July ’20 Favorites

This month flew by for me. I’ve been working really hard at my Inorganic chemistry internship and didn’t have much free time honestly. I feel like this month passed by so quickly, just because I was so busy during month. Also I’m writing this before I pack my travel suitcases and go back to Bosnia. This is my last month in Germany for my internships and honestly this time in Germany was amazing even though I had so many issues setting everything up, dealing with never ending problems and obviously virus situation didn’t make anything easier. But honestly I’m so grateful that I could work in amazing labs, meeting great people and organizing stuff for my future business life. This time in Germany was used up perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with everything I did. Now, it’s time for my beauty favorites. I have quite a few nice products to share with you, so let’s get on with it.

Avon blush brush – 102
I got this brush quite a long time ago, but I never shared my love for it on the blog. This is amazing brush to pack on powder on face. I don’t like it for blush as it is quite stiff. But it works amazingly to add powder under the eyes, nose and chin area. It nicely packs product without making it look heavy on skin. I always use this brush to apply loose powder on my skin, literally I use this brush every time I do my makeup. This brush is really affordable, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Alverde Bio calendula lip balm
I’m not sure how many of these lip balms I already used up, but I’m sure it’s many. This is one of my favorite lip balms ever, it works so well if you have super dry damaged lips. Calendula is known for its reparing properties so it works amazing for damaged lips. Also the formula is long lasting, because it’s thicker so it stays longer on lips. Honestly can’t recommend this lip balm enough, it’s so great.

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Bath & Body Work Sunset guava colada shower gel
This is amazing shower gel actually. I never tried anything from Bath & Body Works before, because we don’t have it in Bosnia, but oh my God their shower gels are amazing. First of all they smell amazing, foam up super well and last pretty long also. This one has that typical summer time scent that is sweet and intense, it honestly reminds me of summer time cocktails on the beach. If you need good shower gel, this one can definitely be it, it’s so lovely to use.

L’Oreal Elvital planta clear scalp spray
Oh my God this changed my hair completely. If you have super oily hair that gets dandruff you have to try this product. My hair is not like that, but I had very dry scalp that would peel of and I had a lot of dandruff. It happened to me last winter and I freaked out, because never before I had anything similar to that. This completely fixed that issue for me and honestly my hair behaves so well now. I don’t get dandruff any more, my hair doesn’t need a wash for 7-8 days, because my scalp doesn’t produce a lot of oil. Honestly this fixed my hair so well and I can’t recommend this product enough. I bought 3 bottles of this one to bring back to Bosnia with me, because this is truly amazing.

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Balea Silber Glanz purple conditioner – REVIEW
I’m sure you already know that I love this line from Balea. I love purple shampoo from this line and conditioner is also amazing. I love to use this one when my highlights need a pick me up call and quick fix. It doesn’t leave hair dry as some dry shampoos can do, so it’s great for girls that have dry hair but want to tone their highlights. I prefer to use this one in winter time more, but I bought it when I came to Germany because I needed to have something to tone my hair. Honestly you can’t get something that will fix your highlights for cheaper than this one, totally recommend. I did full review about this conditioner, check it out here.

Tesori d’Oriente Mirra fragrance
This is one of the new Tesori d’Oriente fragrances that I got in my order. I originally got this one for my mom as “White musk” fragrance is her favorite and this one looks so similar to it. I thought it’s going to be similar to that one, but this one is definitely different. It smells nicely fresh, but not like laundry scent you know. This one has a note of sweetness to it and it’s so lovely. I feel like this is perfect scent for summer time as it is very feminine, but that note of freshenes is ideal for summer. I think I’ll get one more Mirra fragrance for myself as well, because I really like it and I want to have it in my Tesori d’Oriente collection.

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That’s all for this favorites post. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe found some products that you want to try. Let me know what were your favorites from July? Did you discover some nice products this month? Did you maybe try any of these products before? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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