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I’m really into hair care. It is really important for me to have good, healthy hair. A lot of people usually compliment my hair how healthy it is and as I have balayage a lot of people are wondering how I manage to keep it super healthy and glowy. Also I have really long hair so I’m sure you already know but taking care of long hair is a lot of work. Still I manage to keep it really healthy even though I don’t cut it a lot, I think I do it once to twice a year. Now I’ll tell you what are my current go to hair products, there is hair care and styling products also.

Balea Professional Silver shampoo – Purple shampoo – REVIEW
As I already said I have balayage, so it’s really important to keep highlights nice and blonde. When you have naturally dark hair and then highlights in, they can get a bit yellow and dark by time so it’s really important to tone them regularly. I like this shampoo from Balea, because it’s affordable, washes hair very well and it tones hair so I don’t have to get it touched up a lot. Also it is good enough to use twice a week because the effect is not too intense. I already did review on this one, check it out here.


Balea Dry shampoo (Coconut)
I mean everyone needs a good dry shampoo. It is really important to keep your hair healthy and the best way to do it is to stay away from washing it every day. I think that twice a week is just enough to have clean, but still healthy hair. I use this one in my third day hair to just refresh it and take away grease, it works so well. It smells of coconut which is amazing scent if you ask me. Also what I like about this one is that it absorbs grease super easy and doesn’t leave grey cast in hair.

Syoss Volume collagen & lift spray conditioner
It’s really important to use some sort of leave in conditioner. They are the ones that keep hair healthy most of time. Because they are specifically made to be light in hair, but to work at protecting hair from wind, sun and heat most of time. I really enjoy Syoss hair care, I have few of their hair care products and they are all amazing. This is one of my favorites, it’s affordable, easy to use, it never leaves hair sticky or oily. You just spray it after you towel dry your hair and it makes it really soft and smooth. You can also use it on second day hair if it gets a bit dry. I would seriously recommend you to try this leave in conditioner, I really like it.


Afrodita Shine treatment with keratin & jojoba oil
I really like the look of slick back hair, it’s so chic in my opinion. Wet hair look is still trending if you are wondering and I’m so on board with it. If you never tried wet look hair you are seriously missing out. It is such a good hairstyle especially if you have long hair. This product is so perfect to achieve wet look hair, but as my hair is really long and thick I have to use a lot of product unfortunately. Still if I mix this cream with a bit of hair serum or oil I can achieve wet look hair and I have to admit it is a show stopper. Usually people compliment my hair, but I never received more compliments until I had that wet hair look. People were literally obsessed. If you want me to do wet hair look tutorial, let me know and I’ll do it.

Avon Advance Techniques nourishing hair serum – REVIEW
I already did review on this product, so if you want to know more about it click here. This is one of my favorite hair serums, I love it for ends of hair. If you have thick hair this one will literally save your hair from split ends and dryness. It smells amazing, it’s formulated with Maroccan argan oil and it works incredible in hair. If you have thin hair this one might be a bit too rich and it can make your hair a bit oily. It is so rich, I suppose that’s why it works so well for my thick hair.



That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Do you take your hair care seriously? Do you have must have hair care products? Did you try any of these maybe? Let me know what is one of your favorite hair care hacks? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


10 thoughts on “Current favorite hair care products

  1. Hey there! It has been a while 😊 I’m thinking about cutting my hair and getting a balayage but everyone seems to be doing it and I hate that lol girl, you’ve made me realize I use about 6 different hair products 😮. I think I might do a post and link it to yours. I had no idea I was so high maintenance Haha. Great post. Sending love ❤️

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  2. Since I did balayage I can’t stop loving on my hair and over all look. It truly changed my look to better and I won’t stop doing it. I feel it’s such a great way to change your look, but it has to be done right as some hairdressers can do such a bad job at it. I love hair care, so buying hair care products is such a joy for me. I would love to read blog post about your hair care favorites, I hope you’ll do it. Happy that you are back to blogging Chelia. xx

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  3. Lovely post!! I’ve never tried leave-in conditioner, I just use regular conditioner :p but I’ll definitely try it out! I actually don’t do much for my hair cause they are pretty healthy, I don’t use heat or anything on them!

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  4. Interesting. I find leave in conditioners great for moisture. As I have really thick hair, it’s important for me to moisturize well my hair, so it stays healthy. I also don’t use a lot of heat on my hair, because it is really damaging. xx

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  5. I always need good purple shampoo and leave in conditioner, definitely hair care essentials. Wet hair look will be amazing for spring/summer time, can’t wait to do it often in summer. xx


  6. Fantastic review! I agree, everyone needs a good dry shampoo. I use one every week. My go to Hair products right now is Oribe, it’s a bit pricey, but the Dry Shampoo, lust oil with gold, and the texturing hair spray really work best for my hair type. Thanks for sharing. xx

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  7. Ah yes I understand. My hair is so thin so I don’t feel like I need it but I’ll still try it. Maybe I’ll see a life-changing result :p I don’t use heat at all too, I care too much about my hair to damage them XD

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