February ’21 favorites

I love doing favorites post every single month. For me it’s very enjoyable to pick out my favorite products each month and then talk about them a little bit on a blog post. The first blog posts that I read on other blogs are always monthly favorites and first videos that I would watch from my YT subscription are beauty favorites. I’m always looking for new recommendations and products to try, so I guess that is main reason why I enjoy this content. Today in this blog post I’ll share with you my favorites from month of February 2021.

The Ordinary 100% Plant derived hemi squalane
My skin got pretty dry during cold days that we had in February, so I had to use some sort of oil in my every day skin care routine. I decided to give this one a go and I have to admit that I enjoy it a lot. It feels like light weight oil that is easy to apply and it doesn’t leave thick heavy oily residue. You can use this product for skin and hair even to moisturize. I haven’t really used it on hair, but for skin I really like it. I will do full review on this product really soon, so stay tuned for that.

Balea Vitamin C face wash – REVIEW
I did full review on this product, check it out here. I’ve been using this face wash for really long time and I have to admit I really enjoy it. It is so fresh and cleans skin well. It works great for daily use and it smells lovely. It washes face really well, removing dirt, makeup and anything you might have on. It deeply cleans skin, so I always moisturize well after just to make sure that my skin gets enough hydration. This one is not drying on my skin, but as every foaming cleanser it can dry out skin if you don’t hydrate properly after.

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Avon FOOT WORKS extreme cracked heel restoring cream
For me foot care is pretty important. I know that most people don’t really take care of their feet but for me it is important to have every part of me well taken for. I usually have foot and hand cream on my bed side table to be able to moisturize my hands and feet before bed every night. This is good basic cream for daily use that will moisturize legs pretty well. I wouldn’t say that this gives intense moisture, but for daily use it is more than enough. It has really pretty packing as well, I love seeing it on my bed side table.

Balea Soft Oil body wash

As it was pretty cold at beginning of February here, I had to buy something that will be moisturizing for my daily shower. Sometimes normal shower gels can be drying if you use them daily, so I decided to try something that is infused with oil to see will it make difference. This definitely changed my daily shower routine. Not only it is really soft on skin, it is great for leg shaving and making sure that your skin will stay soft and smooth. I’m really in love with this product, it works so well for daily shower routine that I’m totally obsessed with using it. It smells really soft and it is such a joy to use this product daily to me, I really love it.

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Dove Radiance Revival shampoo for very dry, fragile hair
I have to be honest that I love Dove as a brand, but I haven’t try a lot of their hair care offer. It took them really long to bring their hair care collection here, so it took me long to try it. I actually bought three different collection of hair care and I’ll review all of them on blog separately. This is current hair care that I’m testing out, so review of “Radiance Revival” collection will be soon on the blog. So far I’m really enjoying this collection and I love using it for my hair. It smells great, it’s moisturizing and it makes hair soft and smooth. Stay tuned for full review on this shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

Afrodita Cosmetics Styling wet look oil gel
This is something like leave in conditioner or cream that you apply on damp hair before you proceed to dry or style it. It works really well to make hair soft and to protect it from UV rays or exposure to heat. It smells really sweet, it’s definitely a coconut scent. You can also use it to achieve “wet look” hair style that I love to do during summer time, especially for night out. It protects, moisturizes and gives really lovely glow to hair so it’s been my staple for past month. I’m sure I’ll repurchase this one when I use this tube up.

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Sex and the City series
My mood during February wasn’t the best if I’m being honest. I was down almost all month because I had four weeks of constant exams and my stress what pretty high, so I decided to watch Sex and the City series and it was a blast. It really helped me to cope with my stress better and to stop worrying about exams constantly. I finished all 6 seasons and I have to be honest I loved all of them. I can’t really pick which season was my favorite, but honestly I enjoyed every single episode. If you love fashion and girly things, then definitely these series is for you. I will definitely re watch it again in summer time probably, because it is such a good TV show.

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know how did you spend February? Was February good month for you? What are your beauty favorites from February? Did you discover some new amazing products? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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