November beauty favorites

It’s time to talk about my current beauty favorites. I like to switch products that I use all the time, so I can test out more products, because the process of testing new things is very exciting to me. This month I have no new makeup to recommend to you because I haven’t wore makeup a lot this month. We have to wear mask even outside, so I didn’t see point of wearing makeup especially because I got so many acne on my cheeks and chin because of wearing mask, I try to leave my skin alone and treat it the best way I know in hope that it will help with acne situation.

Avon Naturals Hydrating aloe & cotton gel face mask
This is such a good mask if your skin is sensitive and you need something calming to make it better. I always use this mask after I wax my upper lip area or my brows. It is great on irritated skin because it is very calming and hydrating. I need to get new tube of this one because it’s almost gone. I already used up two of these masks before, so you can guess it is a big favorite of mine. I will definitely buy new one soon.

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Afrodita 4D COLLAGEN eye cream – REVIEW
I did full review on this eye cream, check it out here. This is probably the best eye cream I ever used. It is so smoothing under the eyes, every time I use it I’m blown away how my under eye area looks. I also really enjoy the texture of this cream because it is thick, hydrating but easy to blend out. If you need new under eye cream to try, give this one a go, it’s is truly lovely.

Cameleo Natural aqua action hair serum
I decided to try some “clean” and “natural” products for my hair because I was really interested to know how they work. I got this serum and shampoo from the same line to test out, you’ll read reviews about them soon on the blog. This serum just works for my hair right now. It’s nothing revolutionary believe me, but it’s just enough of care for my hair right now. It’s thick white cream that you apply all over your hair and after that you dry or style it. It makes hair smooth and soft to the touch. I feel like it gives just enough of hydration without making hair heavy and oily. I’m not sure will I repurchase this serum but for now I really enjoy using it.

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Afrodita Shine treatment with keratin and jojoba oil
I used up two of these tubes before, so you already know that this product is favorite. I just love how light texture of this product is and how it works for my hair. I used this one in combination with Cameleo hair serum and it made my hair really smooth and soft. This product smells really good also and you can use it to achieve “wet hair” look which I did twice and every time got compliments for it. I feel like this could become my cult hair care product because I enjoy it so much and will continue to repurchase it in future.

Tesori d’Oriente Fior di Loto deodorant
If you read my blog often then you’ll know that I love Tesori d’Oriente products. I love their deodorants because they smell so good and last really long on skin. I don’t use this product as normal, protective deodorant, I actually use it as a wardrobe mist. I like to spray this one in my wardrobe because it makes it smell so good for long time. I also spray it on my coats and turtlenecks because it makes them fresh all the time. I honestly can’t recommend Tesori d’Oriente deodorants enough, they are soo good.

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Avon LUCK fragrance
I fell in love with this fragrance again. I remember that I loved it two years back in autumn/winter time, this year I renew my love for it. This is definitely very sweet fragrance, but for this time of year it really works for me. It doesn’t last as long as Tesori d’Oriente fragrances last on me, which is a shame, but still it is very nice and I enjoyed it a lot this month. I’m not sure will this one be one of my favorite fragrances ever, probably not, but for now I like it.


That is all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post and that you found out some new products that you would like to try in future. Let me know what are your favorite products from month of November? Did you discover any new favorites or you focused on using up products that you already had open? What is your current favorite fragrance, let me know in comments! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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