I’m in relationship with a guy I meet on Tinder?


If you read my Tinder related post (here) you will be a bit surprised with this topic! I ranted about my experience on Tinder, it was definitely strange and weird. But I said I’ll give it a chance, I’ll leave my profile open for some time and maybe I’ll meet someone. In that post I also sneaked in a little update and told you that I meet someone worth a date, so today I’ll tell you more about that. If you would ask me would I ever see myself in relationship with someone I meet on Tinder I would tell you that you are insane, but I guess there is first for everything.

I deleted my Tinder profile by now because I found someone that was actually a good date, someone that is worth my time and attention. Honestly I never thought I would find a boyfriend on Tinder. I explained my Tinder experience (here) and if you read that post than you know how insane my experience was. I have to admit that I made a profile to find someone for dating and potential boyfriend, but after using app for few days I didn’t expect I would get that from Tinder.


We live in time when it’s really hard to meet new people. If you are single girl and you are looking for a date, girl I feel you. It is so hard to date in this modern, fast world. It seems that most guys are looking for fun, everyone is up for “friends with benefits” or just something along those lines. I was searching for something more, you know real relationship with support, understanding and just great time in general. That’s why I had many bad dates, because most guys expected me to be a girl that is down for everything. Oh man, I’m definitely not that girl. Being completely honest I’m so hard which isn’t appealing for most guys, that’s why I was single for really long time. I might have high expectations, but I know my worth and I’m not going for less than that.

I guess I’ll talk a little bit about first date that I had with my boyfriend, because it was definitely super fun. I feel like we were on same level, if you understand what I mean. We just understood each other really well, it was comfortable and easy going conversation. It had some weird awkward situations obviously, because every first date has those. But all in all it was great. For me the most important thing about first date is how you feel, did you feel comfortable on date and how good conversation was. This date checked all of those, I felt comfortable with this guy, it was fun and conversation was amazing.


We’ve been together two months actually, which isn’t long but it has been great. This is what I was looking for and searching when I went back to dating. It took really long to get it, but at the end of day it was worth the wait. People used to tell me wait and the guy will come, you’ll meet him when you don’t expect it. I mean I guess it works for some people, but for me, everything that I wanted in life I had to work hard to get it. So why wait for the guy to come to you? Put yourself out there if you’ve been single for long time and go on dates. Obviously you’ll get some bad dates, but believe me you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

The whole experience of dating is interesting, believe me. If you get some bad dates, who cares, at least you can laugh about it with your friends. I’m all for the new experiences and putting yourself out there. I’m not sure do I believe in statement that if you are positive that you attract positive people, but putting yourself out there definitely works. I know that dating is stressful, especially nowadays, but try to make it interesting for yourself and find positive side of it. You are meeting new people, you are chatting to someone different, getting to know yourself better etc.


So even though my experience with Tinder was weird, it was worth at the end of day. So you never really know where you can find potential boyfriend really, it can be dating site or restaurant. For me coffee shops and restaurants didn’t work, because I could never find a potential date there. I think the easiest way to find dates nowadays are dating apps, so I mean nothing wrong about that. I would just say don’t chat too much on app before meeting guy in person, because it can completely ruin the first date. I feel like easy conversation is just the way to go before you meet him in person, because you don’t want to have first date on app, that’s never a good idea.


That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. It is definitely different for me to talk about these topics, but I actually really enjoy it. If you have any questions and requests for next posts definitely let me know in comments. If you are single how do you find dates? Do you use dating sites, or you meet people in coffee shops or restaurants? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

22 thoughts on “I’m in relationship with a guy I meet on Tinder?

  1. Wooohoooo! I love your honesty in the whole Tinder thing and dating in general. I can’t bring myself to think about it (ignorance is bliss, I can stay single forever.. eek!) “I might have high expectations, but I know my worth and I’m not going for less than that” – that’s a motto every gal should live by! xx

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  2. I wanted to switch up blog content and this seemed like topic I need to write about. I know how hard dating is, I’ve been dating for past 2 years and it was such an weird experience. But it came to the end for now and I can’t be more happy about it. That’s definitely my moto, I think that every girl needs to remember their worth and patiently wait for the right guy who is worth the attention. xx

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  3. I’m so happy for you, I always thought people on tinder aren’t usually there for serious relationships but I guess I was wrong. You’re right, it’s so difficult meeting people these days. Good luck!

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  4. Yeap definitely, I had such a strange experience with Tinder, but I managed to find a guy who was there for serious relationship like I was. So I guess you never know where you can find a good guy, it can be even Tinder haha. Thank you. xx

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  5. So happy for you – glad you’ve met someone who appreciates you for you. I’ve been in a relationship since I was 16, I’m almost 19 now, and we met in school so I’ve never had to go on dates or use dating apps etc and I always feel so lucky that I never had to do that. I just feel like I would hate wasting my time on people who just want to take advantage etc but it has clearly paid off for you which is great!!

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  6. Oh that’s so amazing, you are definitely so lucky, because dating scene now is completely f*cked up unfortunately. I’m so happy I finally found great guy, because the dates that I’ve been on in past were not great at all. Also my experience with Tinder was super weird, but luckily I found a guy that was looking for the same thing as me, so it worked out great for us. Thank you dear. xx

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  7. Oh this is so helpful for everyone that uses Tinder still, thank you for sharing these links. Luckily I deleted my Tinder after I found my boyfriend, but I know that many people still use the app. Thank you. xx

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  8. I am so happy that you have a good boyfriend. He is a lucky man. Yes, just hoping to spread the word. It has helped a lot of my friends. xx

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  9. In the world where most people meet online, it is definitely helpful. I read your article and really liked it, amazing super useful information. Thank you for sharing it with me and let’s hope a lot of people will see it. xx

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