UPDATE – How am I doing?

I thought it’s time for new update. Last one was at the end of September (here), so I thought maybe I can chat a little bit about me, life and routine. I usually do these blog posts every few months because it’s nice to break all the beauty content and add some more lifestyle on the blog. So 2021 is here, I’m sure that everyone hopes that it will be much better than 2020 that was not the best year for most of people. I’m always hoping for better life and trying to be optimistic. I think that 2021 will be a good year, obviously we all changed our daily life a lot, but let’s be positive and hope for good things and opportunities.

2021 started really intense for me, my finals are coming and gotta be honest I have so much studying to do and prepare some projects. I have so much to do and honestly my energy is super low, but I’m trying to be positive and motivate myself the best way possible. I know that sometimes is really hard to find motivation when you have a lot of studying to do, but I try my best to be honest. I really hope that my finals will be successful and that I’ll pass all of them. I have a lot of subjects in my final year, I can’t even understand why do we need so many subjects. I have 10 subjects in winter semester and 10 in summer semester, how crazy is that? But it’s final year so I’m motivated just to get it over with honestly.

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My Bachelor thesis topic will be work that I did in Germany on my Inorganic chemistry internship. I’m really excited that my boss was ok with me using results from interniship and being ok with whole situation. This will save me a lot of time and honestly I’m so happy because of that. I’ll have to translate my report from English to Bosnian, but that is easier than to do few weeks of laboratory work and then write whole thesis. I’m so happy and grateful that I was in Germany and got such a good experience there. Honestly my Bachelor thesis will be bomb I’m sure, because it will contain information on new compound that I synthesized while I was in Germany. I don’t think that any student on my University had Bachelor thesis with new synthesis in it, so I’m pretty proud of myself to be honest. But my bachelor thesis won’t happen before September probably, so there is still a lot of time before that.

Right now I’m mostly focusing on my studies to be honest. I want to be done with my studies as soon as possible, so I can plan new things after that. I’m thinking to try to sign for Master degree in Germany, I think that would be really cool, but we’ll see will it happen. I might try to sign for some more internships in Germany after my studies, so I can work on stuff and use that for my Master thesis maybe. I’m still in process of thinking about it and lightly planning, but I like to have general idea of what I want to do in close future. I also want to pass driving test till the end of 2021. I never found time for that, every time I would save up money for that I would spend it for travelling so this time I’m really focused to finish that this year. I will definitely keep you updated about that.

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My shopping addiction is still going strong, I have to admit that. I was always a fashion enthusiast, I loved dressing up and buying new clothes, so obviously that is still with me. Since December 2020, I’m buying like crazy. I got so many new things, but December is my B day month so I always treat myself special at that time. I got myself pair of leather skinny pants, I was looking for perfect pair for really long time and I finally found perfect ones. I got some new bags that are so chic and stylish that I’m totally obsessed with them. They are in my favorite leather, croc effect and gold details. I’m so happy with them and they are great addition to my accessories collection. I also found special little pouch bag in Outlet store that I love. It’s actually Roberto Cavalli blue metallic pouch that is really simple, but interesting and elegant blue color just makes it so special. I already wore it few times and got so many compliments for it. I finally got myself fur coat, I wanted one for long time, but could never find perfect one. I finally found it, it’s in beautiful nude color, it is perfect length and perfect for my body shape. It was just crazy expensive, but it was my parents B day present for me and I’m so happy with it. I wore it quite a few times already and shared photos of outfits on my Insta stories (here). So if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw it. Other than that I was buying just basics, mostly cozy wear, stuff to wear in house or just regular jumpers, because you always need a cozy jumper.

I’ve been working hard last few months honestly, I’m getting really tired, but I have to keep going you know. I think that blog is doing alright, some days there is more traffic then others. What I’m mostly mad is myself, because I don’t have any free time to check other people blog posts unfortunately. As I said life has been hectic, so I barely get time to write and post new blog posts. I still kind of manage it, but it’s getting really hard I have to admit. I kept my schedule of posting two times a week, but I’m not sure how long I will be able to hold it. when my finals start at beginning of February, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to post two times a week. I hope I’ll be able to write and upload at least one post a week, but I guess we’ll see.

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Let me know how are you guys doing? I hope you all are good, healthy and happy. That’s all from me for this update blog post. Let me know how is your blog doing? What are updates about your life? Is there anything interesting or exciting happening? If you would like to see some blog post from me, please let me know! Thank you for support and for reading this blog post. Have a nice day! xx

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  1. Good luck with your university work and finals!! I hope everything goes well for you and Bachelor thesis seems awesome, good luck with that too!! I also have a shopping addiction so I kind of feel you 😂

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