My current favorite face masks


Face masks are such a staple in my skin care routine so this post should happen long time ago. But I’m finally doing it today. I think that you need to have at least one face mask a week to give your skin a bit of pamper time. I’m going to share with you my two favorite face mask brands today and those are Planet Spa and Naturals. These are lines of products that Avon does, so they are pretty affordable, which is always a plus. So, let’s talk about my current favorite face masks.

Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with white tea Energising Face Mask
This is my ultimate face mask when my skin looks bad. If my skin lacks glow and radiance, this is a mask I reach for. It makes skin glowy and healthy looking after you use it. It’s peel off face mask so it’s super fun to use. I feel like it gives a lot of energy back to my skin and makes it look 10 times better. Also, I use this one when my skin is breaking out and it helps to calm down my skin.


Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive Oil Face Mask (review)
My skin can go to dry side very easy so for me it’s important to have hydrating face mask quite often. This one is gel formula so it’s super easy to apply. I leave it on about 25 minutes on skin and my skin just „drinks it up“.  It gets rid of any dry patches and dryness on my skin, that’s why I love it so much. I feel like this one is going to be amazing is Summer, if you get some sun burns on face, because this one is calming as well. Also this one is great to prepare your skin for makeup, because it gives intense hydration. I mainly use this one during winter, because my skin gets quite dry during winter. I reviewed this one on blog already, review is here.

Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining with black caviar extract peel off Face Mask (review)
I did review on this Planet Spa line. So I’m not going to talk about this one here. You can check review here. This mask definitely feels luxurious on skin and I love it for pamper night. It refreshes the skin and gives a bit of tight effect. If you are looking for a nice face mask for pamper night routine this one is perfect choice.


Naturals Purifying tea tree & cucumber peel off Face Mask
I reach for this face mask when my skin is having a lot of break outs and it’s just spotty. It is very good for drying out spots and making them disappear faster. It also calms skin down if I have a lot of redness or my skin is just sensitive to products. I love this one and I would recommend it to anyone.

Naturals Hydrating aloe & cotton Face Mask
One more hydrating face mask because my skin needs moisture all the time. This one is also gel formula which is super easy to apply and take off. This face mask smells amazing, it’s really calming scent. I love to use it when my skin is dry or it looks like it’s lacking radiance. This one helps with dryness but it makes skin really glowy and healthy looking as well. It’s also very calming on skin, which is amazing to use if my skin is sensitive.



So, those are my current favorite face masks. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know which are your favorite face masks because I’m always on hunt for new good ones. Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day! xx

6 thoughts on “My current favorite face masks

  1. I don’t like them too much, they are really uncomfortable and hard to take off, they also hurt on my skin. I much prefer charcoal cream mask that I can easily take off with wet face towel. What are your favorite face masks to use? xx

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  2. Amazing review as always. The Naturals Purifying tea tree & cucumber peel off Face Mask sounds great when skin acts up. I am currently using Korres Hydra-Biome. It has probiotics with real Greek Yogurt, which is quite hydrating for this time of year. xx

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