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Shop my own stash – Skin Care Edition


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing second part of “Shop my Stash” post. This one is going to be all about skin care products. I managed to get some free time today, so I’m going to talk about products that I rediscovered in my stash. As I already explain in previous one I’m trying to save money by using products that I already have which if you think about it is great idea. You also find amazing products you already have, I really love all of these and use them a lot now. So, let’s start with this post!

1. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body lotion
I already have review about Dove body lotions (2 shades) from this “Summer Revived” line, so I’ll link it here. I recommend you to check it out if you love bronzy skin and adding that summer glow to the skin. After that review I went back to the drugstore and got one more in shade “medium to dark” because I was so impress by it. But I stopped using it because it was winter. As we are heading to summer I want bronzy skin color, because naturally I’m quite pale. I’m totally obsessed with this one now, love it so much! Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long, but I like to use it on top of my fake tan, just to make it last longer. I explained it in my Fake tan routine post, so make sure to check it out.

2. Avon Naturals Sensational Body Scrub
I love this scrub, it’s so nice. I think this one is perfect for nice creamy scrub that is not too harsh on skin. As we are in summer now I exfoliate my skin a lot more, because it has to look great. Also as I’m into fake tan at the moment, I like to prepare my skin for fake tan, so it looks amazing. I already ordered another one, because I love this scrub so much, it’s amazing.

3. Dove Rich Nourishment cream
I actually used up almost all of my night time moisturizers. But, I had this one for quite some time, so I decided to start using it again. I actually love this one, it’s such a simple moisturizer. But, it works great, my skin is not dry or sensitive when I use this one. Also, it has such a nice glow in morning. I recommend this one really, even though it is so cheap it works for me. I used it for whole January and it was in my January favorites post.


4. Ricinus Oil
I used up all of my oils, which is not good for me because I have to use some kind of oil on my face. I found this one in my hair care draw, which is super weird. I was using this one to moisturize my scalp during winter because it was super dry and sensitive. I read a lot of articles about how good ricinus oil is for skin, so decided to use it every single night and it works. It makes my skin soft, smooth and glowy.

5. Dove Body Milk
One more Dove product in this post. It seems like I forget about amazing Dove products. This is again super simple type of body moisturizer, but it is amazing. This one is quite thick, but it absorbs in skin almost instantly. It leaves skin so soft, smooth and it gives beautiful glow. I can’t believe that I didn’t use this lotion before (I got this one as a gift ages ago). I will definitely buy it again after I use this one up, this is quite a huge bottle (400 ml). I think this one is super cheap, so I recommend you to check it out!


That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked this post! Do you ever shop your stash? Are you like me and you buy so many products that you easily forget about them? I feel like shopping my stash is going to become my routine every few months, because it is such a great thing. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!

27 thoughts on “Shop my own stash – Skin Care Edition

  1. Great skincare selections. Dove is such a really nice brand. Their products are so moisturizing and they come in huge packaging which is great and they are also so affordable!

    So excited to try that Body Milk. 💕

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  2. It takes about 3 – 5 minutes to completely absorb into skin. But it makes skin super soft, smooth and it makes skin glow, which is my favorite thing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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