Ziaja Antioxidation acai berry face toner review

Ziaja has many great skin care products to offer. I tried many so far and I mostly enjoyed them all. Ziaja is very popular brand in Bosnia and they have so many different collections for face, body and hair. I really did try many of their products and reviewed many of them, so I’ll link these reviews under the post. I heard many positive reviews about Ziaja Antioxidation line of skin care products, it seems that this collection is loved by many women and really a huge hit. That honestly made me even more interested in this collection and so far I only tried two products from this collection, but I’m sure I’ll try more. I already reviewed Ziaja Antioxidation face and neck serum, read review here. Today I’ll review Ziaja Antioxidation acai berry face toner and tell you my opinion about it.

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Ziaja Antioxidation face toner comes in really pretty packing. It is really nice bottle. Sprayer is also really nice, it gives really soft mist to face and it is really fine and gentle. It is pretty hard to find good sprayer bottles in drugstore, but this one is definitely nice. You get 200 ml of product in this packing. Toner is formulated with hyaluronic acid and acai berry extract. It is supposed to be formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin. This toner is supposed to give nice hydration and make your skin nicely soft and smooth. It is also supposed to be good for early wrinkle correction. This toner contains many ingredients from natural origin like: acai berry, calcium gluconate, vitamin C, D-panthenol and hyaluronic acid.

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You can use this spray during your skin care routine or many times throughout day to give hydration to skin. This toner is recommended for tired, dull and sensitive skin. Ziaja Antioxidation face toner is indeed lovely. It is great product to have in skin care collection. I use it many times throughout day, whenever I need quick hydration, I just easily spray this on my skin. It gives lovely glow to skin and makes it nicely moisturized and soft. This product has many great ingredients and honestly it is great to see that drugstore brand makes such a nice formula. Usually drugstore brands don’t really have great ingredients, but this one is really amazing. Also this product smells incredible, it’s really enjoyable scent. I sometimes use this spray on top of makeup to give it a natural finish. It works really well for that also. Sometimes this toner can have slight burning sensation on my skin if my skin is very red and sensitive. Also, this toner can have burning sensation if you get it directly in eyes. It happened to me few times and it is not enjoyable experience, but you can easily wash it out. Even though there are some bad reactions to this product sometimes, they are really rare and I will definitely keep using and buying this product. I already bought new bottle of this toner, because I love it that much. It is definitely great product and it’s going to be one of my skin care favorites.

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All in all I can only say great things about this product. I’m really impressed with this toner to be honest, I think that performance, ingredients list and over all feeling of this product is on high level. It definitely feels like expensive product and it’s just amazing to find product like this in drugstore. That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try this Ziaja Antioxidation face toner maybe? What is your favorite drugstore toner? Did you try anything from Ziaja maybe and what is your opinion on this brand? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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