UPDATE – life, blog and me!


It’s that time again, time to chat about my life, thoughts and maybe rant a little bit. Let’s be serious we all love to read these type of posts, I’m the first one to admit it! I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and I love reading about new makeup, reviews but sometimes it’s nice to spice it up a little bit and share some lifestyle topics and just chat with people who read your blog. I’m definitely stepping up my game with lifestyle topics, if you read about my dating experiences, few updates I did and just few rants that I had on blog. Definitely let me know do you have any ideas on topics I could write about, is there anything you would love to see from me maybe?

In every single update post I talked about Instagram a little bit, so let’s chat about it in this one also. I thought that I’ll get back to Instagram and post regularly but it didn’t happen. Honestly I’m not sure why but it basically seems like I’m forcing myself to upload new photos, which is not how I want to feel. So I post when I’m inspired to, which isn’t regularly, but it’s still better than completely being off Instagram, right? I do however post on my stories, mainly memes and cat photos, but stories are fun, I like them very much.


Huge news I’m actually in relationship! Honestly it’s really hard for me to believe I actually found someone who made me want relationship. I was single for really long time, it was my lifestyle basically, so the idea of relationship seemed really weird. But now that I’m in one, I can honestly say that I’m happy. He is really great and I enjoy spending time with him. I’m excited to see how this relationship will work and what will happen, but so far it’s absolutely great. Weird thing we actually meet on Tinder, what? I had huge rant post about Tinder, but it actually made all the weird experienced worth because I found great guy there! I might write an update blog post about Tinder, because I want to give it more thought and see all the positives and negatives.

I’m 25 and I can honestly say that I’m freaking out a little bit. I didn’t really expect that I’m gonna feel like this when I get to this age. I thought that I’m going to have my life in order, that I’ll know what I want to do and be somewhere. But honestly I’m a bit of mess, my mind is not set on one thing, but it’s working full time on many different aspects. I’m not satisfied where I’m in my life, but you know what it doesn’t matter because I’m happy. I can honestly say that I never felt this good about my life actually, so maybe 25 is good number to be at!


Blogging is bringing me joy like it used to. It’s still the same for me, I’m always inspired to work on new content and I get really excited when I see my blog post live. Blogging has been the only constant thing in my life actually. I suffer from hyper activity which can lead to losing interest in hobbies or things you like to do. Still I’m here on this blog, writing and uploading new content regularly. I saw actually many people losing interest in blogging because it’s not as popular as it used to be. You definitely get less views daily, most people don’t read blog posts anymore which definitely sucks but it still doesn’t bring me down and stops me from making new content.

Oh one more thing, I’m back to thrifting. It took me quite a long time to get back into it and to love it as I used to. It is so fun, I’m not joking. Obviously it’s not for everyone, I see why most people wouldn’t like it. Thrifting takes a lot of energy and it is not easy, but for me it works, I find many great  pieces and most clothes that I buy are in great condition, usually new things with tags still on. One of my latest finds is actually mini leather “Joop!” bag that I searched for online and it’s more than 100$. It’s vintage, very nice simple design and the best thing is that I got it for about 3$. I’m a bag addict so this might be my favorite thing I ever thrifted, it’s the first bag I thrifted actually. I usually only buy jumpers and shirts, I bought few skirts also. But I never found nice pants in thrift store or bags that are nice and in good condition.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this update post. Let me know what you’ve been up to lately? What are your thoughts on blogging lately? Do you feel like it slowed down and it’s not as popular as it used to be? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

36 thoughts on “UPDATE – life, blog and me!

  1. I loved reading this and I really get the thing with posting on instagram when you want to and not when you have to. You should write more post like this 🙂

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  2. Im the same with both my blog and instagram…post when I want to. Thrifting…love it…I have started volunteering in a Opportunity Shop once a week. The stuff that comes in is amazing…I found a cross body bag for $1….leather…wow still fairly new. A pair of pants that cost me $1.50…brand new…A shop around the corner sells them for $175…….

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  3. Girl, I’m so happy that you’ve found someone who also makes you happy💕! Also, blogging is still the same for me too, I love it a lot which is why I still do it but I honestly feel like not so many people are around anymore you know.
    My great news is that I’m moving to USA from South Africa next month and I’m really looking forward to that 💫 . Keep well and have a good year💖

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  4. Thank you dear. I feel the same about blogging, it is definitely not as popular any more, many people left it. Wow, what a great news, that is so amazing. I can’t wait for all the blog posts from USA, that will be so fun to see. I hope everything will go perfect for you. xx


  5. Congratulations on your new relationship! ♥️👏🏼 That’s super amazing, especially that you met on Tinder. Relationships can be so random. I enjoy these lifestyle blogs as they allow us to get to know you better. Plus we get to see the world through your eyes. I feel you on the age, but believe it, or not as you age you will feel more confidant, especially at 30! When I turned 30 I was so happy, and more secure than ever. xx

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  6. Thank you, it was definitely random that I meet my bf on Tinder, I hated Tinder because I meet only weirdos there, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. I also love these type of posts, I love to read them so I’m hoping I’ll do more of them in 2019. Age is kinda a weird thing to get used to, after my B day I was stressed out because I didn’t like the fact that I’m already 25, but to be honest it is important how you feel and at this point in my life I’m happy which is the most important. xx

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  7. This is all so relatable, and I really enjoyed reading it. I definitely think you should keep doing your thing, and incorporating a few lifestyle topics once in a while.
    Great post!!!! 😃😃

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  8. Congrats on your relationship status. I’ve also recently started dating a guy from Tinder and I suspect it may soon escalate into a relationship. The app isn’t so bad after all ;).

    P.s more lifestyle blogs please 🙂

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  9. Thank you dear. I hope it will become amazing relationship, dating part is always fun though. I never thought that Tinder can get me a boyfriend, but it seems like you never know where you can find right guy. I’ll definitely keep doing more lifestyle posts because I enjoy them so much. xx

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  10. Really enjoy reading more about what’s going on in your life, reflections, etc. So happy that you found someone, that’s awesome! Hope the new year is off to a great start for you girl 😘

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  11. Love reading these kind of posts and congrats on being in a relationship, it’s amazing that you’re happy!!! I find Instagram stories to be so fun, I pay more attention to them than to my feed actually!!

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  12. Omg, I’m so happy for you! Life can definitely be awfully complicated and stressful but I’m very happy that you’re happy! And I’m also pleased that you have found you’re passion for blogging back. I understand that it fades every once in a while. I think we’ve all been there but I’m sincerely happy that you’re enjoying it again! Can’t wait to read all your blog post! Xx

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  13. Thank you dear. Blogging definitely gets a bit stressful sometimes, to get the best possible content out for the week and sometimes there is not enough time to do all of it. Also motivation can definitely fade, which is the worst but I’m glad that most people still blog and post new content, it became such a huge part of my life, it’s something I really enjoy and that makes me happy. xx

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  14. Thank you. I just can’t get back to Instagram, I don’t know why, but sometimes I don’t check it for days. I suppose I just got tired of it, so I’m trying to find my motivation for Instagram again. xx

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  15. You really look lovely on this picture! I can honestly say that I understand what you mean about Instagram… I wish I’d post more often on it, but it feels forced, so I stopped forcing myself to post each time… Oh and congratz on your new relationship! Wish you all the best! And btw at 25, I just got out of college haha, I thought I’d be married and with children by the age of 30, but here I am, almost 32… And I can honestly tell you, my mind is still a hot mess… It’s just that I’ve grown comfortable with that mess. That’s why I got all my planners to help me get to my goals :p. It remains a work in progress though… Great post! xoxo Sarah

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  16. I’m not great with Insta, and only started posting a little more last year so I need to try harder on that one. I’ve just started following you!
    And wow, fab news about the relationship! I’ve never used Tinder but it’s good to know it’s been useful for something. Really brilliant to hear you’re happy.
    If you’re freaking out now, wait until you’re 30 (I hit that mark last year) and feeling as though you’re still 20. Eeeek! I feel monumentally behind in life, but as I go along I’m realising that it shouldn’t matter. We can write our our rules, decide for ourselves what’s important to us, not what society thinks we should be doing or where we should be by a certain age in our lives. Not many people know what the heck they’re doing or have their lives in order; some people just make it look like they do really well. You’re happy now and that’s what counts. Really do hope it’s a great year for you! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  17. Thank you so much lovely. Instagram is definitely a problem for most people, because it seems that a lot of bloggers kinda got tired of it. Thank you for wishes on my relationship, I hope it will be great one. I feel like it’s hard to know what will happen when we get to “adult” age, it’s hard to know what we will do and will we be successful. I hope we’ll keep working on our selves and our life will be great. xx

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  18. Thank you so much dear. I stopped forcing instagram, so I post when I’m inspired to. It’s not constant, but I’m getting better at it. I freaked out when I turn 25 because I thought that I would be sure about life and my thoughts, but I’m definitely not. We just need to keep working on ourselves and be happy, because at the end of the day it is what truly matters. Feeling good about ourselves and happy with our life. Let’s hope this year will be our best one so far. xx

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  19. So happy that you are in a relationship and you are enjoying spending time with him! It’s great too that you are enjoying blogging still I actually don’t know what I’d do if you stopped blogging since your blog is one of my favourites! Xx

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