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How to get your money worth with makeup products? – Makeup multi purpose


When you are beauty addict you spend a lot of money on makeup and skin care, let’s say beauty products in general. Even though skin care is not really hard to use up, makeup is. It takes really long to go through a blush or highlighter. Even though most beauty enthusiasts have so much makeup that can last them a life time, we are still buying new things all the time. Being makeup addict is not really budget friendly, so today I’ll share with you some of my tips how to get the most of your makeup products and actually get money worth from makeup.

1. Products multi purpose
We all know that you can use eye shadow as highlighter and bronzer as a perfect shade for any eye makeup look. You can also use highlighter as eye shadow or eye shadow topper. You can also mix eye shadow or highlighter with dry oil and make shimmery body oil or hydrating face glowing primer. You can mix your concealer with your favorite moisturizer and create tinted moisturizer so you don’t have to get separate makeup product. You can use eye shadows for contouring, eye brow filling or highlighting whole face if eye shadow is lightly pigmented. You can also use blush as eye shadow or instead of contour powder to shape your face.


2. High end dupes
Let’s be honest most higher end brands use the same ingredients in makeup products as drugstore brands. Also most companies hold higher end brands and drugstore products, so most of time their products are really similar. This is what makes shopping easier for consumers because there is a lot of bloggers and influencers that share dupes all the time, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup look up or search for high end dupes on the internet. You’ll most of time see swatches side by side and reviews of both products separately, which will give you enough info so you can make your decision. I believe that every high end product has their dupe, just bad thing is that you can’t find it most of time.


3. Drugstore makeup
Let’s be honest drugstore makeup came a long way. There is so many great affordable brands out there, I mainly refer to Essence and Catrice because you already know I love them. They are just insane, such a good quality with affordable prices. If you have trouble making drugstore makeup last on your skin make sure to use primer or prepare your skin nicely for makeup by hydrating it well in advance. Also good tip is to use setting spray after which will lock makeup in place and make it last all day long. I mainly use drugstore makeup and I never have any problem making it last all day, because I use really great makeup fixing spray. Great thing is that fixing spray is also affordable and it’s Avon Fixing spray – review.

4. Limited edition drugstore products

I’m not going to lie but whenever there is new Catrice limited edition collection I feel like those are high end products with affordable price tag. Catrice knows how to make good limited edition products, they always make awesome luxury packing and products are always so on point with quality. It really makes you feel like you are buying some super expensive luxury makeup product. So if you ever crave to buy something luxurious, look up limited editions by Essence and Catrice or any drugstore makeup brand because you might save some money.


5. Share makeup products that you don’t use any more with your friends and family members
Some people just don’t like buying makeup, as crazy as that sounds to makeup enthusiast it’s true. Some of my family members get so excited when I give them some makeup products that didn’t work for me or that I don’t use any more. It makes you feel good when you give things to other people, because you already know that sharing is caring. Why not give away products that you know you won’t use any more and make someone happy? Some people like to sell makeup that they don’t use any more, but I’m not a fan of that, I rather give it away to family and friends or donate it.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to make the most out of your makeup or how to save money while buying makeup! Let me know are your makeup addict like me? Do you spend a lot of money on makeup? Would you say that makeup enthusiast are addicted to makeup shopping? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


9 thoughts on “How to get your money worth with makeup products? – Makeup multi purpose

  1. Great tips girl! I have to agree that eye shadow can def be used as a highlighter esp the glittering ones. I actually have seen this on makeup tutorials on YouTube. I really prefer to buy drugstore makeup products as some of them are just like /dupe to the high end ones. You can def save a lot of money that way for a great quality.

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  2. These are terrific tips! I especially like mixing your concealer with your moisturizer. I do not wear much makeup as I like to go natural. When I do buy makeup, which is rare I like to buy products that I read good reviews online, or blogs like yours. Thanks for sharing. xx

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