Essence Camouflage 2in1 makeup and concealer foundation Review


Hello everyone. Today I’m finally doing the review on fairly new Essence foundation. I got it when it first came out, but I forgot that some of you guys wanted to read the review on it. I’m sorry for being a bad blogger and forgetting what you guys want to read. This foundation was featured in my most recent Essence haul, I’ll link it here in case you want to give it a read. But, let’s start with this review.

So packing is really simple and actually really nice. I like the combination of colors, it looks super fun. You get 30 ml of product or 1 fl. oz. I got this foundation in lightest color and that is 10 – Ivory beige. So full name of this foundation is Essence Camouflage 2in1 makeup and concealer, high coverage, no mask effect, long lasting. So in name you can get an overall idea of this product.

I should start by saying that I don’t like high coverage foundations. I’m more about that natural, “no makeup” makeup face. I like Essence no makeup feel foundation, because it gives that natural skin finish. I own just one medium to high coverage foundation in my stash at the moment and to be honest I use it only for nights out. I don’t like to feel foundation on my skin, also I hate when you can see it just sitting on skin. So to be honest, I don’t know why I got this one. I needed new concealer, so I thought 2in1, amazing. Also, let me tell you that this shade is almost perfect for me. I never had foundation that matched me this well. Yeap, I’m super pale, but I do sometimes fake tan to look alive. They have pretty good shade range for fair skin tones, there is about 5 shades I think. Unfortunately they don’t have any shades for deeper skin tones.


So this foundation is really pigmented. You don’t need a lot for full face, I like to wear it almost sheer, because I like that natural look. It is super creamy and easy to blend. This foundation doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, it’s almost like paint smell, but it is not strong. You can barely feel the smell, it is really light. I have to say that this and every single foundation from Essence that I have oxidize on my skin. Is it my skin, I really don’t know, but bare in mind that it might happen to you as well. It’s not too much but I can see it when I look close to the mirror. Over all I like this foundation, I think it is really good for the price. I have to say that it’s probably not the best for dry skin people. Because it does cling to dry patches and enhances them. Lasting power is pretty good, but it’s not amazing. It lasted about 5 hours on my T zone. I have to say that I have super oily T zone, it’s just insane. On rest of my face it looked good, but on T zone it almost disappeared completely. I did use powder on top, but as I said my T zone is really oily. I love to use this foundation mixed with some lighter foundation especially my Loreal Lumi Magique, combination of these two is just perfect. This foundation does work as concealer as well, but it won’t give you that super coverage that some people like to have. It’s also good if you are in hurry and need to get your makeup done quickly.


Over all I really like this foundation. I won’t use it alone as I said, it does cling to dry patches and I don’t like how it looks. But mixed with other foundations is really good and I love that it gives more coverage, but still looks natural on skin. Did you try this foundation before? What do you think? It’s really great foundation especially if you are on budget, because it is really affordable. Thank you for reading.

24 thoughts on “Essence Camouflage 2in1 makeup and concealer foundation Review

  1. Thats the reason I got it, because it is super light to mix with foundations that are a little bit darker. Also it has pretty good coverage which is nice. xx

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  2. I’ve seen it in stores but I’ve never tried Essence products for the skin. It sounds really nice. I’m currently using a different foundation but I will have to give that one a try sometime!

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  3. You continue to spread your beauty on WordPress and that’s what we like. Weve got a rough draft out for Eaten an Eskimo and we could use your thoughts gorgeous hope to see you soon

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  4. If you use just a little bit it gives the same effect of BB cream. I’m also not a huge fan of high coverage foundations, but this one looks and feels super light on skin. I really like it. xx


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