Evoluderm Micellar cleansing foam review

Evoluderm is amazing drugstore skin care brand. I tried a lot of their products and enjoyed most of them. I didn’t try their cleansing foam, so when I used up all of the cleansing products in my stash I decided to buy Evoluderm Micellar cleansing foam. I was super excited to try this one, was it a good product, let me tell you!

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Packing is nice. It looks really lovely. The pump is not the best, sometimes it gets stuck, so you have to adjust it with hand. This Evoluderm cleansing foam is supposed to cleanse, remove makeup and purifies skin. This product doesn’t have scent, so it’s great for people who are sensitive on fragrances in skin care products. This product is formulated with aloe vera and it is alcohol free. Ingredient list is quite small, so this foam is suitable for sensitive skin. It is actually suitable for all skin types.

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I had high expetations from this product, but honestly I’m not really impressed. On packing you can read that you only need one pump of product to completely clean your skin , but honestly I need about 3-4 pumps. For that reason I used up this product pretty quickly. You can use this Evoluderm foam for taking off makeup, but again you need at least 3 pumps per one wash. I always wash my face twice if I wear makeup, so 6 pumps for one night skin care routine is a lot. I tried some cleansing foams that were super rich and foamy, that I would use only one pump per wash. I honestly like those type of washing foams, they last long and feel amazing on skin. This one is definitely not rich, so you need a lot of product to have enough for face. I do feel like my skin is very well cleansed after washing with this one, but again I do use a lot of product. I do feel like this Evoluderm washing foam dries out my skin, so after washing my face I always quickly apply my skin care routine so my skin doesn’t feel tight.

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All in all this is fine product, but I would not buy it again. I feel like there are many great drugstore cleansing products, so I would choose some of those before this one. If you have sensitive skin I feel like this one could be pretty good. It has really simple ingredient list, so it could be amazing for people with sensitive skin. That’s all from me today. I hope you liked this review. Let me know did you try anything by Evoluderm so far? What is your favourite skin cleansing product? What is your favourite drugstore skin care brand? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

2 thoughts on “Evoluderm Micellar cleansing foam review

  1. I feel like this product would be good for very oily skin, since it’s drying. I don’t think I’ll like it, I experienced a similar effect with the Alya skin foaming cleanser. I also needed a lot of product to clean my face and it makes my skin very dry, so I had to directly apply my hydrating toner and moisturizer! lovely post as always 😊

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