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How I used to wear makeup in high school? – Makeup chat


I thought to share how I used to wear my makeup in high school. Well I wasn’t really wearing makeup in high school, but I thought it would be fun to do this post. I really didn’t wear a lot of makeup in high school and to be honest I wasn’t that into makeup. Also, I didn’t know how to do makeup, I was not experimenting and practicing. In my school makeup wasn’t really something you could go all out with. You needed to be really simple with it, so that’s what I was. Let’s start.

When I was in high school there was not Kylie Jenner or people like her that started wearing makeup at the young age. Makeup wasn’t a big thing when I was in high school, there were no popular brands and makeup was pretty much basic. You would go to drugstore and there was really not a big range of products. I don’t think that at that time you could buy highlighter or bronzer in drugstore, at least in our drugstores. We didn’t really have many brands available, it was really selected and basic.


I used to wear Garnier BB cream every single time I wore “makeup”. That was my first ever foundation or base product. Garnier BB cream is still a very popular product, but I don’t use it anymore as my skin is more oily now, it doesn’t work for me now. I used to apply it with my fingers, because I didn’t know that makeup brushes are a thing. I didn’t wear any concealer. I didn’t even know what concealer is, so yeah no concealer. I used to set my BB cream all over face with translucent pressed powder which is good. I used to wear really small amount of blush, it was almost not there. But I had small blush palette, I don’t know which brand it was, but those were my blushes. Honestly looking at my makeup collection now, I can’t believe that all of my makeup back then could fit in small makeup bag.

My mom was never that into makeup. Still to this day she has the same makeup routine and she always repurchases the same products she uses every day. My mom doesn’t wear any eye shadow or many cheek products. I recently got her bronzer, blush and highlighter so she uses those sometimes.


I didn’t wear any bronzer or highlighter. Shock? I didn’t even know that those products exist. I told you that I wasn’t that into makeup and I really didn’t know much about it. Then I used to use really thin liquid liner or some sort of pencil on my upper lash line. I usually wore silver or purple pencil and make wing with it. Of course some mascara to make lashes look nice. I didn’t do anything to my brows, because they are naturally hairy and thick.

On lips I used to wear just lip balm, or some really neutral lipstick. To be honest 90% of time I used to wear lip gloss which was really suitable for that age. When I look at girls who are 16 now, their makeup is like what are you doing? Over lined lips, contour, false lashes and I’m like you gotta be joking me! I mean I don’t judge, you can legit do whatever you like, but I just don’t feel like that’s suitable for such young age. I feel like when you come to 18 and 20 it is ok to wear whichever makeup you like, but don’t really go all out before that age.



Makeup now is such a huge business. There is so many brands that are available. All of those brands are bringing new collections all the time, so it’s really hard to stay away from makeup because you are constantly exposed to makeup talk. Also there is so many yt videos of people doing makeup and you can educate yourself easily and know hot to apply makeup. When I was young there were no big Youtubers who did makeup, I think it was a really small community back then. I didn’t watch any yt videos back then, which sounds so weird now as I can’t go day without watching some yt videos.

That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know did you know a lot about makeup when you were in high school? Also what was your makeup like at that time? Did you wear it simple and easy? Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day! xx


10 thoughts on “How I used to wear makeup in high school? – Makeup chat

  1. Man, I relate to your makeup story so much, haha. It has only been 2-3 years since I got into makeup and turned it into a passion. All I used to wear was a concealer by Essence, one of their setting powders in a shade that was 10 times darker than my skin tone (It had blue packaging and that’s all I remember 😀 ) and a mascara by Maybelline which was so clumpy. All I knew was Essence, Catrice and Maybelline. It’s amazing how much my knowledge and collection has expanded. My makeup is still simple but much better than it was in high school, haha. Great post! xxx

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  2. Can totally relate! I always don’t wear that much makeup even in HS. I didn’t even apply powder or even a lip gloss and the only thing I used was just an eyeliner. But I love the natural look and didn’t even care about it that much. I still wear subtle makeup but just added a blush and powder but that’s it cuz natural beauty is always the best. I’ve seen girls who are obsessed with make up but I feel that they’re beautiful with a simple look.

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  3. Oh yes, I used to have like 6 products in total and wore my makeup pretty much the same every single day. It is definitely crazy thinking how far we come with makeup and buying makeup. Now I have so much makeup, I definitely can’t ever use it up, but I still keep buying new makeup releases. It’s so crazy how we developed this addiction haha. xx

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  4. Everyone has their preferred way of doing makeup. My mum still wears the same look she used to wear when she was in school. It’s so crazy seeing how much I changed in makeup, like I actually really enjoy it right now. It used to be something I don’t care about, but now it’s whole new story. I also love natural makeup, but at this point I kinda like something in between simple and glam, I don’t go crazy, but I do a little bit more that super natural makeup. xx

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  5. Oh that’s so nice. I remember being absolutely all for lip gloss through school. It was always something I enjoyed using. I also learned some tips from magazines, especially learning popular products in makeup and skin care world. xx

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  6. I can totally relate to your story, my high school make up used to be Garnier BB cream (waaayyy too dark for my complexion tbh…) and mascara. Sometimes some candy pink lipgloss. When I was a teenager make up wasn’t a big deal at all, I don’t think anyone used a highlighter or even brow products. Cute time! I really enjoyed reading your post 🙂

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  7. Yes, the same with me. Brows were not a thing, I couldn’t find highlighter or bronzer everywhere. Now there is so many options in makeup world, there is so many different brands. Now teenagers wear so much makeup, I don’t know how I feel about it. I think that before it was better, girls looked their age haha. xx


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