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I haven’t done beauty favorites blog post in a really long time. I used to love doing this type of post every month on the blog, but I completely forgot to make a track of products that I use and love each month. Sometimes life gets so stressful and crazy that I forget to write about beauty product that I use every day. My skin was acting crazy last few months, due to stress and just busy lifestyle that I literally tried so many different skin care products, but only two really helped and made a difference. I’m going to talk about them in this blog post and some makeup products that I loved using. There is some hair care also, because you know that I love hair care. Let’s chat about some beauty products.

Eveline Cosmetics BOTANIC Expert rich nourishing day and night cream

This is great basic daily moisturizer. It works under makeup really well, so I like to use it as a day and night cream. At night time skin care routine I like to combine this cream with serum. This cream is light weight, easy to apply and it absorbs almost instantly. It hydrates well and makes skin soft and smooth. This face cream is formulated with avocado oil and macadamia oil and it definitely nicely hydrates skin. I like this type of basic moisturizers because they are easy to use and very useful in skin care stash. It works in combination with the next product on my favorites list, so they are great combination.

The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic acid powder – REVIEW

I did full review on this product, check it out here. This is great way to add vitamin C to your skin care routine without adding new serum with vitamin C or just spending more money on skin care that is infused with vitamin C. Vitamin C is definitely one of the ingredients that you need to incorporate in your skin care routine because it has so many benefits. It usually helps with scaring; it makes skin regenerate faster and it adds glow. This is definitely useful product in skin care stash, because you can mix it with daily face cream, serum or even use it to make face mask with Vitamin C. I definitely recommend this product, it is great.

Douglas Longer Better Faster long wear gel eye liner

I never used this product as eye liner actually. I mainly got it to use as brow pomade and it is great for that. I like that the shade is very cool and it really works perfectly with my hair color. Product is very creamy, easy to apply and you need tiny amount, which means that this will last me a long time. Shade that this gel liner is 03 – Intense Sepia. This is great for every day use, because it is so fast and easy to do brows using this one. I’m so glad that I bought this one because it is truly an amazing product.

Catrice Cosmetics “Glow in bloom” monochromatic blush & glow – REVIEW

I did full review on this blush, check it out here. This blush is everything I need in blush. It is beautiful, so easy to work with and you get two different finishes. One is extremely glowy and other one is more mat, I would say it looks satin on skin. Shade is perfect literally, it is neutral, so it goes with any makeup look literally. It looks beautiful on my skin and I’ve been using it for literally three months straight and I’m still not tired of it. I’m sad that this was limited edition, I would love that Catrice comes out with these type of blushes in their regular collection. I luckily bought both shades from this collection and I love both of them. This blush is in shade “Rose Duet”.

L’oreal ELSEVE Frizz Killer Serum – REVIEW

I did full review about this product, check it out here. I talked about this one enough in my review, so I won’t take long here. I like how easy this serum is. You can easily apply it to hair, it doesn’t make hair oily or greasy. I think it works as a great heat protector and that is mainly how I use it. I didn’t notice that it does anything amazing in term of fizziness of my hair, but as I said I mainly use it as a heat protector. I enjoy using it and I use it every time I wash my hair.

Balea Anti Dandruff mint shampoo

I can’t believe that I love this shampoo so much. I didn’t expect that it will be any good, but believe me it is so amazing. I have dry scalp every winter and it can be a struggle definitely, but this shampoo makes it bearable. It keeps my hair clean for 4-5 days, keeps itchiness at minimum which is so important to me. Some shampoos make my scalp itch even more, which is just unacceptable. I will do full review on this product, it will be soon on the blog, so make sure to check it out when it comes out.


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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this beauty favorites blog post. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? What is your latest beauty favorite? What are you loving lately in terms of skin care and makeup? I love testing new products, but sometimes good products need to be used for months, just because they are so good. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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