Day in my life – Super Chilled Saturday


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing a very requested post. I’m sorry that my life is not that interesting, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. I didn’t really share a lot of my lifestyle with you guys, except my morning routine and few Q&A posts. Some of you said that you really love to read these kind of posts, so I’m happy I can do them for you. I’m sharing how my usual Saturday is, it’s basically day for my family, friends and loads of coffee. The best way to catch up with friends is to chat while having coffee if you ask me. As you guys loved my Morning routine, I’ll have my night time routine soon on the blog, so stay tuned for that. Let’s start with this post.

My Saturday starts the same like every other week day except Sunday. I wake up at 7:00 am, because I need at least an hour to realize that I’m alive and to start my day right. I need to pull up the blinds, because I need to sleep in pitch black room. So that’s the first thing I do, then I make my bed. Because if I don’t do that my mind goes crazy, if you are a “control freak” you’ll understand. As I work out in mornings I need to have a snack before, because I’m super hungry in morning. If I don’t eat something before work out I can’t do it, I get tired after 5 minutes. So for me it’s a must to eat something, it’s usually a banana or some dry fruits. I start my work out routine at 8 am and I do it for an hour usually. After a workout I take a quick shower and do my skin care routine. Then it’s time for breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. This time I had porridge with some dry fruit, coconut crumbs and milk. I also had huge cup of green tea with a little bit of milk. I like to drink green tea in morning because I feel like it helps my body to detox completely.


After breakfast, I get ready for the day. I’ll do really simple and minimal makeup, because I don’t really like to complicate during weekend. I’ll choose my outfit, which will be again something super chilled and casual, but with chic twist. I have to admit that I hate doing my hair, so I’ll probably just leave it the way it is. I have it like a long bob at the moment and it’s good because I don’t need to do much to it, because it looks fine in my opinion. Then I’ll leave the house with my mom. Saturday is the day when we have our time, so we’ll go shopping and maybe to have lunch or to have cup of coffee. We spend about 3 hours together, just having great time basically. Then I’ll come back home and chill for a little bit. Then it’s time for another coffee break, I’ll go with my friend to catch up and just to have some proper good time. I usually spend up to two hours with her, then I come back to home and have some food. After that I usually clean the house a little bit and organize my work and just stuff I have to do. Of course I would check my blog and catch up with new posts from my favorite bloggers.

Also, I would do some work for my University or for my job, if I haven’t do it during week, because I don’t like to work or study on Sunday. Sunday is my ultimate chilled day and I like it that way. Then it would be time for dinner, I’ll have a dinner with some tea. Then again I’ll go to my room to re do or just correct my makeup for night out. I have to say that I don’t usually go clubbing on Saturday, I prefer Friday for that, but this week I went clubbing on Saturday. I would pick some outfit, which again will be something casual but still enough elegant and chic. I wouldn’t do my hair again, I would just have a bun or just have my hair loose. I don’t like doing my hair, I told you. This is the makeup look I went for, I just added more bronzer and highlighter. I went for a really cool toned nude lipstick. I just did my simple smokey eye, using 2 eye shadows, that I’ll explain in some of the next posts which is going to be Spring night time makeup.


That’s basically my usual Saturday. It’s pretty simple in my opinion, but it’s also quite a full day. After clubbing I’ll just hit the bed. Of course I would take off my makeup before that and put some moisturizer. On Sunday I’ll sleep till 10 – 11, because you know it’s Sunday. I don’t work out on Sunday, so that’s why I would sleep till pretty late. Sunday is my rest day and I love it that way.

That’s everything from me for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my usual Saturday. I hope it was interesting, but as I said it’s pretty chilled day, so nothing amazing is happening on my Saturdays. Let me know do you have chilled Saturday or you have a little bit more productive day? Also, what is your favorite day of the week? Let me know what do you think about this post in comments! I’m sorry that I didn’t take any photos during the day except my makeup. If you love this post let me know, so I can do more of them with a lot of photos included. Thank you for reading.

26 thoughts on “Day in my life – Super Chilled Saturday

  1. I’m always interested in these A Day In Life posts. I like knowing what you guys get up to and how you spend your time away from the blogs. Maybe I’m just being nosy, haha!
    This was fun to read, your Saturdays sound really fun, it’s nice that you get to spend lots of time with your mum 🙂

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  2. Really loved reading this, so interesting to see how people spend their weekends haha. You’ve definitely inspired me to wake up a lot earlier, you achieve so much!! Like your days must feel so long, I always feel so tight on time probably because I sleep in till 9 on most days! Going to try living in your shoes for a bit and see how it works out haha x

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  3. It definitely takes some time to get used to wake up earlier, but it’s so much better. You get some time to have a long breakfast without rushing like crazy. xx


  4. Saturdays-well that can depend on the time of the year and where I am.

    I usually wake up around 7:00-7:15 and stay in bed, but get my phone and just listen to music or go to youtube or something to relax in bed because it is silly to go back to bed at that time. Then go downstairs for breakfast, then around 8:00-8:30, I write a blog post and stay on my blog reading other blogs and commenting. After that, I get dressed and then tend to read in the morning. I usually over the summer just relax all day-it just depends on the Saturday.

    But If I am at Gardner Webb University, my college I am currently at if it is the school year, I have to head to breakfast around 8:15 because breakfast doesn’t open until 8:30 on weekends, but I wish it would open earlier on weekends. That is one main difference.

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  5. I love summer holidays, they honestly make life better haha. My holiday is almost over, so my routine will drastically change again, no more super chilled relaxed mornings, it’s going to be super busy and crazy soon. xx


  6. My summer holiday is also almost over- I go back to school the week of August 23rd and am entering my last year of college. I go to Gardner Webb and that school is home to me. School gives you a different kind of schedule compared to breaks

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  7. I’m also getting back in September and we’ll see how crazy my routine will change. But obviously there is so much more responsibilities and less free time, so our fun life will definitely suffer. xx


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