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How I find motivation and inspiration for blogging?


This is one more post in my blogging series, I’ll link my previous blogging tips and tricks under the post in case you want to check them out. But today we are going to talk about inspiration for blogging. Doesn’t matter what kind of blogger  you are we all struggle sometimes with inspiration or motivation in blogging word. There is so many bloggers that do amazing job at getting new content out that is super inspirational for others and also challenging because we all want to stay on top of our game in blogging world. Let me tell you how do I personally find inspiration for new blog post and what motivates me to put new content as often as possible.

1. Friends and family
I got so many blog post ideas from my lovely friends and family members. Even though they don’t really read my blog they are always there to show support and give me some advices. As I write in English most of my family members don’t understand my posts, but they always show support which is nice. My friends always give me ideas and feedback on my posts which I appreciate so much, because they know me so well, so everything they say is helpful to me.


2. Social Media
Did you ever scroll through Instagram and saw absolutely wonderful flatlay? I’m sure you did, that’s what happens to me also and I’m always like “How can they make such a perfectly beautiful photo?”. I get inspired by all the lovely flatlays I see on instagram, because there is so many amazing ones. I sometimes try to recreate some of those flatlays my way but I never seem to get it right. I don’t know how bloggers do it to make their flatlays so sharp and clear. I’m sure it’s due to a lot of professional editing, which I’m not the biggest fan of. But gaining inspiration is just enough for me even though I won’t really do those flatlays. Of course there is Pinterest, you can easily find absolutely wonderful photos on pinterest.

3. My favorite bloggers
When I see a blog post from some of my favorite bloggers it really makes me want to blog more. Everyone is trying to put the best content possible and it’s so nice to see how everyone is working hard on their blogs. It makes me motivated and it really gives me that “push”. Sometimes I like someone post so much that I do something similar or I recreate the same post my way. Following other bloggers is just a great way to get inspired and to get motivation to blog more!


4. Makeup and beauty products
As I’m beauty blogger mainly it’s really easy for me to find inspiration for what to write about. I mean makeup is just beautiful, of course it makes you inspired. For example one day my mom bought me an eye shadow and it was so pretty that I stared at it for minutes and then I was like I have to put this one my eye lids and create some sort of makeup look (Drama Queen Inspired Makeup Look). Maybe it’s weird but I’m like that. There is literally nothing better than writing new blog post while listening to music (The Weeknd) and sipping coffee. Call me crazy but that’s happiness for me haha!

5. My amazing followers
I never thought I’ll have followers that would care about me or my life, but I do and I’m really happy about that. You guys motivate me to blog and to give you the best content possible. I love getting messages from my followers where they tell me that they tried some products that I recommended and that they love them. Also, I met some of my followers and it’s such nice experience. As I said in some of my previous posts you guys need to interact with your followers, because it is super important to form relationship with your followers and to make them feel comfortable on your blog. I love getting recommendations for what to try makeup or skin care related from my followers. Also I love when people tell me which posts they would love to see on the blog.

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That’s everything from me today. I hope this post was interesting. I know that we all have different form of inspiration and motivation, but I thought it would be interesting to write about it. What is your number one source of inspiration? What do you do to motivate yourself to blog more? Thank you so much for reading! Have a nice day! xx

8 thoughts on “How I find motivation and inspiration for blogging?

  1. Happy New Year! I am finally back after taking a blogcation. I find what motivates me is taking a break, which is why December I needed to just be with friends and family. I really like that you find inspiration through other bloggers. xx

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  2. Amazing post!!! other bloggers and content creators always inspire me, I just love all of the beautiful content I see on instagram and Pinterest and they totally inspire me as well!!

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