UPDATE – finding new routine, getting back to old life and stress!


Life is getting a bit crazy. I went through a lot of changes at the end of July and I went back to my old life in Bosnia. After 5 full months in Germany it was time to go back to my old life and organize that, because few changes happened. I thought it’s a good time to write an update, because last one was at beginning of April (here) and since then a lot of things changed.

As I said I’m back in Bosnia. It took me few days to get adjusted, because well 5 months doesn’t seem much, but you definitely find your routine in that time. For me changing routine is a bit hard, it takes me a bit to adjust to new life. I was really happy to get back to my family and friends. Obviously, I missed them a lot and I was happy to see them and spend quality time with them again.

I finished my two internships and honestly I was little bit sad to finish my work there. I really did learn a lot on those interships, I saw technology and different analitical methods that we don’t have and probably won’t ever have in Bosnia. I got to work on different mechanical devices and honestly that will be so good for my future career and will help me out a lot. Also I meet a lot of people in chemistry field and did some networking while I was there to form good relationships, so I can go back to Germany for some other internships or maybe job in future.


I meet a lot of people while I was in Germany, formed some pretty good friendships and I actually really enjoyed being in Germany, meeting new people and spending time with them. I did party a little bit also, I feel like I’m definitely getting a bit old for all night drinking and dancing and then having a bit of hang over and just not feeling the best. When I was 18, I could totally do that, but I’m getting older for sure and partying every weekend is not for me. I still enjoyed letting loose a little bit as I didn’t do a lot of parties in Bosnia.

Even though I picked the worst time to do internships in other country I still managed to get the most out of it. At one point I wasn’t even sure will my internships happen because of virus situation, but I managed to organize everything and I’m proud of myself. I made a lot of valuable knowledge and I’m sure this will make my future business life a lot better.

I did a little bit of travelling while I was in Germany, but nothing much. First of all I didn’t have a lot of free time, because I worked every day from 9 – 5 and honestly I didn’t have a lot of energy for anything else. The weekends were free for me but again, I wanted to rest a little bit and do some research, reading and studying about stuff that I was doing. Still I visited few cities in Germany in region Hesse and I had lovely time doing so.


While I was working in my last internship I actually discovered a new compound. I synthetized it successfully and it will be published in future. That was honestly highlight of my intership and my time in Germany if I’m being honest, that is definitely a huge thing. I never thought I could do anything like that. It is surreal for one student to discover something new, especially in chemistry world. Even though I went through so much stress organizing my life in Germany, things weren’t going good for me at beginning, I had so many problems, but I managed to do everything and at the end of day it was so worth it.

I did some shopping while I was in Germany obviously. I tried to limit myself not to buy too much, but as I was stressed, sad and a bit all over place in first two months I did some retail therapy. I know that is not good, but sometimes it is needed and helpful. I did buy a lot of stuff actually, I had to buy another suitcase just to fit everything. I did a lot of shopping in Mango Outlet, Mango is my favorite store honestly. I always loved their quality and stuff that they produce. I bought 3 new coats from Mango, because they have amazing quality. Honestly they were such a good price and I’m so happy I got them all. I also bought few designer pieces in TK MAXX. TK MAXX is such a great store, I spend a lot of money there. I got some great deals and honestly if in Marburg there was no TK MAXX I wouldn’t spend as much money as I did.

I got few DKNY bits, I always wanted to own something from that brand. I got two makeup bags from DKNY and there are really useful to have. In one I keep every day skin care bits and in the other one I keep daily makeup essentials. I also got mini bag from DKNY which I wore few times already and every time I wore it I got compliments for it. I feel like I really got lucky with these purchases as I got them for pretty good prices. I need to limit myself in next few months as I did a lot of shopping in Germany, so I really need to calm down with shopping.


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While I was in Germany I loved to get few bits from Essence and Catrice limited edition collections. Every single limited edition that Essence and Catrice come out with you can get in DM and Rossmann in Germany. I did few reviews on those limited editions , check them out here and here.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this update blog post. It was a bit longer, but I hope you enjoyed it. What is lately new in your life? Did anything interesting happen for you in last few months? Do you have anything to update me on maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

4 thoughts on “UPDATE – finding new routine, getting back to old life and stress!

  1. Love your life updates! it’s amazing that you ended up having a good time in Germany and that you discovered a new compound, I am really happy for you! .Germany is actually a country I really want to visit, my sister is currently living there!

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  2. Thank you so much. Yes, I definitely made the most out of my time in Germany. I will go back again in future for my Masters degree probably, which will be exciting. Germany is definitely a country to visit, they have beautiful architecture and a lot of parks and nature. For sure would recommend it. xx


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