UPDATE – big changes, life and stress!


It’s definitely time for new update, because last one was more than 4 months ago. My life definitely changed a lot since last update and I’ll tell you all about it in this post. How are you doing? What changes in your life you can update me on? Let me know in comment section under the post, let’s catch up! How are you doing mentally in this craze with virus? Hope you are safe and healthy and that you are not too worried about life!

If you follow me on Instagram (here) you’ll know that I made a trip to Germany again. This time I’m not here for travelling, I’m actually going to be living in Germany for 5 full months. I’m on Erasmus+ program and I’m officially student at University Philipps, Marburg. It’s been crazy last few weeks, because I completely changed my lifestyle. I’m constantly doing stuff, don’t have much free time, but I’m enjoying my life so much right now. I’m going to be doing Laboratory Internship in Biochemistry and Inorganic chemistry lab, which I’m so excited for. In my home country we don’t have well equipped labs, they are actually pretty bad. Here, it’s completely different thing. Professors gave me a tour through labs and I was blown away because I never saw that sort of technology in lab. I’m excited for next few months because I love lab work and it’s something I really enjoy about chemistry. I’m sure it will be pretty hard work every day, but I want to improve my skills and learn more. At this time I’m not sure will my internship be possible because of virus situation, I hope it will calm down so I can experience this amazing thing that took me weeks to organize and set up.


Before I came to Germany I sort of organized my wardrobe and makeup collection. I really tried to get rid of stuff that I don’t use, or don’t need. I did pretty good job actually, I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff and products I didn’t really use in everyday life. For the first time in my life I really needed to pack light for the big move. I usually like to have few different options for clothing while travelling, but this time I really had to pack light, because I didn’t want to bring so much stuff. It took me so long to decide what kind of makeup I’ll wear the most and I brought only few options. I actually realized that I can live of few options when it comes to makeup, which is strange because I love using different products on daily basis. We’ll see am I going to change after this whole new experience in my makeup habits. Maybe I won’t buy a lot of makeup and I’ll actually change my habits completely. While packing I had to bring clothes for three seasons literally, because right now it’s super cold and it was super cold since I’ve arrived pretty much. But if everything goes by blan I’ll experience spring and summer here in Marburg.

Marburg is beautiful city indeed. It’s very historical, has so many castles and beautiful architecture. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I ever visited, I’m loving it so much. Weather here is not the best, it’s constantly raining which is not my favorite thing, because I’m more of a Sun person. I just feel better when Sun is shining and it’s more beautiful outside. It seems like weather is getting a bit better each day, it’s slowly getting warmer and we had a little bit sunshine last few days which is always nice because it can make mood better. Since I arrived to Marburg I’ve been dealing with a lot of problems and organizing stuff, but it’s what you should expect because I did start my life in different country. You have to deal with a lot of paper work and that’s where your skills come to play. Luckily I’m really good at dealing with stuff and I can get everything done. But what I hate is that I depend on other people, because you can’t really do anything by yourself, since you are in different country. You don’t really know laws and how they organize stuff, so you have to wait for other people to help you a bit, which can definitely by frustrating. Also situation in world doesn’t help with managing things and also I can’t really explore city well, which is really sad for me, but I have to get used to this.


Can someone tell me what’s up with 2020? This year is so weird, so many things happened so far and I’m trying to be positive, but is this year even worth it? Obviously I have to talk about virus situation, because it messed the whole world. Please be informed and vigilant when it comes to dealing with this situation. Hygiene should be on top of your list always, I mean I hope people know this. As long as you keep your hands clean and you are conscious around other people you’ll be fine. Make sure that you change your habits a little bit, so you can protect yourself best way possible. Go and take walks in woods or nature where you won’t see a lot of people, because staying all the time in house can be really damaging to your mental health. It’s important to get some Sun also, so if you have chance to go for walks in nature use them. I hope that situation will get better soon, so we can get back to our usual life. My situation is not the best also, I’m far away from my family, I can’t go back to my home country which is definitely scary, but I’m trying to stay positive and keep my spirit up. Also I really hope that my internships will happen, because I would hate if I loose amazing opportunity to work in two well equipped laboratories, because who knows if I’ll ever have this opportunity again.

Let’s end this post on positive note. I’m getting into my blogging schedule again. I kinda find time to write some blog posts here and there. Luckily I had some blog posts pre made, so I just upload them which helped a lot. Making one blog post does take really long so I’ve been enjoying just using my pre made content. That’s why I always advice to bloggers to take advantage of days when you are super motivated to work on blog content and use that inspiration for creative purposes. Also now when all of us have a lot of free time, use it to get back into blogging and making creative content online.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know how are you? Are you feeling good, even though situation in world is really bad? What are you up to lately? I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to catch up with everyone’s posts. I hope I’ll get into it soon. I’m trying to find time every few days to read some blog posts and leave comments. If you have new blog post, leave link in comments so I can give it a read. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


22 thoughts on “UPDATE – big changes, life and stress!

  1. Was lovely hearing what you’ve been up to and your course sounds amazing! Wishing you the best of luck with it ✨ Marburg sounds lovely! It’s really inspiring how you made a huge change in your life moving countries and following your dreams 😄 I guess I am feeling good despite the situation we are in as I’ve been trying to hold onto the positives and the fact that I’m doing the best I can do in order to not spread the virus. Take care lovely 💕💕

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  2. Studying in another country is huge! Go Azra! This whole covid-19 situation definitely wouldn’t help getting settled, but it sounds like you’re making the best of it 🙂

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  3. Thank you very much. It was a huge change definitely, I’m still getting used to it. It wasn’t the best time, obviously because of virus, I can’t really explore this beautiful city, but I hope it will get better soon. I’m glad that you are doing good, it’s definitely stressful time for everyone and we have to keep positive if we want to get through this difficult time. xx

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  4. Woohoo, I hope your study abroad program is fantastic. I love seeing pictures that are non-product related. Definitely do blog posts with more photos from Germany even if they are only pictures; we would love to see!

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  5. That’s awesome and the study abroad program sounds exciting! Good luck girl 🙂 Pics are lovely and am glad you’re trying to be productive amidst this virus outbreak. It’s pretty bad even here in the US but we just have to protect ourselves and take care of our emotional and physical health by keeping ourselves busy and being surrounded by positivity at all times. Sending prayers to everyone out there and stay healthy and safe girl ❤️

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  6. Thank you very much. It is definitely difficult time for everyone and the worst thing is that we don’t know hot long is going to last. But we definitely need to keep positive and keep ourselves busy so we don’t get into negative emotions and feeling. I hope you are doing good also, stay safe. xx

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  7. Good luck for your internship and 5 months in Germany!!! the city looks wonderful. I totally how you feel being far from your family, especially in this messed up situation! Anyways, Stay Safe xx

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  8. Woah I can’t imagine myself studying in another country. That’s a really huge thing you’ve got! And your program is really amazing! ✨ I definitely agree with you on what’s up with 2020, each month it’s getting worse 😭 I hope it stops now! 🥺 Please always stay safe! ❤️

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  9. It’s definitely different and something I couldn’t prepare myself well for. Every day is different and it is a lot of stress dealing with stuff and organizing, I hope it will be worth it all. I hope that situation in world will get better soon, this is very difficult time for all of us. Thank you and stay safe dear. xx

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  10. Everything is quite crazy and sometimes I can’t believe this is the current reality but I’m constantly trying to find positives to get me through it. Despite what’s going on, Germany sounds beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit! I’m glad you’re doing well – good luck with your studying and stay safe!

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  11. Yes, I’m same. Trying to find positive things every day to look forward to. Situation in world is really bad, so we need to find something to look forward to and motivate ourselves, so we don’t let negative emotions get us. Thank you, stay safe too. xx

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  12. Thank you. I hope it will calm down in next few weeks so I can get the most of this amazing opportunity. I really hope that world will get to better state soon. I hope you are doing well. xx

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