Tesori d’Oriente bath creams and body sprays review

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog often, then you would know that I love Tesori d’Oriente brand. I tried a lot from this brand over the years and honestly, I never tried bad product from them. They have affordable products that give luxurious vibe in packing and formula of products. I always recommend their fragrances to anyone that is looking for long lasting, but affordable fragrance. I did few posts about Tesori d’Oriente products by now and I’ll make sure to link them under this post in case you want to check them out. If you didn’t know Tesori d’Oriente is Italian brand and they have many products in the offer. Unfortunately, they don’t have a wide range of products here in Bosnia, so I have to buy them when I’m travelling, but I don’t mind, I love them. Today I’ll give you my opinion on Tesori d’Oriente body sprays and newest products in my collection that are Tesori d’Oriente bath creams.

Tesori d’Oriente Hammam and China Orchid body sprays

I owned quite a few Tesori d’Oriente body sprays over the years. I’m sure I used up more than 10 of them, because I always like to have at least one in my collection. They are great as wardrobe refreshing sprays, because they last so long on clothes. I love to use them as deodorants also, because they give amazing scent, but also they don’t contain aluminum which I try to avoid in deodorants. You can obviously use them as body sprays also, they are great in summer time because they are not as heavy as fragrance is, but they give amazing scent. I do mainly use them as wardrobe scent, because they literally make clothing smell so good and luxurious. I do like to use them on sweaters and coats, because you’ll smell amazing and get many compliments. Currently in my collection I have two Tesori d’Oriente body sprays and those are “Hammam” and “China Orchid”, but through the years I owned body sprays from many Tesori d’oriente collections. One of my favorites is definitely Hammam and I repurchased it many times. It is such a rich, luxurious scent that is elegant, but fun at the same time. Also the packing of Hammam body spray is my favorite, it looks so good. Tesori d’Oriente China Orchid body spray I love as deodorant mainly, because it has such a nice floral scent. China Orchid is definitely a scent that is very feminine, floral, powdery and clean. I do like it, but I do prefer spicy, intense, fiery scents like Tesori d’Oriente Hammam is. All in all, I can only say positive things about Tesori d’Oriente body sprays, I love them, will continue to buy them forever. If you didn’t try them, definitely do, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. In packing you get 150 ml of product which does last a long time, because you don’t need a lot of product per one use. Scent is really intense, so no need to apply a lot of product.

Tesori d’Oriente Dragon flower and Ayurveda bath creams

I didn’t own Tesori d’Oriente bath creams before. For my last birthday I got two Tesori d’Oriente gift sets that came with bath creams and I was really excited to try them. We can’t buy Tesori d’Oriente bath creams here, they are not individually sold. Packing is beautiful, it’s aluminum, very fancy and pretty. You get 500 ml of product that can last a long time. Tesori d’oriente Ayurveda collection has the prettiest and eye catching packing for sure. I enjoy both scents from these collections, because I own fragrances also. Dragon flower is more intense, spicy, fiery and rich scent which I usually go for in colder weather. Ayurveda is fresher, a bit citrus, powdery and clean scent for warmer weather. I do love them both and couldn’t pick scent that I like better to be honest. Formula of these bath creams reminds me of Tesori d’Oriente shower cream formula. It is pretty much the same in my opinion. It is rich in scent, caring properties and bubbles. Both shower creams and bath creams work beautifully on skin, you need a little bit of product because it is rich, creamy and creates a lot of bubbles. I do use these more for shower if I’m being honest, I’m more of a shower person. I do take bath here and there, but it is usually very rare. I do like to use these on loofah because they create a lot of bubbles and wash body extremely well. After you use these your bathroom will smell divine, it’s like the most expensive room scent that you can imagine. Scent stays on your body also for a few hours, so I like to take quick shower just before I head out because then I don’t need a fragrance, I just smell incredible. I can’t recommend these Tesori d’Oriente bath creams enough, they are incredible. You can use them in shower don’t worry, so they are just great body cleaning product. You’ll never have better shower product then Tesori d’Oriente shower products believe me. They don’t dry out skin, they leave amazing scent on body and leave skin soft and smooth.


Honestly, I love Tesori d’Oriente as a brand, I enjoy using their products and I couldn’t be happier to use them till the rest of my life. If you like luxurious scents then definitely check out what Tesori d’Oriente has to offer, you won’t be disappointed. That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you ever use any Tesori d’Oriente products? Did you ever hear of this brand before? If yes, what is your favorite Tesori d’Oriente product? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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