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Today I thought I could write a chatty blog post about fashion pieces that I got recently. Now I like to shop, it’s definitely my weakness, so I usually get something every few weeks. I know that is pretty bad, but fashion makes me happy. I love buying new pieces to wear, especially good, chic accessories. I love bags, they are definitely my weakness. In this blog post I have two bags actually to talk about, so you know that I’m definitely a bag person. Let’s start chatting about my new fashion pieces. I’ll link pieces that I find online and photos of them, so you can see them better.

Lindex straight line black wool coat
I really didn’t need a new coat because last year I got so many while I was in Germany. I was one day browsing Lindex store and they had awesome offer on their pieces, literally 50% off on already discounted pieces. I didn’t have much hope that I would find anything in my size, but I managed to find beautiful, amazing quality wool coat. It’s definitely simple, straight line and piece that is classic. This is amazing piece to dress up and down, you can wear it for literally every occasion. I’m very happy for my purchase and I can’t believe how affordable it was. (PHOTO)

American Vintage wool and cashmere blue jumper HERE
I love American Vintage brand. They have amazing quality pieces and few years back I was literally obsessed with their pieces. I think I currently own more than 10 pieces by this brand and honestly they are awesome classics. This brand is all about quality fabrics and simple designs, which makes them ideal for daily wear. I’m a huge fan of wool jumpers for winter time, they are super warm, comfortable and lovely. American Vintage is pretty expensive brand, but it’s so worth investing in, because this brand is just amazing believe me. (PHOTO)

Gina Tricot over sized short sleeves yellow jumper HERE
Gina Tricot is one of my favorite high street clothing brands. I feel in love with this brand years ago and that love is still going strong. Unfortunately we don’t have Gina Tricot here, so only way I can get their pieces is if they get them in my favorite outlet store here, or when I go travelling. I found this amazing, beautiful yellow jumper in outlet store and I immediately fell in love with it. It will be ideal piece for spring time, especially to wear with leggings when I go for a walk. It is so over sized that it covers my bum so I can wear it with leggings for casual outfit when I go for a walk. (PHOTO)

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Carpisa 3in1 mini bag in “Gunmetal” – HERE
I’m a bag person definitely, so when I saw this one I knew I wanted to get it. I’ve been looking at this bag for quite a long time, but it was really expensive and I didn’t know am I going to wear it enough for that price. Mini bags are huge trend and it’s definitely something that is not for everyone. You can’t fit a lot of pieces in, so it’s definitely a struggle. But I personally love mini bags, I think they look so chic and stunning. This bag has three embellished handles, so you can literally wear it in so many different ways. It also has beautiful stunning color and shimmer all over it. I’m just amazed with this bag and I’m sure I will wear it so much. You can check it out on my Instagram. Get this bag here.

Esprit black embellished chelsea leather boots – HERE
These boots will be perfect for spring time. They are very soft leather and definitely not for rainy days, so I can only wear these in dry weather. I love how they look, they are so chic and I love details on them. I also love design, they are pointed, short and look amazing on foot. I still haven’t worn these since I bought them, because I’m scared that they might give me blisters. Every boots for me usually need some getting used to, I love specific design that is not usually the most comfortable. So I always suffer a bit because of fashion, but crazily I’m ok with that. I can’t wait to wear these boots, they are so chic that I’m sure they will look good with most outfits. (PHOTO)

Carpisa blue faux fur clutch bag with gold details
I didn’t need a bag like this honestly, but I’m really into faux fur bags. To me they are super chic and I love to wear them in night time, when I go for drinks or dinner. This one has such a beautiful color and I love how gold details look with it. I usually wear this one like a clutch, but it looks good with gold chain also. Bag is quite small and you can’t fit a lot in it, but for night out it is just enough. I got quite a few compliments for this bag when I wore it. It is just eye catching and chic bag really. I don’t think I will be buying more bags in next two or three months, I just have far too many now. I think I’ll have to sell two or three to make room for these new bags that I got. (PHOTO)


That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know it’s chatty and kind of weird to talk about fashion pieces for this long, but I enjoy it, so I thought I could share it with you. Let me know what is the last fashion product that you got? Do you enjoy fashion? How would you describe your style? What is your favorite fashion brand? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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