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Makeup Declutter II


I re organized my makeup collection just before I went to Germany, because I wanted to get more use of makeup that I don’t display on my vanity table. Also I keep a lot of makeup in draws and I forger about it easily, so I never use it. When I want to get more use of makeup that I don’t use, I re organize my makeup collection and declutter some things that are old or I just don’t want them in my collection any more. So while I was doing that I got rid of some products to make room for new things that I’ll be getting in months to come. I’m trying to stay away from buying new makeup, but every now and then I get some things, because you know I love makeup and it makes me happy.


Manhattan Powder mat makeup
My friend got this one for me in Germany. It is one of the most popular foundations that a lot of people use in Bosnia, but I don’t like this at all. It is like a thick mousse, it feels super heavy on skin and whenever I wore this one my skin got so bad. Every time I would wear this foundation my skin would get super sensitive and I would get some breakouts, I feel it is because it feels like a mask on skin. I would not recommend this one.

Essence I love Nude eye shadow – My favorite tauping
I know this is an eye shadow, but I used this one for contouring a lot. It is perfect shade for me to contour with, because I have warm toned skin. I’m throwing this one away because I don’t contour ever. I tried to get into it, but I can’t. Contouring isn’t for me, I much prefer just bronzer to add dimension and sun kissed effect to skin.

Catrice Gradation blush (Raspberry belle) – REVIEW
I did full review on this Catrice limited edition collection, check it out here. I like this blush, it looks nice on skin, but it’s very shimmery. I used to really love shimmery blushes, but now I’m more into satin or matt formula. I like to use highlighter to add glow to skin, so using shimmery blush and highlighter together is a bit much. I think I’ll give this one away to someone as it is pretty much new.

Avon Illuminating face pearls – REVIEW

I love this pearls, but I just never use them. I usually use them all over skin to give that healthy glow effect, but now I moved on to glowy or illuminating powders, so I don’t need pearls as additional step. They are just wasted in my collection as I don’t use them anymore, so I’ll give them away. I did full review on these pearls, check it out here.


Catrice Glow Illusion mineral highlighting powder – REVIEW
This is one of my first highlighters and I used it a lot, but it’s time for me to say bye as my highlighter preference changed. I only wear gold toned highlighters now and this one is just icy for me. I’ll give this one to my mom as she loved it when I used it on her few times. I did full review on this highlighter, check it out here.


Catrice Pulse of Purism pure metal palette – REVIEW
I loved this little palette for really long time, but shadows dried out a little bit so they don’t perform as well as they used to. I wish Catrice would do this eye shadow formula more, because it is really good. I did full review on Pulse of Purism collection, check it out here.

Avon glimmerstick diamonds eye pencil – Sugar plum
Did you ever see me wearing purple on eyes? I don’t think I ever wore purple on my eyes, so I don’t know why I bought this one. This is pretty pencil, it’s super shimmery, lovely color, but it’s not for me. I swatched this one few times and that was it. I completely wasted my money on this.

Essence Midnight masquerade effect eye shadow – Spooktacular night
I got this eye shadow because I never seen such a unique shade. It’s like a black eye shadow with copper and bronzy shimmer that gives very interesting effect on eye lids. I wore this one only few times because it’s not exactly the shade that I go to, I’m usually all for simple brown smokey eye, this one is definitely a statement shade. As I don’t use it there is no point to keep it.

Catrice metal eye light – SUN kissed miss – REVIEW
I loved this cream eye shadow, it was so pretty. Unfortunately it dried out so it’s super thick now and not easy to work with. I mean I can still use it, but it takes a long time to make it look good. I bought new liquid eye shadow that looks pretty much the same as this one, so it’s time to let this one go. I did full review on this eye shadow, check it out here.

Essence I love Nude eye shadow – O pistachio mio
I think I used this eye shadow once or just few times. I honestly don’t have a clue why I bought it, because it’s like grey/green shade that looks just odd. I’m not into cool toned eye shadow, so I never use this one. Even though it’s still creamy I don’t need it, because I won’t wear it.

Trend it up contour & glide kajal
This is light blue eye pencil that I won’t ever wear. I got this as a gift with purchase, so I didn’t spend any money on it. it’s super creamy and easy to apply, but I never wear color on my eyes. This would be great for someone that does interesting looks for Instagram, but I’m just not that person.


Essence Lashes to impress lash glue
I loved this lash glue, but it dried out. It’s really great affordable lash glue, but I had it for a year, so I understand why it dried out. I used up half of it, so that’s pretty good. I got DUO lash glue, so I don’t need new one, but I would re purchase this one.


Essence Studio nails better than gel nails high gloss top coat
I think I almost used this one up, it was at the end of bottle. As I have new top coat I decided to throw this one out as it became super thick. I liked this one, it made nails look super glossy which I like. I would re purchase this one when I use up top coats that I already have.

Essence glitter ON glitter OFF peel off nail polish – REVIEW
I loved this nail polish, it was perfect way to wear glitter on nails. This one sadly dried out, it got super clumpy, thick and you can’t apply it any more. Also it smells super weird, so it definitely went bad. I would re purchase this one, it was so pretty. I did full review on this nail polish, check it out here.

Flormar PLUS + QUARTZ nail polish – 030
This is pale pink nail polish that looks very pretty, but it’s not the easiest to apply and I already have few shades like this in my collection that I like more, so I’m throwing this one out. My mom and me used to wear this one all the time, but we don’t any more, we have new favorites now.

Flormar nail polish – Cream Silk
This used to be my go to nail polish, I literally would wear this one on my nails all the time. It’s almost used up, so it got thick and hard to apply, so I’m throwing it out. I would definitely re purchase this one at some point, because it is such a pretty light nude shade that gives that easy, but put together look.

Avon lipstick – Lacy Mauve
This is the only lip product that I decided to throw out. I used to wear this lipstick for every night out. It’s such a pretty berry pink shade that I like on me. But I think this lipstick is about four years old which is just gross. It’s too old and it’s time for it to go. I wish they do this type of shade now, because this one was sadly limited edition. I would definitely re purchase that I can.

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That’s all from me for this makeup declutter. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. When was the last time that you decluttered your makeup collection? Do you think that everyone should declutter makeup once or twice a year? I’m definitely super into decluttering makeup, because I don’t want to have a lot of expired makeup in my collection. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

5 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter II

  1. I decluttered my makeup a few months ago!! it actually always feels so good to clean my makeup collection and solely keep the things I use often!!

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  2. Yes for that! I’m all for decluttering things that I don’t use or just don’t need in my collection. I hate when I have products that I never use, it’s such a waste, so I prefer to give them away to someone that will use it every day. xx

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