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Cozy day at home and getting ready for night out ft RINSTA clothing

I’m one of those people that every now and then likes to take whole day off to focus on stuff that I need to do around house and just give myself nice rest from week of work, study and blog. We all deserve a good chilled day at home, to keep us motivated to work harder, to focus on our mental health and be more productive in days to come. Today I’ll share with you what I usually do when I have chilled day at home and show you some lovely, comfortable and stylish pieces from RINSTA.

I like to sleep longer on my chilled day, so I usually don’t set alarm and just let myself wake up naturally. I like to stay in bed for hour or more, scroll through social media sites, read some blog posts and just chill you know. I usually make myself a coffee and get back to bed to chill a bit and usually read a book for a while. For my pjs I have been wearing this RINSTA pink super cute and cozy set that is honestly so nice. I love how it looks on me, it’s so soft, cozy and comfortable. You can wear these pieces separately or together in a cute set. This could be great to wear whole day also, because it is very nice and comfy. You can also wear it out, it’s looks so nice and it is definitely one of those chilled day essentials.

Get this cute set HERE

I usually have separate pieces to sleep in and wear around house. So next RINSTA piece is this lovely lilac jogger set that is just a must have for everyone. It is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is so nice that I just don’t want to take it off. This set looks so nice on, joggers are high waisted so they hug body really nice. The top is also cropped so it looks really nice on. I usually stay in this lilac set whole day, do some cooking for week ahead, work on new blog posts or just clean around the house. As I already said it is so comfortable that you can do anything in it and stay cozy, warm and good looking. I’m usually not person that likes to go out in comfy pieces out in town, but in this one I don’t have that problem because it is so nice and stylish. I think it looks a lot better that usual trainer sets and I’m so happy to own such a cute comfy set.

Get this amazing jogger set HERE

After doing errands around the house and finishing some things from to do list, it’s time to get ready for going out. I’m not usually a person for clubbing, I sometimes go for the clubbing life, but more often it’s a nice dinner or just drinks with friends in pub or restaurant. This time I was going for dinner and stayed for few drinks, so I wanted to wear something nice and eye catching. First, I showered, exfoliated and moisturized body. I did my makeup like I usually do, it’s sort of simple glam look. My hair is usual hair style that I go to. It’s very simple to do, those are super popular “no heat curls” that you can see all around Instagram and YT. I had two outfits in mind, I wanted to try both of them on. One is this black and white combination. Nice black and white body con skirt that is combined with RINSTA mesh top that is just so cute and unique. I never saw top like this in any store, so I was really happy when I found this one on RINSTA website. I can see myself wearing this top with many different bottoms in summer time mostly. I think it’s going to be just perfect top for warmer weather.

Get this unique mesh top HERE

Second outfit option is this super sexy brown pleather set. When I saw this one on RINSTA website I knew I wanted it. I was a bit afraid because my body type is not usually the one for these types of sets. I usually wear size S in clothing, but my hips are pretty large for the rest of my body so I needed to make some adjustments to this set, because I had to get it in size L, so it can fit my hips. I had to adjust the waist, because my waist is XS and also a top, because I usually wear size S in tops. But, I’m so glad that I got it because it looks so good on. I love this rich brown color, it looks so chic and elegant, while giving that sexy, seductive look. So black and white combination was cuter, but this brown pleather combination is definitely sexy and chic. At the end I went with brown pleather set, topped it with brown teddy bear coat to stay warm. I decided to wear black over the knee boots and black clutch bag. I think I’ll do a INSTAGRAM reel, showing you this outfit, so make sure that you follow me there. I was looking for set like this for such a long time and this one is just perfection.

Get this stunning pleather set HERE

I have a discount code for you guys to shop at RINSTA website, items that I showed in this blog post or anything else you want, because they have incredible selection of clothing. No matter what do you want to get: something trendy, basic or elegant, RINSTA has everything. Check out RINSTA Instagram page HERE.

Shop items HERE

You get free shipping on orders over $69.99.

Discount codes:

RIN15 for 15% off

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Make sure you follow me on Instagram because I’ll upload a reel to show you how these pieces look on, so it’s like a try on video for these pieces.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know did you ever shopped RINSTA clothing? I can honestly recommend this brand, I’m so happy with pieces that I got. They all look so nice, good quality and they are super comfortable. I will get so much wear from all of these items, especially comfy sets in pink and lilac color. Let me know which was your favorite piece from this blog post? Would you get anything for yourself? I’ll make quick reel for Instagram showcasing these pieces, so make sure to check it out here. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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