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New in wardrobe pieces – HAUL (part 2)

I decided to make part II of my fashion haul because I got many new beautiful things and I just realized that I really want to share them with you all. I really like chatting about clothes (I know it’s weird), but that’s just me. In this blog post I will share some new interesting pieces that I got and 2 new silk bath robes. I’ve been obsessed with buying bath robes, I just love them. I have quite a large collection now and I’m looking forward to expand it even more.

Rose gold satin bath robe – HERE
As I said I’m pretty obsessed with pretty bath robes and I just can’t get enough. This one is pretty long and pretty to wear around the house. I recently did full photo shoot in this lovely bath robe and it will be shared on my Instagram soon. I’m really happy with this purchase because I’ve been looking for this color in bath robe and I’m so happy with it.

DOCA bomber jacket – SIMILAR HERE
I’ve been looking for perfect bomber jacket for past 2 years literally. I could never find one that fitted me well and that it looked good quality and not cheap, you know. Sometimes bomber jackets have that “cheap” look which I’m not a fan of, so it took me a while to find the one that looked good. This one is just great, I already wore it few times and got some compliments on it. I see why are people obsessed with bomber jackets, they go with everything literally. They are super easy to wear and they look really good on. PHOTO

Zara pink modal simple top – HERE
Basics are something that we all need. Basics always get used in outfits so you can never have enough of them. This top is part of Zara basic line that they started doing recently. All of these items are made from “modal” which is such a lovely material.  I’m really into this material actually, I have quite a few tops made from it and I love to wear them for house wear. I really want to get few of those Zara body suits, because they are great basics, but I still didn’t get around with buying them, but soon definitely. PHOTO

Jeweled straps black silk top – SIMILAR HERE
I love this type of tops, they are perfect for night out. I always wear them when I don’t want to over dress, but still look classy and put together. I think that every girl needs a top like this in her wardrobe, because sometimes you need quick outfit and you just don’t have time to try few different outfits before you go out. You just need good pair of black jeans and this top and you have amazing night time outfit. PHOTO (similar)

Mango Suit blue backless dress
Oh this dress stole my heart. If you follow my Instagram (here) you would see this dress on my stories (where I usually share things that I buy). I shared it on my stories because I was so happy that I got it, it’s just stunning. This dress is from previous collections so I couldn’t find it anywhere online, sorry about that. I got this dress in my favorite Outlet store and I was so happy with my find. I’m waiting for perfect opportunity to wear this one, but it’s definitely the dress that is simple enough to wear many times which I’m definitely planning to. This dress is so stunning that it deserves many wears.

Green silk bath robe – HERE
As I already said I’m obsessed with silk robes. This is last one that I got and honestly I needed robe like this. Most of my robes are long ones, so I definitely needed shorter one. I’ve been already wearing this one so much that I’m getting my money worth for sure. I also shared this one on my stories, so if you don’t follow me on Instagram, definitely do. Here is a link to my Instagram in case you are looking for more fashion content. PHOTO


That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know do you want me to do more fashion content! I love chatting about fashion, but to be honest sometimes I feel like I can’t really do it on blog a lot, because people come here more for beauty content. Let me know what is last clothing piece that you got? What is your favorite clothing brand? Let me know what is your favorite clothing piece lately? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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