September/October beauty favorites

It’s definitely time for new monthly favorites. I skipped August favorites as I was super busy preparing my exams and just organizing life, so I decided to do new round up of beauty favorites for past two months. My favorites from September didn’t really change in month of October, so it’s only normal to put them all together in one blog post. I hope you’ll enjoy this quick little read about my current favorite beauty products.

Maybelline Fit me Luminous and Smooth foundation – REVIEW
I did full review about this foundation, check it out here. I’m not the biggest fan of Maybelline as a brand, their products just don’t interest me that much, but this foundation is really something special. I really like the way it looks on skin, it’s really dewy, light weight and it has nice light to medium coverage. This is my go to foundation and I can honestly say that it is one of the best foundations I ever tried. I really like how it looks on my skin and it always works. If you have dry skin you’ll love it even more, I need to wear a little extra powder so this one lasts whole day, but still it’s just lovely.

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Douglas Longer Better Faster long wear gel eye liner
I got this one while I was in Germany as product that I wanted to use as eye brow pomade. I always wanted to try gel eye liner as brow pomade, because most girls use it in their brows. Honestly this is game changing; it makes such a difference to the way my brows look. You obviously have to be careful selecting the right shade, it has to be the right color and under tone. This color is perfect for me, it’s cool toned dark brown which looks amazing in my brows. It can look a bit intense if you use too much, but this product is pretty easy to get used to. I really love it and I’m using it for past two months every time I do my makeup.

Catrice EYECONISTA lash millionizer volume mascara – REVIEW

I did full review on this mascara, check it out here. This mascara is amazing, it’s one of the best mascaras I ever tried and I will definitely buy it again. The wand is small and easy to work with. Mascara is not messy and as someone who hates applying mascara I don’t struggle at all. Wand is very comfortable on lashes; it’s not spiky as some wands can be. Also mascara has a lovely formula; it gives really intense volumized lashes that look amazing. This is definitely the best Catrice mascara I ever tried which is a bold claim because I tried so many mascaras from Catrice. I definitely recommend this one, it’s truly stunning.

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Eveline EXTREME GROWTH nail polish treatment – REVIEW
As you can see on photo I used this nail polish a lot. It definitely helped me to get my nails a lot stronger and grow them out. I naturally have really weak nails, so to have them long in pretty unusual. I feel like this nail polish helped me so much in getting my nails strong and long that I wear it all the time, just because I want to keep my nails long and strong. I will continue to purchase this one, because I feel like my nails need it. I did full review about this nail polish, check it out here.

Afrodita Cosmetics FEEL BEAUTIFUL moisturizing cream
How cute is packing from this Afrodita face cream. I think I got this one in limited edition gift set, but formula of moisturizer is very similar to other Afrodita nourishing creams that I tried. It’s very light weight on skin, but it does add moisture and nicely makes skin soft to touch. Also I really like the packing of this cream, it’s hygienic and easy to use. Texture of cream is really nice, it absorbs super quickly, leaves nice glow on skin and creates good base for makeup. I use this one in my morning and night time skin care routine and it works so well for both routines.

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Dove GLOWING RITUAL shower cream with lotus flower extract & rice water
If you read my blog often then you’ll know how much I love Dove shower creams. I feel like these ones are perfect shower product, because they clean skin well, they are gentle and most of the scents are just so nice. The scent of this one is so creamy, gentle and elegant, I love it so much. I usually love scent of lotus flower everywhere, I had it in few beauty products and it was always lovely to me. I don’t have anything else to say about this one, it’s just perfect and I recommend it.

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That’s all from me today for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my favorites from past two months. Let me know what are your current beauty favorites? Do you have any recommendations for me maybe? Did you try any of these products that I talked about today? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


6 thoughts on “September/October beauty favorites

  1. That mascara by Catrice seems amazing, I am definitely tempted to try it out. My personal favorite mascara is by Essence, they make wonderful mascaras! 😍

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  2. I love Maybelline foundation, I’m almost out, but luckily I bought new one when I was in Germany. We sadly don’t have it here, so I have to repurchase when I’m travelling. Catrice eyeconista is one of the best mascaras I ever tried, I’m so addicted to it. xx

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