimming, because I enjoy it. It’s literally one of my favorite activities, I prefer it to working out honestly. I loved my holiday and I hope we’ll go next summer to the same place, same villa as it was glorious. I did get a little bit of tan. I used to struggle so much with trying so hard to be tanned. But I accepted the fact that I don’t tan easily, so I don’t spend a lot of time outside sun bathing, because it usually only gives me burns. This time I was smart used a lot of SPF and I got nice sun kissed tan, but didn’t burn at all.

In my last update I told you that I’m rotating my makeup collection every month, so I get the use of all products. I’m still enjoying it so much, it’s perfect if you have a lot of makeup and you feel like it gets wasted. I pick all new products every month so I can use them. This way I don’t get tired of certain product and I’m switching them regularly. I also decluttered a lot of makeup, some was super old, some products didn’t work for me so I gave them away. I don’t want huge makeup collection, it’s so wasteful. So I made decision if something isn’t working for me I give it away so it doesn’t stay in my collection and go bad, someone can love that product.


I’m also trying to stop buying so much makeup. In past two months I actually didn’t buy a lot which makes me so happy. I literally try to stay away from makeup as much as possible, because I have more than enough already. I don’t search for new releases on Instagram, I try to not look at makeup displays in stores, because I know I’ll find something and buy it. There is new release literally every day, brands are constantly bringing new products and it’s just insane. Also festive season is approaching, can you imagine how many new releases will be till December? I’m gonna be honest there were some Catrice and Essence limited editions that I really liked, some products that I would definitely love to have, but they never came to our local stores so I didn’t spend any money on them. Even though I wanted them so much at that time, right now I’m absolutely fine with not having them you know.

I did get generous Catrice PR package in August with their new fall/winter collection that I already reviewed on my blog, so I did get “new” makeup, but I didn’t spend any money on it. Literally Catrice blew me off with their new collection, it’s definitely a step up. Every single product that I tried from that collection is amazing. I don’t know why I keep buying makeup from different brands when I know that Catrice just does it for me. The quality and price is soo good that I don’t even need any other brand. But usually I buy makeup so I can review it on the blog which is fine, but that makes my “staying away from makeup thing” a lot harder haha.


I own you an update about my “love life” as I promised that in last update post. Me and “hot guy” didn’t work out. We went on few more dates and I realized that I don’t really see myself with someone like him. Yeah he is hot, but I need genuine connection with a guy if I’m going to start relationship. When you get to certain age you just get past “looks”. I just can’t be in relationship with someone because of their looks, if I’m not enjoying my time with you what’s the point? So after our “dating” I was like “I can’t do this anymore”, so we stopped talking and moved on. Then I meet someone else who I thought, I would never be with. I just didn’t feel any connection with him through texting, but I went on first date with him and was like “Guess I was wrong, because this guy is really nice”.

We started dating regularly. We dated for more than a month. He told me after our second official date that he wants a relationship with me, but he wasn’t pushy about it. He told me when you are ready just say it, until then we’ll hang out and have a good time. If we end up starting relationship great, if you don’t feel it, we’ll move on. I never had situation like this, usually guys would be so pushy to get me into relationship, but not this one. This made me respect him so much more, because there is nothing worse than feeling pressured to do something. So one day I told him next date that we go on will be the beginning of our relationship. So yeah, I’m in relationship now and it’s going pretty well. We get along really well and I’m looking forward to see how our relationship will progress.


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That’s all for this update post. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know are you excited for autumn weather? What are your plans for the rest of year? I’m looking forward to reading more books, have a lot of cozy evenings at home and try to take a lot of walks outside to enjoy autumn weather. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

10 thoughts on “UPDATE – catching up with blog, life and me

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this life update. I agree with you on the makeup. Good for you for having the emotional maturity and intelligence to break things off with the “Hot Guy.” I am bummed that summer is over. Just been home making stews, soups, and warm fall foods to keep me warm. The cold weather surprised us all here in NYC, so watching new films has been a weekend event. xx

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  2. Thank you. Here is also super cold, I have been making soups every day for lunch as I’m trying to keep warm and cozy. Stayed in for most nights as I don’t really wanna go out, just stay warm and cozy. xx

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  3. Love your update posts girl! Yeah summer did fly by so fast. It’s fall season here too and the Arctic blast is hitting the East Coast so fall actually feels like winter now lol. Yes, drinking hot chocolate watching Netflix is my kinda of day in the fall season. Saw your Croatia pics and it was really beautiful! I’m so happy that you find a guy that you have a connection with and I hope is really works out for you girlie ❤️ Yeah, I don’t buy makeup that much since I don’t wear it as much but I might try to find a good concealer or some makeup sets that I saw have good deals for Black Friday.

    Hope you have a great rest of the month and stay warm lovely 💕

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  4. Thank you so much. This summer was the shortest definitely, it felt like it lasted only a month. It’s cold here too, but better than last year. This time last year it was snowing, but right now it’s only raining and it’s warmer than last year. But winter is coming for sure, the weather is changing so I’m trying to stay warm and cozy. I don’t buy makeup as much as I used to. I used to spend so much money on makeup, it was definitely not a good habit. I want to use what I have and not waste more money on makeup. Have great November dear. xx

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