Essence Cosmetics Haul


Today I’m writing about new products that I got from Essence. Essence is one of my favorite drugstore brands, because they have so many amazing yet very affordable products. So, let’s talk about products I’ve picked up this time.

Essence pure nude makeup/natural finish, no makeup feel – 10/pure beige

The name of this product is absolutely true. This foundation is so light on the skin that you can’t even feel it, even if you add two or three layers on. It’s really liquid so it is very easy to blend. I really like the finish that it gives, it looks really natural. It does oxidize on my skin a little bit, but I can fix it with adding a little bit of bronzer down my neck. Over all I really like this foundation, I think it is great for it’s price.


Essence Sun Club matt bronzing powder – 01/natural

This is one of my favorite bronzers I have ever tried. I think it is so good. First of all, I really like this color for my skin tone. I think it is really good for light skin tones because it is not too pigmented so you look orange, it is just the right shade to give you a bit of bronzy skin. It is really easy to blend and apply . One of my favorite things about this bronzer is the smell, it smells of coconut so you can imagine that is such a pleasure to apply it.

Essence I love nude eyeshadow – 01 vanilla sugar and 09 o pistachio mio

I already have five of these eyeshadow’s. They are the best eyeshadow from drugstore that I ever tried. Super soft texture, easy to blend and very nicely pigmented. One thing that frustrates me is that they are discontinued which I don’t understand. Why do brands do this, it is such an amazing product. I have been using white (vanilla sugar) eyeshadow everyday to set concealer and it works better than any powder. It brightens and make concealer look flawless.

Essence Shine & Color lipstick – 02 cute nude

This is my most used lipstick in last two months. I love the formula, it is so comfortable to wear, easy to re apply through day. It is very moisturizing which is really important for me. I just need moisturizing lipstick because my lips get very dry wearing lipstick. I also love the shade, it is perfect nude pink shade.

Essence I love nude lipstick – 03 come naturally

Also, very nice lipstick from Essence. I think that they just know how to make good moisturizing lipstick. This one isn’t super long lasting, you have to re apply it, but they are super easy to re apply, because they feel like lip balm. I also love the shade, its perfect Autumn mauve shade.

Essence lip liner – 06 satin mauve

This is my favorite lip liner ever. I use it with every single lipstick because I love the shade that it gives. These also have awesome formula, very creamy, easy to apply and they are quite long lasting. They won’t last whole day because they are so creamy. I recommend these always, because they are very affordable.


Essence studio nails anti split nail sealer

I got this as a treatment for my nails hoping it will keep my nails as healthy as possible. I love to use it as a base coat under nail polish just to keep my nails healthy and safe. I have been really into clear nail polish look so I’ve been wearing this one as a regular nail polish and it lasts so long on the nails and it is really glossy. I think it is great as an affordable base coat.

Essence studio nails ultra strong nail hardener

I got this one same time I got the another base coat, but I have to say that I prefer this one. I think it is such a good treatment for nails. It makes a difference in look of nails if you use it regularly. I’ve been wearing a lot and I saw difference in my nails. They don’t chip as much as they did before. So, I think this is great as a nail treatment or base coat to protect nails.

Essence studio nails better than gel nails high gloss top coat

This is the best top coat I’ve ever used. It gives such a nice look to any nail polish because it is so glossy. I think it looks better than gel nails, because they can often look fake, but this one looks like you got super glossy nail polish on. It also makes nail polish lasts a lot longer. So I always use it with nail polishes that don’t last for long time.




6 thoughts on “Essence Cosmetics Haul

  1. Super si recenzirala Essence proizvode, ja sam taj bronzer kupila prije nekoliko mjeseci i nije mi se dopao zbog tog narančastog podtona jer sam ja jako svijetla i izgledala sam narančasto. No, Essence pravi super ruževe što si spomenila i po meni neka sjenila, ali ne ona matte nego shimmery i to svijetliji tonovi koji se mogu koristiti kao i highlighter koliko su pigmentirani i mekani bez ikakvih otpadanja i osjećaja praškavosti na licu. Sve u svemu sviđa mi se tvoja recenzija 🔝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hvala ti. Meni odgovara bronzer pošto nisam previše svijetla, tako da izgleda vrlo prirodno na koži. Jedina sjenila koja sam probala od njih su ova iz I love nude kolekcije i bas su dobra, kvalitet je stvarno predobar. Samo povukli su ih iz prodaje što je velika šteta, jer su meni odlični.Hvala ti na divnom komentaru 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ne znam točno koju liniju sam kupila matte sjenila. Ne znam ni gdje sam ih ubacila ali razocarala sam se, pogotovo u ljubicaste tonove jer znam da ih je tesko napraviti pigmentirane, ali sjenila sa sljokicama su odlicna. Opet ne znam liniju ali su u okruglom pakiranju. Nema na cemu. Nastavi ovako!

    Liked by 1 person

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