Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection


I’m literally obsessed with Tesori d’Oriente brand. I have so many products from them, but my favorite are their fragrances. If you ever get a chance to buy something from Tesori d’Oriente definitely do as they have amazing quality products for really good price tag. Their shower cream is one of the best shower products I ever tried. Their body creams are really hydrating, but at the same time they leave amazing scent on your body all day long. Today I’ll only talk about my Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection as I have so many of them, I’ll try to keep this post not too long. I recently expanded my Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection, check out new blog post here.

AFRICA Fragrance
I got this one when I was in Germany and I can’t be happier with it. It’s not overly intense and dark, it has really light sweet note through it. This fragrance is unique blend of rare wood essences, such as Ebony and precious spices. It also has notes of Accacia flowers which give that sweet note to fragrance. This is probably one of my top three Tesori d’Oriente fragrances.

This one is special. I never smelled anything similar to this fragrance and I guess it’s so different that people really like this smell. Whenever I wear this fragrance I get compliments on it, because it is truly stunning. This one is soft blend of oriental flower essences and precious spices like Oud Wood and Amber. I love fragrances with Oud wood in them, just because it gives that lovely spicy note.


I got this one in gift set that came with shower cream and scented candle. This one is different, it took me a bit to love it not gonna lie. It doesn’t have spicy element which I adore in fragrances, it just feels like flowery scent. It’s scent of Peony combined with Tsubaki Oil. Base notes of this fragrance are musk and cedar wood. This is usually my spring scent, because of flowery notes, but I also like to wear it in hot summer nights.

HAMMAM Fragrance
This is one of the new Tesori d’Oriente fragrances in my collection. It’s again one of the spicy scents that I adore. Hammam fragrance contains Argan oil which I never though could be so good in fragrance. It also has combination of Jasmine and Orange blossoms which gives a bit of citrus note and freshness.

Honestly I would love to smell this fragrance on guy, but I love it on me also. This fragrance I got in Germany also and it’s probably my favorite Tesori d’Oriente fragrance ever. It is so spicy and dark, totally my style. I mean you can imagine how intense this one is just because it has Guajaco wood and black pepper. I usually adore fragrance with notes of Black pepper this one is no exception.


JASMIN di GIAVA Fragrance
This is the newest Tesori d’Oriente Fragrance in my collection. I usually love scent of Jasmine in every fragrance, so I thought it’s perfect for me to have pure Jasmine fragrance. It was definitely different to what I expected, but I got used to it quickly and I love wearing it. I would describe it as semi spicy Jasmine scent which is very feminine scent in my opinion.

FIOR di LOTO Fragrance
I got this one in gift set again. Didn’t know what to expect when I bought this one, but naturally I fallen in love with it when I wore it for the first time. It’s scent that you need to give few minutes to blend with your natural scent and it becomes so good. This one is essentially scent of Lotus flower blended with shea butter. I never thought I would have shea butter in fragrance, but that’s why I love Tesori d’Oriente, they make stunning combinations.

AYURVEDA Fragrance
I mainly bought this one because packing is so pretty. This is probably only fresh Tesori D’Oriente fragrance that I own. They usually are creamy and spicy, but this one is definitely fresh. That’s why I usually wear it in spring/summer time. It does have some woody notes, but they aren’t strong as the notes of Orange and Lemon. It also has infusion of Patchuli and Cedarwood. This is definitely a fragrance that takes some using up to if you don’t usually wear citrus scents. Even though I don’t usually wear these type of scents I have occasions when I know it’s perfect time to wear this fragrance and I love it for that.

This is one of the sweetest fragrances I own. It has that comforting sweet, creamy scent that is perfect for colder months. It also works in warmer weather, but then it’s definitely night time fragrance. This one actually has scent of Black Rose which I never had in fragrance before, it also has warm notes of Labdanum. I really like this fragrance, because it’s sweet and feminine, so it perfect fragrance for date night.


This is my mom’s favorite Tesori d’Oriente scent. She loves this one so much and I actually introduced her to this scent as she smelled it once on me and fallen in love with it. So I bought her big gift set with this fragrance and some other Tesori d’Oriente products and she still uses it. She went through few bottles already. This is unisex fragrance, so guys could potentially wear it also, but honestly to me this is not guys scent. This to me smells like fresh laundry or some expensive soap. It is clean, fresh and powdery scent at the same time and I usually use it when I’m at home or when I want to smell something comforting and clean I spray it on my pillows or sheets. Maybe that is waste of fragrance, but I love doing that.


Updated Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection HERE

That is my Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection so far. I’m sure it will grow in future, because I love these fragrances and I only want to own them in my collection. So I’m actually trying to use up some other fragrances that I own, because I want these to be only fragrances of my collection. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. What is your favorite fragrance that you can call your signature scent? Do you own many fragrances or just one or two that are your favorites? Did you ever smell any Tesori d’Oriente fragrance? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

4 thoughts on “Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection

  1. The bottles are really cute, they look good for popping in your handbag too. I’ve not used the brand before but I’d definitely be interested in trying it, especially as there’s such a good range of fragrances. The White Musk fragrance would probably be my first pick. I really like other white musk scents, and vanilla scents. Japanese Rituals one sounds particularly tempting too. Never heard of Tsubaki oil before so that’s quite novel.

    Great write-up of the range!

    Caz xx

    PS. Just found you on Twitter! Only started on it last year but I’m kind of getting the hand of it (sort of!) now 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes, I love that they are aluminum, so you can literally take them anywhere. If you get a chance definitely try them as they are life changing. Since I started using this brand for fragrances, I don’t need anything else hah :D. Followed you back on Twitter, I rarely use it to be honest, but it’s good platform to share new blog posts definitely. xx

    Liked by 2 people

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