Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette Review


Hello everyone. Today I have a new review for you all. Since I posted my Catrice favorites, some of you asked me to do review on contouring palette I had in that post. So, of course I decided to do review on it. Whenever you guys want me to do review on some product let me know and I’ll make sure to do it. But before I start to ramble for too long, let’s start with this review!

First of all packing is super simple. Plastic container that is pretty light and I can say good quality. I dropped it at least 5 times, but it’s still good, it’s not broken or anything like that. On the back you have a little instruction on how to use this product and description. That’s really nice for beginners to makeup because it is super helpful. You get 10 g of product or 0.35 oz. As you can see on photos contouring powder is a little bit bigger than highlighter which does make sense, because you use a lot more of contour powder than highlighter.


This product comes in two shades, one is for lighter skin tone and other for darker skin tone. I have mine in first shade “Ashy Radiance”. As a name suggests contour powder is ashy brown shade. I tried some of drugstore contouring powders before and almost all of them were really warm toned. It’s like you are buying bronzer. If I’m going to contour I like to do it with cool toned powder, that’s why this palette is amazing. Let’s first talk about contour powder. It is super pigmented so you don’t need a lot of product when contouring. If you use too much it can look a little bit muddy because it is really cool toned brown shade. So you need to be light handed when using this product or simply use fluffy brush so you can easily blend out product. The texture of this power is really soft and buttery. It’s really easy to blend out and you can build up intensity of contour easily. Honestly this contour powder doesn’t seem drugstore, in my opinion it’s really good quality and it can be seen as high end product.

Highlighter on the other hand is also pretty good. This is not a type of mat highlighting powder that you use under eyes to brighten up. This is really shimmery highlighter that gives pretty intense highlight. I mean I’m all about that glow, but this can sometimes be too much for me. I love to use it when I want super glammed up look. You can use it for everyday glow as well, but also you need to be light handed because it is really shimmery and pigmented. It is beautiful champagne gold highlighter that looks good with every single makeup look. The texture is also super smooth and soft. If you add too much it can look really shimmery on sun light, but even like that it looks super pretty.


If you want to see how it looks on skin, I’ll link my makeup looks using this palette.

Get Ready With me for New Year’s Eve post
Party Makeup look – Bronzed Skin and Smokey eyes post
Party Makeup Look – Soft Eyes and Red lips post

That’s everything from today. I hope this review was helpful. I can really recommend this product for everyone. Coming from person that is not good with contouring, this product is really easy to use and gives amazing results. I hope you’ll try it as well. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know did you try this product before, or any other makeup from Catrice, I would love to know.

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