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Catrice favorites


I talked about Catrice so many times, but it’s one of my favorite drugstore brands. They have amazing products and are very affordable. I use so many products from them that choosing my favorites was super hard. But, let’s talk about my favorite Catrice products.

Even Skin tone beautifying foundation

This is one of my favorite foundations. It has a good medium coverage but you can build it up to full coverage. It has such a nice dewy finish and it makes skin beautiful and healthy looking. What I like most about this foundation is that you can’t see it on skin, it looks very natural. In winter it can be a little bit drying for me, so I use this one usually in Spring/Summer time.

Chocolate NUDES eyeshadow palette

I did a review on this product. So, I won’t talk about it, I’ll link review here.

Prime and fine professional contouring palette/Ashy Radiance

This is such a good quality contouring palette. It has an amazing „in your face“ highlighter. It is so pigmented and beautiful champagne shade. Super pretty. Contour is perfect ashy brown shade. This is the only contouring palette from drugstore that is good. I would recommend it to anyone who loves contouring. I don’t use it every day, but for nights out, it’s a must product.

Eye brow Fixing gel

This is really nice gel for eyebrows. I use it every day. Also, I bring it in my bag, so I can touch up my brows, because they can get really messy. It’s not clumpy product, which is really important for me. It doesn’t last for whole day, so touching up is a must with this one. But, I don’t mind it to much because it never gets clumpy or weird, doesn’t matter how many times you apply it.

Luxury Lips – Intensive care gloss (Luxury oil complex)

I keep this product in my handbag. If my lips get super dry during day I apply this product and for 2 minutes, my lips are soft and moisturized. It also adds a little bit of color, which is nice. This gloss has complex of camellia, jojoba and argan oil. So, it’s really moisturizing and good for lips. It doesn’t last for really long time, I feel like lips „drink it up“. But, it does nourish them and keep them soft and protected.

Camouflage cream

This is super creamy high covering concealer. I always repurchase this because it is so good. I heard a lot of bloggers comparing this one to Mac high covering concealer. I never tried Mac one, but I feel like I don’t need to because of this one. This one lasts for really long time and it is very cheap. I use this product everyday literally and it’s one of my all time favorite drugstore makeup products.


Eyebrow styling set

In this little compact you get two powders for eyebrows, small brush, twizers and spoolie. It is perfect for on the go because it is very compact and you have everything you need. This compact even has a mirror, what more can you ask for ? To be honest it has a lot of powder kick off, but still it’s really good product and it’s very pigmented so you don’t need a lot of product to do your brows.

That’s all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you use any of Catrice products before and which one is your favorite. Thank you for reading.

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