Products I’ve used up – EMPTIES #33

It’s time for new empties post. This time I don’t have too many products, so this post won’t be so long. My empties posts are usually really long. I feel like it’s better to share empties when there is not too many of them, but if I’m being honest I forget on my empties bag before it gets full. But today I have a nice range of products, a little bit of makeup, skin care, body care and a few products for hair care. So let’s get on with this post.


Maybelline luminous and smooth foundation – REVIEW
I did full review on this foundation, check it out here. This is one of my favorite foundations, it just works whenever you use it. It has nice medium coverage and beautiful satin, glowy finish. Even though I have combination skin I love how this one wears on my skin and looks throughout day. I already repurchased new bottle.
Rate – 5/5

Catrice Goodbye pores primer – REVIEW
I did full review on this primer, check it out here. This was good primer, but I just don’t like silicone based primers. They do make great base for makeup, but personally I like something hydrating and more comfortable on skin. Also this one is almost full, but I had it for a long time, it’s time to let it go because I don’t use it at all.
Rate – 3/5

Avon Ultra glimmerstick lip liner (Simply spice)
I like this lip liner a lot. First of all you don’t have to sharpen it, it’s not overly creamy so it stays on lips for longer period. It looks great and lovely, it’s beautiful shade of nude for every day wear.
Rate – 5/5

Essence You better work gym proof primer – REVIEW
I did full review on this primer, check it out here. I like Essence You better work line, I tried quite a few products from this line, check out review here. I loved this primer, it works great and provides amazing base for foundation. I would definitely repurchase it.
Rate – 5/5


Avon Naturals Hydrating face mask with aloe & cotton
This is one of my favorite face masks that I’ve tried so far. This is my 2nd tube of this mask and I’ll definitely repurchase it. It works as a great hydrating mask and it is also great for sensitive skin, because it is so calming.
Rate – 5/5

Avon Naturals Hydrating face cream with aloe & cotton
Again this is repurchase, I love this Avon Naturals line. I will definitely repurchase face mask and this moisturizer, because they work great for my skin. This is such a great line for sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend it.
Rate – 4/5

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Afrodita Feel Beautiful moisturizing cream
This is also repurchase, I bought two of these gift sets last year and loved every single product from them. This moisturizer is great basic moisturizer that works every day. It is hydrating and smoothing and you can use it day and night. I would definitely repurchase if I can.
Rate – 4/5

Balea face mask with Q10 complex and hyaluronic acid – REVIEW

I did full review on this face mask, check it out here. This is good mask, I feel like it makes skin really soft, hydrated and smooth after use. I would buy it again for sure.
Rate – 4/5

Melem repairing balm

This is one of those multi purpose balms that you can use on dry lips, dry patches on skin or wherever you need it. It works nicely enough, but personally I need something richer. I love calendula balm that works so well for my lips that I would rather repurchase that one instead of this one.
Rate – 3/5

Catrice HYDRO plumping serum – REVIEW
I did full review on this serum, check it out here. This was good product, but I’m not sure I would repurchase. It worked well, but honestly I tried better serums from other brands.
Rate – 3/5

COTTON Soft cotton pads
These are my favorite cotton pads, I always buy these. Already have another pack.
Rate – 5/5

LUSH Ocean salt scrub – SAMPLE

Oh I definitely need to buy full size of this product, it’s so nice. It worked out as nice gentle but effective scrub for face even. I really enjoyed using this sample, hopefully I’ll buy the full size soon.
Rate – 4/5

Afrodita 4D COLLAGEN eye cream – REVIEW

I did full review about this eye cream, check it out here. This is probably one of the best eye creams I ever used and I already repurchased new one. I’m currently using it in my routine and love it so much.
Rate – 5/5

Septona daily clean cotton pads

These were good cotton pads, but I prefer COTTON pads. So I won’t repurchase these, but COTTON ones.
Rate – 3/5

Kocostar Slice Sheet mask (BANANA) 3X  – REVIEW

I did full review on this sheet mask, give it a read here. It is really nice sheet mask that has lovely serum that works wonders for skin. I got it in TK MAXX so I won’t be able to repurchase it.
Rate – 4/5


Balea Avocuddle & Raspberry kiss deodorant

I literally got this one because of packing, so I didn’t expect too much. It smelled lovely, so I basically used it as a refreshing mist for wardrobe and clothes. It didn’t work well as regular protective deodorant, but I found use for it, so I enjoyed using it.
Rate – 4/5

Le Petit Marseiliais micelar shower gel with aloe vera

Oh I loved this shower gel. It was so gentle, but washed body well. It smelled so lovely and I’m sure I will repurchase again. I love Le Petit Marseiliais as a brand, they have awesome products.
Rate – 5/5

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Avon Escape coconut & starfruit body spray
I used 4 or 5 of these already. This is great refreshing mist that you can use as face and body spray. I’m sure I will repurchase again.
Rate – 4/5

Balea Camomile hand cream

This is one of my favorite Balea products. I’m sure I used up more than 5 of these Balea hand creams and I’ll continue to use and repurchase this chamomile hand cream, it is so good.
Rate – 4/5

Byphasse nourishing body milk with sweet almond oil

I enjoyed this body lotion. It took a bit longer to massage into skin, but it was so hydrating that I loved it so much. I would definitely repurchase because this one is so worth the money. You get 500 ml of product and it lasts so long. But unfortunately seems like Byphasse products are not available here any more.
Rate – 4/5


Garnier conditioner with rose oil – SAMPLE
I quite liked this as a conditioner. But to be honest I’m not sure where I can buy full size, I definitely would buy it, because it smelled so good.
Rate – 4/5

Syoss conditioner with oil mixture – SAMPLE
I like Syoss hair care. They often have amazing conditioners and they work really well for my hair. That’s the case with this sample also, it has really similar texture to Syoss conditioner that I currently use in my hair care routine, so I like it.
Rate – 4/5

Delia Cameleo Color care conditioner
I used up one of these conditioners before and remember that I liked it a lot. This time I didn’t have that wow feeling with this conditioner, but it was good enough. It’s nothing incredible or must try but it works well enough.
Rate – 3/5

Garnier mask with 3 nutritive oils – SAMPLE 2X
I like this Garnier mask and I would love to have a full size, but they don’t sell it which I don’t understand at all. You get these samples with Garnier hair dye and I’m not sure why they just don’t sell full size of it.
Rate – 4/5

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post. I really like doing empties post which is the reason I have more than 30 of these posts on the blog. In case that you are interested what I usually buy and use in my routine, check out previous empties posts that are linked in this blog post. Tell me what is last beauty product that you used up? Do you like reading empties posts? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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