Catrice OMBRÉ Two Tone Lipstick Review


Hello everyone! This lipstick is part of Catrice new collection. To be honest it’s not something that I wanted to buy when it first came out, but my friend won a giveaway on Catrice page and she got two of these lipsticks, so she gave one to me. So I took the opportunity to review it for you guys in case you wanted to maybe buy it. Ombre hair is still popular even though it is not as popular as balayage, but looks like Ombre is something makeup brands are trying to bring back in fashion. So let me tell you my opinion on this lipstick. Is it good or bad buy?

First off packing is really simple. It’s really light, black plastic container. It has rose gold writing on it which is a nice touch. You get 2.5 g of product or 0.08 oz. As you can see on photos it looks really interesting. I really like design of lipstick, it’s like two prisms glued together. So the idea of this lipstick is that you get lipstick and lip liner in one, so you can create “ombre” lips with just one swipe. The idea is cool, but is it easy to do it?


Honestly it’s not that easy. You need to have full and big lips. If you have small lips I can’t see that this lipstick can work for you. Honestly my lips are not that big, but there are not small also and I have to be honest I struggled with application on my lower lip. Upper lip is quite easy to do and I have to say it does create nice ombre effect. Now for lower lip you have to hold lipstick upside down which is really uncomfortable and strange. Honestly I just couldn’t do it nicely, so I went a little bit outside of line. I mean you can clean it up with a little bit of concealer, but still it can be really annoying. As I continue to use this one it got a little bit easier, so it wasn’t as bad as first time. My lipstick is in shade 04 – Not ExplRED Yet. I really like the name, it’s so cool.

So you get two shades in this lipstick. One is super bright red that is really pretty. Another one is like a lip liner and it’s dark purple. The combination of these two gives really nice dark red color on lips. I think it’s really flattering shade of red. The formula of this lipstick is creamy but it’s not shiny finish. I would say that it’s not mat completely, so the best way to describe it is satin finish. It is really comfortable on lips, it’s not drying at all. I feel like the lipstick formula is nothing amazing, it’s classic lipstick formulation. It has really soft scent, it’s not harsh at all. Over all the formula, packing and performance (if you have calm hand) of this lipstick is really good.


Do you need this lipstick? I don’t think you really need it. It is quite hard to work with and you need practice to make it work. If you have small lips you have to stay away from this one, it won’t work. But if your lips are full and big then you can try it can work. As I said I have not too big not too small lips and I can make this lipstick work, so for people with bigger lips it can easily work. I won’t buy more shades of this one, it’s alright lipstick but it didn’t really blew me away.


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So that’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try this lipstick? Is it a cool design and idea? Would you love to have something like this in your stash? Thank you for reading!

38 thoughts on “Catrice OMBRÉ Two Tone Lipstick Review

  1. Wow, I didn’t know Catrice also have their this kind of lipstick. Two tone lipsticks are so trendy these days but they sure looks quite difficult to work with. Still a gorgeous red-purple shade though and the combination is so pretty! 💕

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  2. Yeah a lot of high end brands do this type of lipstick also. I think it’s great that affordable brand did it, so for women who want to try they don’t need to pay a lot of money. xx

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  3. Definitely, I know that they tried to be innovative, but sometimes it’s better to just create good quality lipstick. The only thing that it’s weird is that a lot of high end brands are doing this thing as well. Really don’t know why. xx

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  4. Great review! It’s a cleve idea, but doesn’t really come work out. Have you seen the two-toned lipsticks from Benefit? They’re sort of similar but shaped different. xx.

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  5. Yes I saw them, even though I think that Catrice made these before, a lot of brands are currently doing this ombre lipstick. Not really sure why. xx

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  6. I saw these in store and swatched them, but the colors are so limited. I was specifically looking for a warm dark brown nude combo to try out, but I didn’t find. I feel like most of Catrice nudes are not suitable for olive skin, so I never really pay much mind to the lip products. I am however, smitten with their new illuminating highlight pens. You should definitely give them a try!

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  7. Yeah I know, they only have one mauve – nude shade and the rest are bold colors. I need to give those a swatch in drugstore, I didn’t really check their new collection still, but I have to. xx

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  8. You definitely should. I also saw a lipstick mattifier, but it was out of stock. I wonder if it could be a dupe for Smashbox InstaMatte

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  9. Oh I saw that one also, but I saw a lot of yt videos saying that it doesn’t work. Also I’m not a huge fan of mat lips, so I suppose I don’t need it. But I heard great things about new illuminating primer, so I need to try it. xx

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  10. I really like the colour of the lipstick and I’ve never seen a lipstick that has two different tones before so this was a really interesting blog post!! Thanks for sharing 😊😊

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  11. I didn’t want to include photo, because I’m thinking to make a night time classic makeup look featuring it, so it will be on blog for sure. xx

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