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Another Clothing Haul


Hello everyone. Last clothing haul post was really successful and popular. A lot of you said that you love my style and would love to see more of that kind of posts, so I decided to do another one. I recently got some stuff that I’m really happy with, so I’m going to share all of them today with you. Spring is coming so some of these I got for new season just to be ready for beautiful warm weather. The previous Clothing haul post you can check here, in case you need more fashion inspiration. So let’s start with this post, shall we?

Parfois – Mocassin Chain Shoes
These are not going to be for everyone, they are as some people like to call them “ugly shoes”. To be honest I think they are super chic and can work amazingly with almost every combination. I like chain detail, it looks really Channel like and classy. I think they might be very uncomfortable first couple of wears, but it’s totally worth because they are so damn pretty. Can’t wait to show you guys how I would style them, would you like to see that kind of post?


Vero Moda black trousers
This is totally my style. Something very simple and easy to wear. I’m most often very casual person so these are perfect for my day to day life. These are going to be staple for spring when I don’t want to wear jeans and wanna be just comfortable and chilled. They look really basic, but they are actually a lot more classy in person. I might do an outfit post featuring them.

Pull & Bear long coat
I don’t shop at Pull&Bear to be honest. But one day I was in shopping centre and I went there because I had extra time. They were having amazing sale, so this coat was really cheap. I remember loving it when it was full price, but I didn’t want to spend that much on coat that is not full on coat. So I needed to buy it, because it was about 85% off. To be honest it looks really good and it is very stylish. This is not super thick, warm coat so it is going to be perfect for beginning of spring. I might need to show you in outfit post soon, let me know do you wanna see it?

Marco Pecci long stripy shirt
I don’t usually wear color to be honest. I like very neutral colors and I don’t experiment enough probably. If I do color I like it to be something like this. This is still very basic and simple piece, but also interesting in some sort of way. I really like how long it is, I can imagine wearing it with white cami under and some high waisted jeans. There you go, perfect spring outfit, super relaxed and chic.

Bellissima Sarajevo white over sized shirt
This is first piece that I have from this Bosnian brand. I don’t usually shop there because they are more focused to mature women business style. But this piece reminded me of something Cameron Diaz wore in movie “Bad Teacher”, I loved that piece so much that I needed to have something similar. I love this very simple shirt. I feel like it’s going to be easy to style up and down and I’m sure you guys already know that I love pieces like that.

Jacqueline de yong by ONLY navy blue high neck jumper
I like cozy jumpers, that’s all I’m going to say. This is one of the coziest jumpers I own. It’s also super warm and it’s really flattering on body, because it is a little bit cropped so it looks really nice. Also, this color is one of my favorites, in case I want to move from my usual, gray, white and black. I just love this jumper for simple everyday outfits.

Lotto V neck white jumper
Lotto is Italian Tennis wear brand or actually this piece if from their Tennis collection. I love this so much. It has that sport luxe feel to it, that I find super chic and stylish. This is going to be staple for beginning of spring when it’s still cold but not too much. This one is also slightly cropped so it looks beautiful on. Also it has raw edges, that gives that casual feel to this a little bit more classy piece. I’m sure this is going to be staple in my wardrobe for months to come.

Violetta by Mango leather bag
This is not my total style of bag. I’m more about chic bags that can elevate the outfit. This one has that casual feel which is good for day to day basis. As I’m a student I need bag like this for University, that’s the reason I got it. It is amazing quality bag, I’m really impressed with how soft and smooth the leather is. Also, I can fit everything I need for daily stuff I need at University. I don’t own a lot of cross body style of bags, so I’m glad I can add one in my collection. Let me know would you like to see my usual every day University outfit featuring this bag in blog post?

Penelope & Monica Cruz Mini Princess bag – Cinzia Cruz collection
Yet another bag, I know it is a little bit crazy. But you guys know I love bags, they are my favorite things to shop for. This one is not useful at all, but it is so pretty. I have obsession with YSL Sac The Jour Nano bag, but that one is just so expensive. This one is pretty similar in size, the model is different of course, but it’s still super pretty. I love it, it will be amazing for my days off when I chill with my friends, because I don’t like to carry a lot of stuff with me anyway, so this size is perfect for me.

That’s everything I recently got. Let me know did you make any clothing shopping lately? Also, let me know do you wanna see any particular outfit posts in future maybe? What is your favorite item from this haul, anything that you would like to have? Thank you for reading.


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