Huge makeup and skin care empties #26


It’s time for new empties post and this time it’s going to be all about makeup and skin care goodies. I used up quite a few makeup products since starting my project pan, so I’m excited to share progress with you guys and tell you more about how hard it is to use up makeup when you have a lot of it. Also there is a lot of skin care products that I used up in past few months so let’s start with this empties post. I’ll give short description of products and my rating on them.

Makeup Empties

Essence My Beauty lip ritual moisturizing lip balm – REVIEW
I really enjoy these new Essence lip balms, I think they did such a good job with formula of these products. I did full review about these, so check it out here.
Rate – 5/5

Essence My Beauty lip ritual repairing lip balm – REVIEW
Again, loved this one also. The formula is on point, not heavy or sticky, just enough to keep lips hydrated and smooth. Check out full review here.
Rate – 5/5

Essence My beauty angels lip primer
I tried to use this up, but I don’t like it. I had it in my project pan and I just can’t use this up. I don’t like formula or performance of this product so I’m throwing it away.
Rate – 2/5

Essence My beauty angels wake up effect stick primer
This limited edition collection was last year when color correcting was a big thing, I had this primer in my project pan, but I just don’t want to use it. I rather use any other primer than color correcting one. This one is pink and it has a lot of color pay off. My foundation can’t cover it up completely, so pinkiness always shines through and it’s not a good look especially for my skin tone that is really yellow.
Rate – 2/5

Avon lipstick – Instant attraction
I love the packing of this lipstick, but shade is definitely not for me. I just never wear it, so I had it in my makeup collection for three years. It’s definitely expired and time to throw it away, because I think I wore this maybe 3 times total.
Rate – 3/5

Essence Glossy kiss lip balm – coconut kiss
I don’t like this. It’s like a lip balm, but it’s so sticky. Also it has chunks of pink and silver glitter which doesn’t look attractive at all. Tried to use it as a lip moisturizer while doing my makeup, but I don’t like it. So it’s time to throw it away.
Rate – 2/5

Avon Glimmersticks brow definer – dark brown
I used this one completely, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. I don’t really like brow pencils to be honest. They are usually all waxy and I don’t enjoy that in my brows. I love brow powders I think they look the best.
Rate – 2.5/5

Catrice Re Touch Light reflecting concealer – Light Nude
This is one of those twist of concealers that I don’t really enjoy. I feel like they are tricky to use, super thick and they don’t have such a good coverage. This one was fine, it looked good on my under eyes, but I would rather buy Catrice camouflage concealer than this one.
Rate – 3/5


Catrice Lash//Brow designer gel – REVIEW
I did full review on this product. I think this is a good every day brow gel, I like how it looks and works. I would probably repurchase it at some point. Check out full in dept review here.
Rate – 4/5

L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation
I enjoyed this foundation, it’s super dewy and it gives really glowy look. However I used this up so quickly, I don’t think I used it even a month. I feel like products dries out so quickly, so you just basically waste your money. This foundation here is really expensive, so I’m mad that I wasted my money on it and would definitely not buy it again.
Rate – 3/5

Catrice Chocolate NUDES eye shadow palette – REVIEW
I did full review on this little palette, check it out here. I loved this palette, had it in my project pan and as you can see I made quite a lot of progress. I just want to move on to the new palettes that I have in my stash, so I’m letting this one go. I’m not mad as I made a lot of progress and I’m proud that I used this palette for 3 months straight. It’s really hard to use up palette, so I definitely don’t want to buy more at the moment. I have more than enough.
Rate – 4/5

Avon magiX prime and set spray – REVIEW
I have full review on this setting spray, check it out here. I really like this one, it really sets makeup well and makes it last all day long. I already repurchased it.
Rate – 4/5


Avon True Nutra Effects Mattifying toner
This toner was fine, but nothing special really. It did a job of removing excess makeup, refreshing skin, but nothing in term of pore size or things like that. I would not repurchase.
Rate – 3/5

Septona Daily Clean Cleansing gel with Orchid & Caviar
I really love this cleansing gel. It’s super gentle, so you can use it on eyes even. It smelled nice, didn’t dry out my skin and it is nor harsh at all. I would totally repurchase it, but they don’t sell it here unfortunately.
Rate – 5/5

Avon Naturals Escape coconut face and body spray
I really like this spray for daily use. I usually use it after I do my makeup to add hydration and refresh my skin. I already bought another, it’s my third one.
Rate – 5/5

Balea Soft & Clear moisturizer
This cream is supposed to help with acne and acne scars. I noticed difference, but it’s nothing revolutionary. I was still getting break outs while using this one. It only helps with healing process of acne scars, but even that it’s not amazing. I would not repurchase it, didn’t enjoy it a lot.
Rate – 2.5/5


Avène Thermal water spray – REVIEW
I did full review about this spray, check it out here. It’s a good product, but it’s quite expensive, so I don’t buy it all the time. I would probably repurchase at some point if there is a sale or something like that.
Rate – 4/5

I did full review on this mask, check it out here. I adore this mask, it’s so good. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, then this mask is amazing for you.
Rate – 5/5

Avon Naturals Radiance rose face mask
I enjoyed this mask a lot, it’s really hydrating. I don’t see a massive difference after I used it, it just hydrates my skin and leaves it soft. I would probably buy it again at some point.
Rate – 3.5/5

Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop – REVIEW
I love this vitamin C serum. I’m so sad that it’s gone, because this is amazing product for fading acne scaring. I did full review on this product, check it out here.
Rate – 5/5

Avène Cicalfate Repair cream – REVIEW
I did full review on this face moisturizer, check it out here. I like this cream, I think it’s good basic moisturizer and it works well for acne scaring. I would probably buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

Avon Planet Spa Fantastically Firming neck & chest serum
I liked this product, but I don’t think it’s an essential. It works fine, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.
Rate – 3.5/5

Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously refining with black caviar extract eye gel mask – REVIEW
I did full review on this product, check it out here. I really love this as a under eye cream. It’s light weight and it feels cooling but moisturizing on under eyes. I would buy it again. I’m not even sure how many of these I used up so far, it’s about 4-5 tubes.
Rate – 4/5

I feel like this mask didn’t do anything for my skin. It felt cooling, but that’s literally it. I would not buy it again.
Rate – 2/5

Ziaja Phyto Aktiv relaxing face mask
This is my second packing of this mask, I really enjoy it. It’s really hydrating and calming on skin, so I like to use it after a long day of wearing makeup, because it really makes skin feel a lot better. I will definitely buy it again.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita Make it Perfect refreshing mask for oily, impure skin
I usually really like Afrodita face masks, but this one was just alright. It literally didn’t do anything for my skin, just refresh it a little bit. I would not buy this one again.
Rate – 2/5

COTTON Soft cotton pads
I always buy these cotton pads, they are great. They are really affordable, but good quality. I already bought another pack.
Rate – 5/5

Fresh & Soft premium makeup remover wipes for normal & combination skin
These were good enough to remove first layer of makeup gently. They are not harsh on skin, remove makeup well and they don’t sting my eyes. I would buy them again definitely.
Rate – 4/5


Simply Active 5 in 1 cleansing facial wipes
I love these. They work great for removing makeup or just cleansing face if it gets dirty through day. These are probably the best makeup removing wipes I tried so far because they are so wet so they remove makeup very easily.
Rate – 5/5

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That’s all from me today for this empties post. I hope you enjoyed. This is quite a long post because I had so many empties, but I hope it was informative and helpful. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? Do you like empties posts? What is your last empty product? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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