Tesori d’Oriente shower creams review

I’m sure that by now you know how much I love Tesori d’Oriente brand. I loved them for long time, it’s been about 10 years since I started using this brand. I love all of their products, I tried many and honestly I always have their products in my collection. I realized that I didn’t really talk about this brand a lot on my blog, so I decided to make some special blog posts that are all about Tesori d’Oriente because I want to share my love for this brand on the blog. Today I’ll talk about their shower creams. I had many of these in my collection over the years, many different scents. I’m sure that I used up more than 10 of these, I love them. I did few blog posts about Tesori d’Oriente products, I’ll make sure to link them under this post. If you are looking to explore Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection make sure to check my two blog posts about Tesori d’Oriente fragrances that I own. I own a lot of Tesori d’Oriente fragrances, I bought most of them while I was travelling, so make sure to check those blog posts here and here.

Currently in my collection I have three different scents of Tesori d’Oriente shower creams. Red one is Dragon flower, blue is Ayurveda and rose gold one is Hammam. I love all of these scents equally, but I have to admit that I repurchased Hammam the most. I like the packing of Tesori d’Oriente shower creams, I wish it would come without plastic thing that you are supposed to hang product on the wall or whatever. I find it annoying, not useful and just wasteful. I always get rid of it when I put one of these in my shower. In my shower currently I have Tesori d’Oriente Lotus flower shower cream and I love it. I think that Ayurveda collection has the prettiest packing, just because color is so eye catching, the print of different flowers is beautiful and I love it so much.

I love all of these scents for different occasions. Dragon flower is definitely perfect seductive, fiery, sexy scent that is ideal for date night. Ayurveda is more of a day scent, because it is fresh, playful and feminine. Hammam is spicy, energetic and fun, so it’s perfect for daily wear really. Now it’s time to talk about formula of these shower creams. Tesori d’Oriente shower creams are my favorite shower products to use. I love their formula. They are super creamy, rich and strong in scent so you don’t have to use a lot of product per one wash. I love to use them straight on my body or on loofah, they work perfectly. They usually have creamy color, but Hammam one is actually transparent. They all smell super strong, so the scent in your bathroom after using these will be amazing. It honestly feels like you have some expensive diffuser or room scent. Because they have intense scent, your body will smell amazing after using these shower products. Scent actually stays on body for a few hours, so they are perfect to use during summer, because you don’t have to wear fragrance. They don’t dry out skin which I love. Tesori d’Oriente shower creams are actually really caring on skin, they leave it feeling soft and smooth. I love how my skin feels after using these products, because with usual shower products I need to apply body lotion as soon as I shower.


Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection
Updated Tesori d’Oriente fragrance collection
Tesori d’Oriente BYZANTIUM body cream review/recenzija

I’m sure that you can understand why I love these shower products so much. I can’t recommend them enough, these are just amazing. I always recommend these as my favorite shower products, just because they are so luxurious, amazing and quite affordable actually. If you have any questions leave them in comment section and I’ll make sure to answer them. That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you maybe try Tesori d’Oriente shower creams? What is your favorite shower product? Did you ever use products by Tesori d’Oriente? If yes, what is your favorite product by them? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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