May ’20 Favorites


It’s crazy that May is finished. This month flew by for me because I started my Biochemistry internship this month and I spend a lot of time in laboratory working, learning and practicing new techniques. It’s been so crazy last few weeks, I’ve been getting up super early because I start my work at 9am every work day and stay in laboratory till 4-5 pm. I’ve been really tired because I’m working a lot, but I’m so glad that this opportunity happened for me, even though the virus almost messed it up. I’m very grateful to professor that accepted me to work in his lab and learn a lot of new things. Now when I updated you a little bit about month of May, we can get on with this blog post and see which beauty products I’ve been using through month of May.

Catrice Pure radiance Glowrizer primer – REVIEW
I did full review about this primer, check it out here. This is primer that is supposed to be a dupe of Guerlain Météorites base. Honestly I never tried Guerlain primer and probably won’t ever because it’s so expensive. I got to experience the feeling of that expensive primer with this Catrice one and I do enjoy it. This is really pretty product to use and it gives nice glowy base. It won’t do much more because it’s just gelly primer with subtle shimmer in it. But I do like to wear it just on top of my skin care for natural, no makeup day because it makes skin nicely glowy and healthy looking. I love the effect this one gives and I’ll continue to use it, because I want to use it up as I had it for quite a long time.

ARTDECO Fixing powder – REVIEW
I did full review about this amazing powder, check it out here. I’m not sure how many of these I used up, but I think this is my 4th one. I adore this powder, it’s probably one of my all time favorites. It’s white loose powder that makes skin look super smooth, it gives that nice blurring effect that you want from powder. I love to use it under the eyes, because it makes them look incredible. What I love mostly is that I can wear it with any foundation and it works. If I have some foundation that doesn’t look the best on my skin this powder makes up for it, because it creates nice effect on skin even though foundation is not the best. I would seriously recommend this one, it’s amazing.


CAUDALIE Paris Rose de Vigne shower gel
This smells so good, oh my God I can’t even explain the smell. I usually don’t like rose scents, but this one is heavenly. I don’t usually buy expensive shower gels, because I would invest in good body lotion or cream rather, but I can see why is it worth to pay more. This gel is super thick, so you don’t need a lot of product when you showering, which means that this will last longer than regular shower gels. It is also very gentle, so if you have sensitive skin this one would be great option. I honestly can’t recommend it enough, it’s lovely.

Balea AQUA gel cream
I actually never reviewed this cream even though I used up 3 pots of it so far. I did review under eye gel from Balea AQUA line that you can read here. I love this line from Balea, it really has amazing products. I love the fact that this cream is gel, so it feels really light weight on skin, but it’s super moisturizing even though it is a gel. I usually use this one as a night cream, because if you want to use it under the makeup you have to apply it about half hour before makeup, because it can sort of peel up a bit if it is not completely absorbed into skin.


Schwarzkopf GLISS KUR Beauty milk
This is like a leave in conditioner that is supposed to moisturize hair, make it soft and give nice glow. That is exactly what it does, it nicely hydrates hair and makes it soft. I usually use it when I blow dry my hair to add some hydration and soften the hair with adding nice healthy glow to it. I would use it through the week in my hair also to create lovely gloss in hair without making it oily. It is very light in hair and doesn’t weight it down which I really like. Also it smells lovely and it is easy to apply which is also a bonus.

Balea Forming water Volume hair spray
This is really nice hair spray that I use daily to keep my non heat curls to stay looking nice all day long. It makes them look lovely all day long without making hair dry and uncomfortable to touch. It doesn’t smell nice, but I don’t mind it as usually hair sprays smell like this. I also like that this one is in spray bottle so I can nicely spray it on areas that I need it. I like that it makes hair hold up nicely through day, but doesn’t give that scratchy feeling in hair. If you are looking for a new hair spray, check this one out, it’s really lovely.


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That’s all from me today for this favorites post. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? How was your month of May? Did anything interesting happen? Share in comments your favorite beauty products from May! I hope you are doing well. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

6 thoughts on “May ’20 Favorites

  1. There are few websites that sell Balea products and that ship to some countries in Europe.

    I found this website that ships to many countries: https://getsomebeauty.com/. I also saw that there is some Balea products to buy on Amazon. The best option with Balea is to wait to travel to some country that has DM, because that way you really get amazing prices, because Balea is really affordable, especially in Germany as DM is German drugstore. DM is also widely spread in countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia. xx

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  2. They are really popular in Europe as a brand, because they fave amazing quality for affordable prices. Totally love that cream, actually bought new one hour ago haha. xx


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