Trend IT UP Lip rehab balm review

If you didn’t know, I’m huge fan of “Sex and the city” series. I don’t know how many times I re watched that show, but I really love it. I would always see Carrie and other characters using lip balm from the pot and it made me really want to get one for myself. I know that they are not the most hygenic, but I just wanted “the experience” of using that sort of product. I remember when I was in primary school I used to have lip balms like that, they were so popular long time ago. Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find lip balms in pot, mostly because stick lip balms are more convenient to use. I wanted to re live my teenage years and remember good old times when I used lip balms from pot, so I got this Trend it up lip rehab balm.

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Packing is definitely super cute. I really like the color, it’s pretty and eye catching. This lip balm has really soft scent. It’s enjoyable to use, texture is a bit thick, but that means that you use less product per application. I’m not sure how much product comes in packing, but I’ll admit I used it up really quickly. I guess there is about 2 g of product, just because I used it up so quickly. I got this balm in shade “020”, there is one more shade available and balm comes in orange packing. On packing it says that lip balm has coconut aroma and I feel that definitely, but it’s very mild sweet scent.

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As I already wrote lip balm has thick texture. You don’t need a lot of product per application. Lip balm gives really lovely shiny finish on lips and honestly it looks super pretty. It gives the same look on lips like clear lip gloss would. Lip balm does make lips appear smooth, shiny and hydrated. This lip balm doesn’t give a lot of hydration, but it doesn’t dry out lips. It lasts on lips pretty well, which is probably due to thick texture. This lip balm also gives really nice, plump look to the lips. Hydration properties of this balm could be better to be honest, because this lip balm doesn’t give a lot of hydration. I have quite a dry lips and this one gave me proper care to be honest. I’m a bit mad that I used up this lip balm really quickly, I feel like there should be more product in packing. Lip balm is quite affordable, but still the amount of product you get is really small. I would probably repurchase this lip balm again, to use it when I’m on my desk writing and working on my blog.

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As I already wrote, I really like this lip balm. Product is really nice and I enjoyed using it. Packing makes me really nostalgic about these sort of products and I would like to try more lip balms like these. That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know, did you try Trend it up lip rehab balm? What is your all time favorite lip balm? Did you ever try anything by Trend it up? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

2 thoughts on “Trend IT UP Lip rehab balm review

  1. I ja volim seriju Sex&the City,a ti me tako podsjecas na Carrie i tvoj stil oblacenja bas sve🥰Mogla bih probati ovaj balzam od TrenditUp balzam inace sam opsjednuta balzamima pa sto ne dodati jos jedan u kolekciju😄💓Odlican post💓

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  2. Hvala ti draga. Serija me inspirise u mnogo cemu, evo sada kada se radi i o makeup prouzvodima. Ja sam također opsjednuta balzamima, volim probavati nove. Trend it up brend mi je vrlo interesantan, zelim probati jos njihovih proizvoda. 😊😊


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