Catrice Chocolate NUDES pallete review


Today I’m going to review Catrice Cosmetics Chocolate NUDES eyeshadow palette in the 01 – Choc’Let It Be. This is my first ever review so I’m not sure am I doing it correctly or not. But, let’s talk about this beautiful palette. When I first saw this pallete at Catrice counter I imagined all the gorgeous Autumn eyeshadow look’s I can do with this one. I have one more palette from Catrice that wasn’t my favorite because it has all shimmer shades. This one, on the other hand, has a variation, because it has different formulation of eye shadow’s.

The packaging is very simple, plastic compact that contains 6 shades and a small brush. Of course brush is useless and I won’t use it. I really like the packaging because I think it is very durable. You get 6 grams of product or 0.21 oz. Eye shadow’s don’t have smell to them. Unfortunately, they don’t smell like chocolate.

Let’s talk about quality of shadows. Over all I think that they are quite good. Pigmentation is ok, I think they blend really nicely and look good as a complete eyeshadow look. First shadow is a nice champagne color that is meant to be used as a highlight shade. It is good, not intensely pigmented but it gives a nice glow. Second shade is matte vanilla shade. I use it as a base to other eye shadow’s. It can be used as a setting powder under the eyes for a bit of brightness. This shadow has quite a bit of fallout. Third shade is a satin finish, it’s like a mid brown, very nice as a transition color or as a color of lower lash line. 4th and 5th shadows are shimmers. Gorgeous brown shades with a bit of gold shimmer. These are beautiful all over the lid. 5th shade is a beautiful rose gold shade. It isn’t the pigmentation I would love it to be, but you can build it up. I find that these two shades work the best if you apply them with fingers, you get a bit more of pigment that way. The last shade is beautiful matte, dark brown shade, that is perfect chocolate shade. This one is very pigmented and easy to blend. The last 2 shades are my favorite in the pallete.


Overall, I think that this is an awesome pallete from drugstore. Very affordable and pretty good quality. I think it is a perfect Autumn palette, that is very easy to create different looks with. I really like it and I’m happy that I got it, it’s gonna be an Autumn essential for sure.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you try this palette before and did you like it ?



27 thoughts on “Catrice Chocolate NUDES pallete review

  1. I swatched Maybelline pallete in store and wasn’t impressed at all. I think that Catrice one is a lot better, because shadows are better in pigmentation and less powdery. Also it is cheaper than Maybelline. 🙂


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