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How to save time while staying on top of your blogging schedule?


This is the last blog post that I’m making in this blogging series. So far these blogging advices/posts have been super popular so I want to thank all of you for reading them and commenting. I learned some new tips that I didn’t use before, so thank you all for that. Also it’s really good to share opinion and experiences with other bloggers because that helps us in our blogging journey. I get this question a lot in comments on my blog posts or a massage on my social media platforms. So I decided to close this series with post where I’m going to tell you how I save time while making my posts. Maybe saving time is a little bit over exaggerating but let’s settle with getting posts in shortest time possible. Yeah that sounds better, so let me tell you how I do it! I might continue these series with other tips if I have more of them.

I usually prepare my blog posts at night while I have some sort of chill time. It’s kind of part of my night time routine, I just find it the best time to write, get inspiration and plan blog posts. If I want to write about something I usually just do it straight away, I don’t plan how I want it to look. I just open my laptop, turn some music and start writing. For me inspiration is not a problem when it comes to writing a blog post, I really like writing about beauty and beauty products, so it is like relaxing almost. So I first write blog posts that are meant to go up in week. Then I just save them in my BLOG folder on laptop. That’s usually work for one night. Then during weekend, usually it’s Saturday thing I take photos. Taking photos is something that I still struggle with, it really takes a lot of time.


I usually like to take photos for more blog posts at once, because my room ends up looking like a complete mess after taking photos for just one blog post, so I like to mix more of them. That way I can get more work done in same amount of time. Of course weather has to be nice, so a little bit of Sun is good, but not too much because it can wash out photos. If it’s a rainy day photos can turn out blue, so you have to color correct them a little bit, but that’s really easy to do. Make sure that your battery is full, because you don’t want to run out of your battery, because that is one of the most annoying things ever.

When I finish with my photos, I immediately copy them to laptop and organize them in separate folders. When I find time I choose the best photos from bunch of them. This can be really stressful, because I usually take a lot of photos for just one post. Honestly I need to change that habit because it is really crazy. When I finally do that, I try to edit all of the photos at once. I learned that if I leave that till last day, it takes me so much more time than when I do it before. I’m one of those multi tasking person so I like to do as many things as possible so while I’m editing I try to answer comments on blog or just catch up with some blog posts. That way I don’t get bored easily and I can do more stuff.


After all of that you are supposed to have your blog posts ready. But no, you’re still not done. We all know that blogging is hard work. You need to upload your post and set it live. This can take up to 1 hour if you are a freaking perfectionist. I always re arrange my photos or text, switch it up or change the layout. I think this is just me being crazy, but I do that. Sometimes it’s good to upload more blog posts and schedule them, so if you have super busy week ahead you don’t have to think about that.

So that’s what I do while getting my posts ready for the week. I think that organization is key and for me it’s the best if I do all posts together because that way I save so much more time than just making one post. This is mainly the reason why I can upload more times a week, I just prepare it before.

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Let me know do you do it this way or you get post by post ready? Do you just do post and upload it immediately? I definitely don’t do that ever, I’m more about preparation before. Do you have any tips on how to save time while blogging? Is there a possibility to save time while blogging? It’s definitely time consuming but I suppose we all have our little methods. I hope you enjoyed this blogging series, let me know what you thought about it? Thank you so much for reading! Have a nice day! xx

7 thoughts on “How to save time while staying on top of your blogging schedule?

  1. I can totally relate with you on one point which is taking alot of photos for one post and sometimes it makes difficult to select from that bunch of photos. From taking photos to editing, it takes alot of time and effort but end results are satisfying. And I must say that you capture beautiful photos👍👍

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  2. I stopped taking to many photos because it’s definitely time consuming. I try to check out photo on camera when I take it, just to make sure it looks how I want it to be. I try not to take more than 10 close up photos, because it is definitely hard to select one of them. Taking few photos for more blog posts at once is my favorite thing to do, because it saves up so much time. Thank you. xx

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  3. The struggle is real! 🙉 I hear you on the photography, it’s maddening. Depending on what’s going on in my life, I try to do 2-3 posts on Sunday then another 2 during the week to keep things fresh because I may get a sudden inspiration. I tried doing all post on one day, but I burn out, then decide to write something completely different. Now, I take it easy and plan a couple of days ahead. I also struggle with photography. Sometimes I take my own other times, I spend hours upon hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect photo. This post was helpful. Thanks for opening up and sharing. It’s very much appreciated. Keep up the exceptional work. I truly enjoy reading your posts. xx

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  4. We all struggle with blogging sometimes. It definitely needs a lot of time, especially with keeping blogging schedule. I try to take advantage of my inspiration whenever it comes, so I can create some blog posts. Thank you so much. I love your blog and you always find the best photos. xx

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