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I’m really into my skin care right now. In past few months I have been buying many new skin care products and my collection is expanding. I feel like everyone needs a good skin care routine to make their skin look as good as possible, because sometimes it’s not all due to simplicity, sometimes our skin needs a bit more attention. Now, I’m going to tell you about few of my favorite products that I use daily, if I reviewed some of them I’ll link the review of course.

LUSH Tea Tree Water toner

This is a cult beauty product by now, I think that everyone knows about it. I got it because a lot of people said that it helps with oiliness and break outs in combination to normal skin. It is really nice indeed, I’m really happy that I decided to try it. It can be a little bit drying sometimes, but if you use good moisturizer in your skin care routine you won’t have any problems. I like how it makes my skin feel and look, totally recommend. I will definitely re purchase when I use this one up.

Afrodita Clean Phase Toner – Ultra Moisturizing – REVIEW
I already raved about this toner in my review. This is a great toner if you have dry skin because it is indeed moisturizing. It leaves skin really soft and smooth after you use it and it is really refreshing. I love to use this one in my morning skin care routine to clean my skin from night before, because I usually don’t wash my face in morning. I feel like my skin gets really dry if I wash it twice a day with gel cleanser, so I just use a little bit of toner on cotton pad and use it to clean my face. It works really well and it doesn’t dry out my skin. If you want to know more about this toner click here.


Alverde Q10 face serum with bio goji berry – REVIEW

I started using serum in my skin care routine and I have to admit it is such a game changer. Serum helps moisturizer you put on top to absorb better into skin and work better overall. This serum also is really hydrating and it makes skin super soft and smooth. Lately I’ve been buying many Alverde products and I have to admit that they are awesome, if you are looking for a good natural skin care brand Alverde is good one to try definitely. I sometimes use this serum instead of my usual day time moisturizer because it works as a great base for makeup. This is my second tube of this serum and I’m almost out of it. I’ll definitely buy it again. You have full review on this serum, check it out here.

Alverde Vital under eye cream – REVIEW
I’m sure you already know but I’m obsessed with eye creams. I feel like that area shows first signs of aging and you can definitely tell when someone is not taking care of their under eye area. Because when you put makeup on top you can see every line most of time, so you know that good eye cream is essential. This one is again from Alverde and it is really good. It wasn’t too expensive either so you definitely have to try it. Full review on this under eye cream is on the blog, check it out here.


Alverde AQUA 24H Hylauron cream gel – REVIEW
This is very good light cream that indeed moisturizes skin really well. I like to use it mainly in my night time skin care routine, because I don’t like to use it under makeup, I think it doesn’t work well that way. Again I have to say if you are looking for good natural skin care brand check out Alverde, their products are really amazing. Most of Alverde products that I tried were absolutely awesome. I hope I’ll be able to review some more Alverde products soon on blog, so I can share my opinion with you guys. Full review of this cream is already up on the blog, check it out here.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what are your current got to skin care products? Did you try any of products that I talked about today? What is your holy grail skin care product, something you can’t live without? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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