January ’21 beauty favorites

It’s time for the first favorites from 2021. January passed by super quickly for me. Honestly I was so busy that I just kept going through month without realizing which day it is. If I’m being honest January is never my favorite month, because I usually don’t feel the best in January. I’m not sure what it is, but I get that weird “sad” feeling every January, so by now I accepted that January is just not my month. But let’s chat about something positive, let me share with you my current beauty favorites. I have some lovely products to share with you, so let’s start with this post.

Ziaja Goat’s milk moisturizing day cream – REVIEW
I did full review about this amazing cream, check it out here. This is truly amazing product. It works so well for day time or night time skin care routine. It is rich, really moisturizing cream that makes skin super soft and glowy. I think I will try night cream from this line also, because I want to see how well it will work for me and is it better than this one. I definitely recommend this cream, I think it would work for all skin types.

Balea Aloe Vera body gel
This is great product to have in stash. It works as great cooling gel in summer time. But I mostly use it to calm down skin after depilation or when I plug my eye brows. This gels prepares skin so well for that, so you don’t get a lot of redness. I use it after depilation to make skin calm and to prevent any irritations. I’m running low on this one, so I will repurchase it as soon as possible. It is such a great product and must have for emergencies.

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Tesori d’Oriente Japanese Rituals shower cream
As January is usually not my favorite month. As I feel sad through this month I decided to pull out of my stash one of my favorite shower products. This one just makes me feel happy when I use it. It is such a lovely, rich, luxurious shower cream that smells amazing and leaves amazing fragrance on skin. It’s pretty hard for me to find these Tesori d’Oriente shower creams in special scents, so I like to save them, but sometimes it’s just amazing to treat yourself with amazing scent in shower. I definitely recommend you to try some Tesori d’Oriente shower creams, they are truly amazing.

Avon Skin so Soft cream oil body lotion
This body lotion is so amazing. I usually have problem with Avon body lotions being too light and not moisturizing enough, but this one is amazing. It is light weight, super quick and easy to use, but it moisturizes body well. I’m sure it is due to macadamia oil that this formula is enriched with. Usually body lotions that have oil in them are the best to use in winter time, obviously you can use body butters also. Actually I shared with you my favorite body butter at the moment in December favorites (here). That one is sadly almost empty because I loved using it.

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Alverde calendula lip balm
This is one of my favorite lip balms ever. It is super affordable, but it works so well. Usually calendula is amazing for skin care and lip care, so if you have lips that are dry, chapped and sore, lip balm or some sort of balm with calendula is amazing. Calendula works at repairing skin and speeding the process of healing, so calendula lip balm is the way to go. I don’t know how many of these I used up so far, but I’m sure that it is more than 5.

Avon Advance Techniques deep restore hair serum
I love Avon Advance Techniques hair serums. I tried quite a few of them and they usually work amazing for my hair. My favorite Avon serum is still the one with Maroccan argan oil, check out full review on that one here. This serum smells lovely, it makes hair super soft and smooth. It works great for dry ends, makes them moisturized and soft. This serum is supposed to give extra strength for hair and I truly feel like it does that. If you get a chance definitely try Avon hair serums, they are truly one of their best products.

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That’s all from me for this favorites post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my January favorites. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? What are your favorites from month of January? Do you have any recommendations for me? I always love hearing which products made you fall in love with them! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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