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Essence Makeup Favorites


Essence is one of my all time favorite drugstore brands. It is super affordable and good quality. Some of Essence products don’t work but that is a case with every single brand. Today I’m going to share with you my ultimate favorite Essence products. So, let’s start.

I love nude eye shadows

I talked about these eye shadows a lot. I think I featured every single one of them in my favorites. They are such an amazing quality, easy to blend, pigmented and soft. To be honest, I would love to have every single possible shade of these because they are amazing.

Pure nude makeup/natural finish no makeup feel foundation

This is perfect everyday foundation. It is so light on skin that you can’t feel it. It gives really light coverage, but you can build it up. It is so easy to use, so it is my ultimate every day foundation.

All about matt high covering concealer

I usually struggle with concealers but this one is very good. It gives such a good coverage, so it can be used all over face. It is a very nice yellow undertone color so it brightens under eyes. It has a nice finish and it lasts all day.

Shine & color lipstick/Cute nude

I love this lipstick so much. It is my favorite every day pinky nude shade. It is so moisturizing and easy to re apply. I’m quite lazy with lipstick so this one is perfect, because I don’t need to stress is it going to fade weirdly or look bad, because it is really soft color.


Soo glow cream to powder highlighters

These are perfect everyday highlighters. They are really creamy and easy to blend, but they dry to powder finish. I have two shades that I use all the time. I always use these on days when I don’t wanna apply too much makeup, so they make me glowy and healthy looking.

Matt bronzing powder for lighter skin

This is such an amazing bronzer for lighter skin tones. It is such a nice bronzy shade, but it doesn’t look too much or fake on skin. It gives such a natural sun kissed look. It is huge, you get 15 g of product which is so crazy because this one is so affordable. It also smells like coconut, do I need to say anything else ?

So these are my favorite Essence products. It was really hard to choose from all amazing Essence products. These have been featured on my blog so many times that I didn’t feel like writing to much. Hope you liked this post, let me know which are your favorite Essence products?

32 thoughts on “Essence Makeup Favorites

  1. essence is one of my favorite brands ever! i love their pure nude highlighter , it is great for everyday and its quality is amazing !

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  2. Nice! Yeah I usually have an issue with highlighters making me look a bit dried out or not blending properly so I will check this out as you say it blends nicely into an everyday glow kinda look =) hopefully we have it here!

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  3. Essence is such a great brand and I’m constantly shocked at how reasonable their prices are!
    I’ve tried their nail polishes and lip products and they’re REALLY good.

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  4. I’m always looking to try different Essence products. I love so many of them! I just recently bought and tried the Pure Nude highlighter! It’s really pretty! 🙂 xx

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  5. They are my ultimate favorite drugstore brand. Great quality for price. Some of their eye shadows are soo good, you have to try them. xx


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