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New in products – Catrice, Flormar, Avon, Golden rose


Catrice even skin tone beautifying foundation – 01 even vanilla

This is such an awesome foundation. I’ve been using it for month straight when I got it. It has such a nice medium coverage without looking cakey or fake on skin. It blends so nicely with texture of skin which makes it look natural. I love finish that it gives, if you are a fan of „dewy“ look this is foundation for you. I really like it, it lasts all day on my skin, with a bit of touch up on center of my face, but that is the oily part of my skin.

Catrice Prime and fine  professional contouring palette – 01 ashy radiance

This is probably the only contouring pallete from drugstore that has a nice contour color. It has a nice ashy brown powder that looks amazing as contour shade. The powder is really easy to blend and pigmented. So with this one you have to be really light handed. I feel like this product is such a hight quality, that you have to try it. I love the shade of highlighter also, it is such a nice gold champagne color. Highlight has quite a bit of shimmer, so it is very strong highlight, which makes it perfect for night time. For day to day wear it can be a little bit intense but it depends on your preference.

Catrice chocolate nudes eyeshadow pallete

Isn’t this pallete Autumn eyeshadow goals ? I think it has just the best shades for Autumn. It has two mat and two shimmer shades, also one satin finish. I think I ll do a review on this one so make sure you stay tuned to see swatches and maybe smokey eye with this one.

Catrice high glow mineral highlighting powder – 01 light infusion

This is a highlighter when you want to make a statement. It is very pigmented and gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin. It has a lot of shimmer in it so it can sometimes look over the top but if you wear it at night it looks amazing. It has a bit of pink pigment in it, but mostly it looks like light champagne color. I think it would look awesome on any skin tone.


Catrice FALLosophy soft lip color – 02 rustic rose

When you find perfect shade of dusty rose color for Autumn. This shade gives me life every time I look at it, it is such a gorgeous way of adding a bit of color to any neutral makeup look. The formula is really nice, it gives just a bit of shine to lips. I also love the packaging because it has magnetic closure, which makes a product feel very good quality and high end.


Flormar waterproof lipliner in shade number 235

This is first Flormar lip liner I ever tried and to be honest it’s not my favorite. It is really dry, hard formula which make’s it really hard to apply. It also can hurt lips because it is really hard to get pigmentation on the lips. It lasts for quite a long time but it takes so long to apply it that I don’t reach for it often. Even though I really like the color it is just so much work that I don’t use it as often.

Golden rose long stay liquid matte lipstick/kissproof, shades 01 and 04

This is the liquid lipstick that every single Bosnian blogger talked about. I decided that I wanna try it out and went on haunt to find it. They were sold out every where, but I managed to find two shades. It wasn’t worth at all, because I don’t like these at all. I just don’t understand what all the bloggers like about these. They are quite easy to apply I have to say that, but they look so bad on lips, I had liquid lipsticks before and none looked as bad as these do. They aren’t that long lasting, if you drink something it goes off and it can look uneven on lips. I really didn’t like these, because they dry out my lips even if they were prepped with moisturizing lip balm. Not worth the money in my opinion.


Avon super extend winged out mascara/blackest black

This mascara is one of those that are supposed to give you really long winged eyelashes. It has really nice, easy to work with wand. It is really easy to apply. This mascara is good for everyday use because it is not clumpy, it gives nice separated lashes, but it doesn’t give enough volume. I think it is good to use as an everyday mascara, or combined with volume mascara for an amazing, full, separated lashes.


6 thoughts on “New in products – Catrice, Flormar, Avon, Golden rose

  1. Lovely new products :)….I like the Catrice highlighting powder …looks gorgeous 🙂 and I own some lip-liners from Flormar….but the ones with black packaging..and they are so soft and good….I think Flormar have problems for the ones in white( next time try them on your hand in the store)…… Kisses! :*

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  2. Oh, I didn’t try those, thank you for recommendation, I’ll check them out for sure. Yes, I really like Catrice highlighter it is such a intense highlight. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is very beautiful. I added picture from my instagram where you can see swatch of highlighter. It is amazingly pigmented, hope you’ll like it. 🙂


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