What’s in my small everyday bag?


As I have new bag that I’m absolutely in love with I decided to write updated „What’s in my bag“ post. My last post about what I carry everyday was about a bigger bag, so I decided that I need to write post how to achieve to have everything you need on day to day basis with a small bag. This bag is from Penelope & Monica Cruz capsule collection and it’s Woman sling shoulder bag/Maria. I carry this bag everyday and it contains everything that I need.


Some things that I have in this bag are from my latest post so I’ll link it down so you can have a read. I have small nail file which is always handy. This one is from Essence limited edition collection but you can find these everywhere. I have super cute tiny Nivea original cream, because you always need cream. Of course I have hand cream because my hands are super dry so I always need moisturizing hand cream. This one from Planet Spa is amazing, scent is out of this world, I love it. I have lipstick and lip liner in case that I need to go somewhere fancier, so I can change my lip color, because on day to day basis I wear lip gloss. The most important thing to remember when you carry a small bag is that you don’t need all the stuff from your house, you can survive a day with basic stuff.

My previous “What’s in my bag?” post

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