How is it like to be single girl in 2018? – Dating scene (the good and bad)


I’ve been single for more than a year now and I have to admit I don’t mind being single. I learned that it’s better to be single than to be in toxic relationship or to be unhappy with someone. But it’s been a year and I felt like it’s time for me to start dating again. I’ve been on some dates in past year but nothing that is worth mentioning or remembering. I thought it would be fun to talk about how is dating scene in 2018, I definitely didn’t expect that it would be this different than a year before.

So as I said I’m back to dating and in past two months I’ve been on many dates. None of them were that successful so I’m in relationship right now. I’m still single and looking for new dates, because dating is fun. Of course you do get some awful dates, but getting to know someone on date is really fun to me. I’m going to be honest it is really hard to find someone worth going on date with. You kinda feel like some people are just not worth it, I’m definitely not here to waste my time on someone that doesn’t deserve me, you know? I have to admit that dating completely changed, it is so hard right now. People think that if they go out on date with you that it is acceptable for them to act super sexually and to be all touchy. I’m different, I like to use first date just for getting to know each other and that means “only talking”.


I’ve been on some dates where guys were just constantly touching me and I have to admit it is super uncomfortable. Like seriously get you s*it together or just control for an hour you are spending getting to know me. Let’s just say that every guy that was overly “excited” being around me didn’t get second date. I might sound cocky here, but I always get ask for second date. I can easily say that I’m good at dating, I just know how to get guys attention and interest. If you would like me to write some tips and tricks how to be flawless at date let me know and I can do that blog post.

I have this feeling that first date is like going out with new friend, it should be just talking. On second date when you already know a little bit about the guy you can kiss and do some other stuff. How far you would go is totally up to you, I’m a little bit old fashioned, so for me it is nothing more than a kiss and maybe a cuddle and that is if I really like the guy. Two years ago when you go on second date you already know is the person you are dating a potential boyfriend or not. Right now dating takes a lot longer. I’ve been on 5 dates with one guy and we didn’t discuss potential relationship, you are kinda in between which in my opinion is never a good thing. So when he asked me for 6th date I didn’t accept it, because I felt like he wasn’t ready for step further and he just wanted to be “friends with benefits” or something along those lines which I’m definitely not a girl for. I felt like he just wanted to hang around with me because he thought I’m fun and pretty, but didn’t really want to give up his single life.


Some people are just too busy for dating. I meet a guy that is super fun to be around and I could imagine being in relationship with but he works too much. Every time we would meet for a date he was tired and you could see that he is trying his best to be fun, but you can see that he just doesn’t have energy for the date. You feel bad because he should be resting at home, but he is there with you and it’s just not working out. You also meet people that are trying so hard to impress you and they are trying to seem super fun, intelligent and you can just see that they are acting. I’m just too good at “reading” people, it’s hard to fool me. I just feel like why would you pretend to be something you are not just to impress your date? It is just a waste of time, it doesn’t work.

I’m trying to keep my spirit up when it comes to dating and think positive, but I had a lot of weird experiences in these two months of my dating life. I’m going to be really honest, it’s hard to find someone that fits your idea of a good boyfriend. I don’t want to be in relationship just for sake of having it. I’m searching for someone to spend quality time with and have fun, but still understanding a person and sharing same opinions. It is definitely challenging, it takes a lot of time and energy to be actively dating believe me. I feel like I need a break just to catch my breath and see where I’m at. I’m not giving up on dating, but I’ll start to be super selective. I was already selective, but this time I will trust my guts 100%. I knew that some of guys that I went on date with weren’t good for me, but I decided to give them a chance. It resulted of me being frustrated and wasting my time on some dates that I knew couldn’t be good in first place.



That’s all from me today. This turned out to be quite a long post, sorry about that. This is definitely something different from me, but I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you had fun while reading. Let me know what do you think? Are you single and currently dating or you are in happy relationship? What are your thoughts on dating, let me know! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

33 thoughts on “How is it like to be single girl in 2018? – Dating scene (the good and bad)

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had such odd experiences, but I totally agree with dating being about getting the balance right – I’d be totally put off with a guy being “overly excited” on a first date. I don’t want some guy to be too touchy, but I guess 5 dates and not seeming inclined towards relationships would make me wonder whether they want something more serious too. Keep your spirits up though because good guys who want similar things to you are out there. I don’t know where… so if anyone knows the co-ordinates for where to find them maybe they could let us both know?! 😀
    Caz xx

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  2. Some people are just huge pricks, aren’t they? I can imagine that you must’ve felt so uncomfortable when they start to get touchy. I would probably slap them, I hate people like that. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 4 years now, so I can’t really tell you anything about my single life, haha. But I’ve heard from a lot of friends that it is indeed very hard these days. People are either too busy or expect something different than you. I hope you find the right guy when the time comes and have fun in the meantime! I really enjoyed the long post and getting to know your thoughts about it. Very interesting! 🙂 xx

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  3. I can very much relate. Been single for almost a year from a 3 year relationship and recently joined Tinder (despite the fact I said I never would😂) because tbh.. as an introvert, and someone who works in a female dominated field.. socialising and meeting men just doesn’t happen for me on a daily basis😂. Anyway, I’ve come to find that dating/ or finding someone of ones calibre is actually quite hard. I’ve decided to take a step back and allow nature do it’s thing😂. I guess I’ll ‘meet’ him when the time is right😬. Best of luck, you will sure find someone xx

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  4. I wish there is some magical way to find someone great easy, but it never comes easy at least for me. I have to go through many bad dates, to get to good one, but the whole experience is not that bad, so I don’t mind it. I’m definitely not giving up in dating, I’m just waiting for the right person to meet and go on date with, hopefully I’ll find him soon. Thank you. xx

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  5. Same situation here, I need it to go slow, but seems like most guys I’ve meet are always in rush and they want everything on first few dates. I hope we’ll find right guys, because everyone deserves to love and be loved. xx

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  6. It was so annoying and uncomfortable, they all wanted new dates but I was totally clear that nothing will ever happen between us haha. Lucky you, I wish I have long nice comfortable relationship, that seems great. Dating completely changed definitely, I don’t remember it being so weird and uncomfortable. Before most guys were really respective and patient, but now it’s like they want everything on first date, it’s just gross. xx


  7. I’m so happy for you. I’m also happy being single, but decided to give dating another shoot, just because my friends keep pressuring me to date and to see what is out there. Dating is definitely not a good scene, it’s weird and gross most of time. xx

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  8. Same situation was with me. I never thought I would join Tinder, but I did. Honestly I don’t think it’s a site for me, it’s so hard to find someone decent there. I gave up on it though, I don’t really chat to anyone there anymore. I’m taking a break on dating now, I’ll see if someone happens, as you said let nature do it’s thing. If there is someone for me, I’ll meet him eventually. I hope you find someone also, we’ll need all the luck in world hehe. xx

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  9. Great post girl! Glad that you have tried dating again and am sure it will work out for you very soon ❤ I've always been single my own life. mean it would be nice to have a guy to be your best friend but I'm happy being single. Just waiting for the right guy at the right time 🙂

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  10. Thank you. I’m trying to ease my self back into it, but it’s definitely hard just because dating completely changed. I’m definitely being patient and waiting for the right one, but decided to do something about it, because I waited really long for the right guy and he never came. We’ll see how it will work out haha. I wish you all the luck in finding great guy. xx

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  11. I can’t exactly say anything regarding your dating experience, as men and women have it differently. Regardless, I hope you find the right one, the person you will definitely spend forever with.

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  12. Dating is such a strange world it seems haha. Especially now with all the different apps, and how ‘casual’ dating (or ‘friends with benefits’) seeming to be the norm. I’ve only really ever dated one person, and it stuck lol. So I have no experience in the world of dating, but it definitely seems confusing! I agree with you though that it’d be better to be single than stay in a relationship where you’re feeling unhappy.

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  13. This was an awesome post! ❤️ reading it as I have been there before, and I feel you. I am currently engaged, but when I dated I was like you selective and turned away men that wanted benefits, but did not want to give up being single. Take your time. Duty Date, get to know yourself, better yourself in every way, so you will attract the right kind of man that deserves you. You are beautiful inside and out! xx 💋

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  14. Oh yes definitely, it is very confusing and difficult. I hope I won’t be dating too much, because sometimes it’s too stressful to deal with. But regardless I’m enjoying the experience right now, it’s different to me to be dating, so it’s kinda fun gotta admit it. xx

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  15. Oh yes definitely, I’m taking it easy and choosing wisely. I have date today actually, that I’m really excited for because this guy seems really great, but we’ll see I guess. I’m definitely taking my time, I’m not rushing, letting it flow easily and we’ll see what will happen. xx

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  16. This was such an insightful read. Been single for about a year now and I’d rather remain single than be in an unconducive relationship. Imagine being scared of your boyfriend ?! Creepy right ! It might be a long wait, but I’d rather wait than make the same mistake again.


  17. First of all I’m so sorry for not commenting for ages! Life has been very crazy recently. I’m sorry that you’ve had some negative dating experiences. I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s for you soon xx

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