June ’20 Favorites

It’s time for new monthly beauty favorites. I love making these posts, they are always fun to me. I love the process of picking my absolute favorite products from month and then sharing my opinion on them. Every single time I carefully pick products, so you know that I really love these products and sincerely recommend them. I don’t have a lot of makeup to share with you, but I have a nice selection of lovely products.

Catrice makeup freezing spray – REVIEW
This spray is part of limited edition “Active Warrior” from last summer I think. I did full review on this collection, check it out here. I took this one with me to Germany, because it’s small and easy to carry. Catrice definitely knows how to make good setting spray, so if you ever need good makeup fixing spray always go for Catrice, because every single setting spray I’ve tried from them was amazing. This one also works really well, it sets makeup so nicely and it lasts whole day. In summer it’s definitely important to have good setting spray with you, because you need good lasting power of makeup in heat, so setting spray helps with that. Also mist of this one is so nice, it lightly mists product all over your skin.

Catrice SUNGASM face and body highlighter – REVIEW
I did full review on this beautiful highlighter at beginning of month, check it out here. This is the only highlighter I used all month and I have to admit, I’m totally obsessed with this product. If you need great every day highlighter, you need to check this one out. I said everything about this one in my review, so if you are wondering about formula or performance of this highlighter check out review here. A lot of people thought that this one is a lot darker, but as I said in my review this one reflects the light the way that it gives champagne shade, but it has a lot of back pigment that doesn’t show up on cheeks which is definitely unique.

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L’Oreal nail polish – 205 Rose Bagatelle
This is my favorite nail polish to have my pedicure done in summer time. It’s beautiful neutral shade that makes your toe nails look really nice in summer time. It’s neautral so it doesn’t catch a lot of attention, but it goes perfectly with any outfit you have on. Also the formula of these nail polishes is amazing, it lasts very well and it’s super easy to apply. These are pretty expensive unfortunately and you don’t get a lot of product at all. I went through one bottle of this one last summer, so this one will probably be used up super quickly also.

Balea Aloe Vera hand cream
You know my love for aloe vera, I love every product that has aloe vera in it. This cream is formulated with 20% aloe vera extract and it feels amazing on hands. It is super moisturizing and it makes hands really soft and smooth. I love Balea chamomile hand cream so much, but this one is great also. I think I found my new favorite when it comes to Balea hand creams. Obviously this cream smells lovely also.

ISANA Moments of Marula shower cream
I got this one by accident, I thought this was hair conditioner haha. I don’t know why I though this is hair conditioner, but this is shower cream that actually is amazing. I’m so glad that I got this one, because it’s amazing. First of all it smells amazing, scents stays for few hours on body after shower and it’s such a luxurious scent. Also the formula of this shower gel/cream is on point. It’s not drying or stripping, you literally don’t have to moisturize body after you use this one. I always moisturize after shower, but honestly with this one you don’t have to do that, because skin feels super soft and smooth. I will definitely buy another one of these, they are some of the best shower gels I ever tried.

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Garnier Fructis Style sleek & shine heat protector
I bought this one because for my current hair style I have to blow dry my hair before I do it and as I have a lot of hair it takes a bit for my to dry my hair. If you are using flat iron then you definitely need heat protector at all times. This one is pretty nice, I feel like it nicely protects hair from heat, it adds a little bit of moisture and makes hair sleek. It smells lovely also and doesn’t feel heavy in hair. Some heat protectors can make hair a bit sticky or oily, but this one doesn’t do that. This is pretty good heat protector, I recommend it.

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That’s all from me for this June favorites blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what were your beauty favorites from June? Did you try any of these products maybe? This month I definitely found some great products that I’m sure I’ll repurchase in future if I get a chance. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

2 thoughts on “June ’20 Favorites

  1. Wow the Catrice spray sounds lovely and I LOVE the packaging. It reminds me of an old Mac limited edition collection from a few years ago, which had the same color packaging as the Catrice setting spray lid.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know, I guess that MAC collection was their inspiration for this limited edition collection they did last year. Catrice makes amazing setting sprays, I have two of them and they are just amazing. xx


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